ADI Franchise

ADI Franchise

Whether you are looking for some extra work, or you are keen to explore running your own business within LPOD Academy: we have some great deals for you. Please take the time to look through our material, and don’t forget you can get in touch with us at any time by clicking here. Here are some of the benefits of having a LPOD ADI Franchise:

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ADI Franchise – The Business

[st_toggles initial_open=”1″] [st_toggle title=”Business Plan” icon=”iconentypo-info-circled”] Here at the LPOD Academy, we have thought long and hard about a suitable business model. One which will work favourably with our franchisees. After 13 years on the road, and a degree in journalism, the founder decided to utilise her skills and knowledge and come up with a solution to further enhance the learner driver trainer market. Our business plan, is unlike any other trainer provider. Our unique and fresh approach to training encompasses the power of digital media and expertise to deliver a well-rounded programme of tuition for our learner drivers.

Our learner drivers are at the forefront of our training, and together with rich media, videos, booklets, lesson plans, and online training tutorials our business plan delivers premium tuition to our service users. The LPOD ADI franchise gives our franchisees the opportunity to build their own business at a very competitive price. Not only do they get all of the perks above, the combined togetherness and determination to build our successful brand will further enrich the industry and individual business owners. A combined effort-ultimately grows stronger in numbers, and the stronger the bond the greater the rewards. Let start getting paid what we deserve. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Marketing Strategy” icon=”iconentypo-users”] The LPOD ADI Franchise business marketing strategy is somewhat different to the “classic” driving school. As the founder of the school, I thought long and hard about what would work for the local trainer market. Whilst I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit- I haven’t always had the get-up-and-go attitude. Whilst being daunted with the online marketing world, I come to a point that, whilst I love teaching, I don’t necessarily love the hours, nor the weekends. I spent months and months analysing regional and local school’s marketing strategies, whilst learning marketing concepts and practices myself.

Whilst being somewhat daunted to the variables the internet throws at us as small business owners- I discovered that, more than likely -there were other like minded individuals. ADI’s who want more from their jobs, to earn more money, and to have a better way of life. My marketing strategy- I believe, is unique and fresh and is built upon refferal, networking and content marketing. Whilst utilising the power of the WordPress and CMS platforms, together with the power of social media – can impact this business into the elite training providers of the UK. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Content Marketing ” icon=”iconentypo-video”] One of my passions is making things. Whilst at university, I learnt a variety of skills and gained an insight into the content marketing world. I learnt about publishing platforms, desk-top publishing, photography, film making, editing software, social media and blogging platforms. My placements consisted of broadcast and elite training at the BBC. I also won a ‘Media Challenge Day’ at SIlverstone with my journalism skills.

Whilst, I love journalism, my core passion was my existing love of the driver trainer market. Combining the two skill-sets was a challenge, but over time, bit by bit, my love for the LPOD Academy and its core values was born. Content is king! Everything online consists of content, whether it is a website write-up or merely pictures posted on Instagram. Content is everything, and LPOD Academy is based upon all of this. My online training programme is just a snippet of the things I have planned for this company. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Network Marketing” icon=”iconentypo-user-add”] The network marketing community is booming. MLM companies are springing up in their hoards. Over the past three years, I have watched many ADIs dip into network marketing opportunities to supplement wages. Juice Plus, Arbonne, Lyoness, Utility Warehouse, Forever Living- just to name a few. On a daily basis my Facebook news feed would be adorned with ADIs posting their daily or even hourly updates of them promoting their chosen MLM products. But this just made me think one thing: But why would you want to make someone else rich? With my knowledge of network marketing companies ( I know, as I also joined a few opportunites) but come to realise that, all the time and effort I was inputting, and lets face it, barely getting anywhere, I thought about my core industry. Have ADIs forgotten how to be business people? They spent all that hard earned cash on training to become an ADI- yet, are somewhat being distracted away from their core career.

