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Intensive Driving Courses Launceston

One Week Driving Courses With LPOD Academy

LPOD Academy will help you plan the perfect course to get you on the road to freedom! Our expert customer service, online training material and our flagship in-house online theory training course, all compliment our on-road intensive driving courses in Launceston. No more waiting months and months – get on the road in as little as one week with one of our excellent courses. You can book online, or call 0800 112 3515 to discuss your perfect course.


Our youtube channel has lots of lesson tutorials, interviews and driving test routes. Our learner blog has lots of information to help you with learning the theory, motivational stories and problem-solving articles. Book one of our intensive driving courses today!








Nearest Driving Test Centre:

Driving Standards Agency

Suite 4 Sheers Barton Barns
PL15 9NJ

Toilet Facilities:Yes

Tests Provided: Car, Motorcycle On-road Module 2, ADI Part 3.

Candidate Parking:Yes

Driving On The Roads In Launceston

Launceston is a small town in Cornwall. The population is a modest 9,000 people according to the 2011 census. The town centre is no longer a thoroughfare, and the A338 runs through the town, and the town itself is dubbed the gateway to Cornwall. The A30 is one of two main dual carriageways that run by the town. Cornwall itself does not have a motorway, with the nearest motorway stopping at Exeter, the M5. Learning to drive in Launceston will give you many quality skills when it comes to the driver education programme. Although, Launceston is a small town – you will benefit from rural driving skills and high-speed driving when on your intensive driving course with LPOD Academy.


Once you have mastered the basics, your driving instructor will get you out-of-town to develop your advanced driving skills. Nearby towns may include Okehampton, Bodmin and Bude and PenzanceWhen travelling to other towns you will also develop rural driving skills. You may visit places such as Langore, Lawhitton, Dutson, Brazacott, Bennacott, Tinhay, Allerford, Lewannick, Plusha, Polapit Tamar, Chillaton, Stowford, Trebullett, Larrick, Lawhitton, Yeolmbridge.


During the last few remaining hours of your intensive driving course in Launceston, your driving instructor will get you familiar with the test centre area, conduct some test route training and conduct a mock driving test.

Driving Courses In Launceston With LPOD Academy

We have many courses ranging from 10 hours to 45 hours. No matter what level of your driving we have something for everyone. Our ‘extra’ resources will help you learn to drive and give you the edge when it comes to passing your driving test on the first attempt. Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive with your intensive driving course in Launceston:

  • Youtube channel
  • Podcast show
  • Learner blog
  • An online theory training programme
  • Excellent customer service
  • Bespoke course plan unique to you
  • FREE Re-test on both theory and practical tests.


All driving instructors who deliver intensive driving courses are experienced instructors and are fully qualified. They are either a Grade A or B and all come with an enhanced CRB certificate. All courses will be conducted in tuition vehicles fitted with dual controls and will be fully insured.

Taking A Driving Test In Launceston

Your course will end with your driving test. We aim to book your driving test a few days after you have completed your intensive driving course training. In most instances, you will take your test in Launceston. However, sometimes this may be elsewhere due to test waiting times and your course specifics. Whether you take your driving test in Launceston or elsewhere, your driving instructor will conduct training around the area to help you become familiar with the roads and junctions you may encounter on your driving test.


There are so many benefits of taking an intensive driving course with LPOD Academy. You really can pass your driving test in as little as one week – and with our FREE re-test options, you can see why we are committed to you getting on the road! Book one of our awesome courses online, or call 0800 112 3515 to discuss your course with one of our helpful staff!


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