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Intensive Driving Courses Adlington

One Week Driving Courses With LPOD Academy

We provide learners like you a wide range of intensive driving courses in Adlington for all driving backgrounds. Whether you need a licence to pick up your children, go to your new job or to enoy the freedom driving has to offer, then look no further as we help tailor a course that is unique to you. Get in touch with us today to find out more!








    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to book your test!

    Driving On The Roads In Adlington

    Adlington is a small town and civil parish in Lancashire, England with an average population of 5,270. Driving in Adlington can become a unique experience as there are multiple main roads, junctions and motorways that easily connects you to the local towns. The largest Liverpool Canal passes through Adlington, so there are multiple sights and road experience you can catch whilst driving in the area.


    Six miles from northwest Adlington connects you to the towns of Chorley, Bolton and Preston that gives you access to multiple types of roads. Our instructors will even take you through the village roads of Worthington, Ellerbeck, Duxbury and much more when learning to drive.


    And nearer the end of your course, you will go to your nearest test centre and pracitce in the town of Bolton and become farmiliar with the local town.

    Nearest Driving Test Centre:

    Driving Standards Agency

    Weston Street
    Greater Manchester
    BL3 2AW

    Parking: There are 11 parking spaces at this centre
    Toilets: Male, female and disabled toilets are available
    Disabled access: You can get into the test centre in a wheelchair

    Driving Courses In Adlington With LPOD Academy

    Are you a new learner? Or a semi-learner? Or have you recently failed your driving test? Our services are for each one of you. We take pride in offering diverse range of courses that helps you learn in an efficient and effective manner in a quick amount of time. Our driving instructors in Adlington can pick you up from your home address and drop you off in another location at the end of session.


    Training sessinons can vary but a general rule of thumb is you can expect to do 3 – 6 hours of training per day over the course of a week or 2 weeks. We will aim to book your tests before (theory) your course start date & at the end of your training (practical).

    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to book your test!

    Taking A Driving Test In Adlington

    Your driving test will be taken at Bolton driving test centre, but you will learn the local area before taking your test. You will become farmiliar with the Bolton area before you take your test.


    When doing your crash course in Adlington, you will finalise your training by doing the show me tell me routine, emergency stop & manoeuvres.

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    Will there be a practical test booked for the end of my course?

    Yes, we will aim to book your practical test within the same week as your last training day. However, if you need to do your theory test, this will need to be completed before.

    I work full time but can I still book a course?

    We will need to have a chat about your circumstances so we can create a plan that works for you. You can contact us on our website or on 0800 112 3515.

    Do you pick up from my home address?

    If you are in the Adlington area and 2 miles around, we can pick you up!. If you do live outside of Adlington, please do get in touch to see where we can pick you up from!

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