How could I create a company and unite an industry based upon these very concepts of MLM? It was staring my in the face. It was all about going back to basics with a business model. One that would be fresh and unique to build upon a new concept of training. The ADI Franchise at LPOD Academy, solves a lot of the problems that driving instructors face within this industry. Our concept is fresh, unique and all about reaching out to core businesses and making connections. Just like we do in our every day lives. [/st_toggle] [/st_toggles]

The Business Model

[st_toggles initial_open=”0″] [st_toggle title=”Niche” icon=”iconentypo-star”] The LPOD Academy’s niche is to provide intensive driving courses to our clients. These courses are to run over a set period of time; 1-10 days approximately. Dependent upon the course booked, and individual circumstances of both ADI and student. LPOD Academy believes in being customer focused and flexibility of course delivery is negotiable. Sometimes, it isn’t always possible to run a course on a five hour shift. It is vital that the course is structured to best suit the learners needs and requirements. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Unique Selling Point (USP)” icon=”iconentypo-video”] The USP of LPOD Academy is our customer service and online content. Our online training course is for the benefit of learner drivers. Our courses are designed with all kinds of learners in mind. Some learners prefer to read articles, some prefer to watch videos, and some prefer to listen to audio. Whichever is the preference of the student. Students have the freedom and flexibility to enhance their knowledge and education, which shall in turn, improve their on-road training. The concept of our online training programme, is to provide our students with the theory prior to a lesson, so that the time on the road can be maximised with driving experience and practice. Our bespoke knowledge questionaire’s, help the ADI determine what information is understood, and what areas of theory need more input. With tests comprising of a mixture of multiple choice, and essay style answers, they are designed to fully enhance a learner’s understanding of each topic. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Audience” icon=”iconentypo-users”] The LPOD’s target audience is: quality students who care about quality training and who wish to become fantastic and great drivers. We are not a company who wants to sell cheap deals, or just put bums on seats. This is NOT our market. Our market primarily are for students who want to learn quick, yet who get a premium service wrapped up in a professional course. Efficiency, and professionalism is at the forefront of the business. From my experience, the driver trainer market is very twentieth century. LPOD Academy is 21st Century. Utilising the power of digital media and content marketing, our bespoke training courses are at the forefront of our offerings. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Customer Service” icon=”iconentypo-thumbs-up”] With all professional courses, customer service is one of the biggest aspects of any business model. Customers love being pampered and love to be looked after. Here at the LPOD Academy, we believe in just this. From the moment a pupil makes an enquiry to course delivery, the student is taken care of from day one. With automated emails, pre-course training material, and after care service- it is the LPOD’s mission to provide our customers with a comprehensive and professional customer service experience. After all- our premium courses, deserve the best delivery and the course cost is reflected in the cost. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”After Care” icon=”iconentypo-spin1 animate-spin”] We believe in a complete solution. Learning to drive is just the first step on the road to independence. LPOD firmly believe in our after care service. All of our new drivers will have access to all of our training articles, training videos, and our on-the-road series to provide them with the best resources possible. Our sister news site, will be adorned with lots of resources on insurance to buying a first car. There shall be lots of interviews, reviews to help all our new drivers make informed choices on industry services and products. Our email marketing campaigns will reward our loyal customer base with offers of local and national companies and incentives will be given on loyalty reward programmes. [/st_toggle] [/st_toggles]


[st_toggles initial_open=”0″] [st_toggle title=”Your Business” icon=”iconentypo-user”] The LPOD Academy is a fresh and exciting new business opportunity. When you take on a location franchise; you are running your own business. The LPOD firmly believe in giving you the tools you need to start your business. The tools listed above will help you kick-start your new adventure in the right direction. But this is your business, and the world is your oyster. The whole point of the LPOD Academy is about bringing like minded individuals together and working collaboratively to further enhance the brand, and ultimately grow our own businesses collectively. What works for one franchise, could just well work with another in another territory. Coming together is better than one trying to build a brand solo. Our Facebook group will be the hub of the LPOD Academy franchise owners, where we can collaborate and grow this business in unison. It will be a place where we can pitch new ideas, trial new events, and create new things, which will all will ultimately be able to benefit from. Whether this is expanding our service offerings, ie instructor training courses, under 17s etc, or creating new online courses for us all to sell. This is about giving the power back to the instructor- the kind of instructor who wants to grow themselves, but prefers the support and set-up of a collaborative effort. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Opportunites” icon=”iconentypo-address”] LPOD Academy stands for: Learner’s Place of Driving (LPOD). Academy is a fresh take on school. Technically, we could become a training provider for any on-road licence. The world is our oyster. However- as much as I am a blue sky thinker, it is also important to start somewhere and build upon a concept to further enhance the brand. AN LPOD Academy business can be a small business, or it could be grown to whatever levels you want. With the main site (the one you are on) our sister site at:, and our franchise sites, the power of a multiple site network- is phenomenal. The presence of our online presence will only grow stronger with the increase of franshise territories. The more the better, as this enables us to become a power brand, but with lots of business owners all profitting, and not a select few CEO’s. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Business Networking” icon=”iconentypo-users”] It is very important to become a leader within an area. Networking at business events is a must to become a successful LPOD Academy franchisee. There are lots of service industries within the driver market: car sales, garages, supply dealers, mechanics, insurance products, used car sales showrooms etc. There are also lots of companies who recruit apprentices who would benefit from their employees being able to drive. Targetting certain businesses within a network shall only increase brand awareness and ultimately bring in new customers. Driver safety affects all of us, even people who don’t wish to drive. Becoming a leader within a local territory as the leading training provider- will only strengthen our company. Also, with the combined effort of our franchisees, lots of businesses have multiple branches, so a franchisee networking in Manchester, could ultimately beneift our franchisee in Oxford! This is a joint effort! [/st_toggle] [/st_toggles]

The LPOD Franchise Training

[st_toggles initial_open=”0″] [st_toggle title=”CMS (WordPress) Training” icon=”iconentypo-thumbs-up”] When it comes to running a business website. It is paramount that you understand how important it is to operate and run it to become a successful platform for your business. CMS (content management systems) are fast becoming the favourable choice when it comes to websites. The old static websites are now a thing of the past. mobile sites are booking and mobile apps are also overtaking websites. In a digital world it is important to keep up-to-speed with trends online. Growing a business to reflect these changes will help keep you business at the forefront of your clients needs and customs. A WordPress platform is a fantastic CMS platform to launch a business website from. The WordPress platform runs 22% of the world’s websites, and its core blogging features, enables users to easily up-date and produce content to help with SEO (search engine optimisation). At first dealing with a WordPress site can be daunting ( I know, as this is now my third WordPress site I built myself and at the point of writing this, it is currently at 165+ pages 🙂 ) But, with a bit of time, and the correct tools, your WordPress site can be as good, or even better than this one! Think of a WordPress site as an ever-nurturing project, one where you will work on at least a few times a week. As part of your franchise package, although the site will be built for you and configured with all the tools you’ll need- you shall have training to maintain it, up-date it and grow your site to accommodate your business needs. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”SEO Training” icon=”iconentypo-book”] When it comes to SEO, it is important to understand how the search engines rank your website pages. Learning the basics of SEO will in time, enhance your business in the search engines, which include: Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is a vital part of any business online. Without SEO, advertising costs could become quite costly. However- with all new businesses, some money will need to be spent on advertising, but, in the long-term SEO is the favoured route as this helps your organic searches. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Business Dircetories” icon=”iconentypo-users”] When it comes to your business, it is important to get your business in as many places as possible. The more directories your business is listed in, the better. You will have comprehensive training as to where you should and could list your business, utilising free submissions and some paid listings. and Freeindex are two great places to list your business, and both have free listings. You will have training on how to analyse your business performance using online analytics sites. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Networking and Guest Blogging” icon=”iconentypo-chat”] When it comes to your business, the more active you are the better. It is vital to get your business in front of as many other businesses as possible. You will have training on how to network online and where to network offline. Building your business profile takes times, effort and commitment. Ultimately, the more effort you put in, the greater the rewards later on! [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Social Media” icon=”iconentypo-facebook-circled”] When it comes to social media marketing, this is the prime source of marketing for LPOD Academy. You will have comprehensive training on three of the main social media sites on the net. Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These three sites are vital for any business, and each social media platform have their own unique benefits. You will partake in a comprehensive Facebook marketing course, a in-house Twitter course, and Google + training which will build your brand and your connections. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Audio Content” icon=”iconentypo-mic”] When it comes to audio, here at the LPOD Academy we have it all covered. Podcasts are the latest online digital craze, and people love tuning into RSS feeds, podcasts and love to listen to audio. Whether you want to tackle this content mode is another matter- however, from recording with your mobile to editing in audacity, we can help you achieve any project with our in-house training. Interviewing your pupils, or merely creating a tutorial podcast will engage your viewers, and help build your business. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Articles and E-Books” icon=”iconentypo-install”] When it comes to blogging, we can help you with all aspects of writing content. Whether you have a news article, or want to write about your day. We can train you to become a proficient blogger with our in-house tutorials. Do you worry about defamation laws? We can train you to become knowledgeable online etiquette, teach you the do’s and the don’ts! Do you have creative flair? Fancy writing an e-book to sell in your online shop? Then we can help you plan, write, design and put together your content. [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Video Production” icon=”iconentypo-vimeo”] When it comes to video marketing- this has got to be king! YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine after Google. Have you interviewed your clients after they pass their test? But not done much with the footage? We can train you in all aspects of video creation. From content, to editing software to post-production editing. Our own in-house training will equip you with all the tools you’ll need to be a video producer extraordinaire! [/st_toggle] [/st_toggles]

Earning Opportunity

[st_toggles initial_open=”0″] [st_toggle title=”Course Sales” icon=”iconentypo-check”] Whether you want to run an LPOD Franchise for just your own personal benefit, that is up to you. Whether you want to do all of the courses you sell, or off-set to your local network of instructors, or a combination of both. This is entirely your choice! This is YOUR business. You could do half of the courses, and free up time to promote the business, or take on all of the courses (time permitting). The more effort you put in, the more reward you’ll receive. Our payment structure enables our on-road instructors to profit 75%-80% of all course cost. Leaving a pocket of profit for you the business owner. How you run your franchise is up-to-you. Primarily, no-doubt, in the early days, you shall do most of the courses yourself, and leave all the blogging and networking for your spare time. With any business, time, effort and dedication builds a business into a brand and consequently, into a profitable business! [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”E-Commerce” icon=”iconentypo-check”] Fancy earning extra income from an e-commerce shop? You could earn money from course materials, and target customers who are learning to drive, but not necessarily wanting an intensive driving course. Or you could target parent trainers and up-sell our training material to help boost their understanding of teh world online. How you run your business is up to you? Here at the LPOD Academy, we give you the tools you need, the ideas to execute (if you wish) for you to run your business your way! Want to help other local instructors run their businesses? You can re-sell our training material to help them with their driving school. NB, the whole point of LPOD Academy is that we are NOT in competition with any other driving school, as experienced ADIs run local territories in a different niche, and with a different USP. We are here to compliment a local instructor (if they are low on work and need a top up, they can do one of your courses) You make some money, and they have extra work! LPOD Academy is not to take work away from, if anything, to work alongside good local driving schools, “in association with….”, take your LPOD Academy franchise and run with it! [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Website Advertising” icon=”iconentypo-monitor”] Is your website generating traffic? Turn that traffic into cash by allowing local businesses to advertise on your website. This is easily done. You negotiate a price, or you strike a deal with them, and swap advertising slots, win win! Building relationships with local business is vital, especially in the same service sector! Your customers, are going to become their customers, building correct relationships is vital to building a profitable business. Give your students another reason to do business with you, by promoting your business connections on social media, in advertising material and on your website! Remember, the more friends you get, the richer you become! It has a knock on effect! [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Affiliation Marketing” icon=”iconentypo-star”] Do you love to write? Or open emails from your favourite local business to incentives and rewards? So will your customers. Your blog posts could be used to promote local business’ products and services, and if a refferall if made, you can make a commission. Do you want to turn your website traffic into hard cash? Sign-up-to Google Adsense to become an affiliate partner and earn money of your sites traffic. This is a good resource for local businesses to advertise on your website through Google Adwords campaigns. Your website traffic love to read, they love to learn new things, they love to be informed on specific things- use your knowledge and turn it into something special! Bring more and more customers back, by becoming a local leader in your niche! Be the go-to-resource for what they want to find out or learn! [/st_toggle] [st_toggle title=”Refer an ADI” icon=”iconentypo-user-add”] Make money by referring the LPOD Academy brand, and sign-up a new recruit! Become their mentor and help them run their new business. Connect with people and up-sell what you know! Lets grow this business far and beyond what the UK has ever seen, in the drive trainer market! [/st_toggle] [/st_toggles]

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