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Intensive Driving Courses In Thornaby-on-Tees

One to Two Week Driving Courses With LPOD Academy

Are you tired of depending on someone to take you out? Do you want to travel but don’t know how because you don’t have a licence to drive a car? Then you just found the right answer. LPOD Academy has all that it takes to help you have your licence in just weeks of training.


Book your crash course in Thornaby-on-Tees today and start your driving journey. Reach us on 0800 112 3515 and we’ll be happy to help you get on the road confidently!








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    Choosing The Right Course For You in Thornaby-on-Tees...

    When booking a driving course, it’s very important to make sure you know what course suits your driving skill. We believe all learners are at different stages in their driving progress. That’s why LPOD Academy will be here to guide choosing the right course for you. To give you more understanding about our courses, Here are the 3 descriptions you may want to read, or you can phone us on 0800 112 3515 or browse through our course recommender quiz for more information!


    BeginnerIf you are just about to start your driving journey, you may look at our Gold / Platinum courses. These courses are ranging from 35 – 45 hours. These are suited for learners who have very little driving practice, or even those who have never driven before. 


    IntermediateIf you stopped your driving practice before for some reason, you may want to continue your driving journey by booking our Silver Courses. These courses will help you discover all the driving techniques and go over that all-important driving test sheet!


    ExperiencedHave you recently failed your test and looking for a course to assess your current driving ability? Then our Bronze courses will suit you best. These courses will help you keep the momentum going especially if you have failed a test. Your driving instructor will help you become the best version of yourself for your test.

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    Areas Around Thornaby-on-Tees

    Thornaby-on-Tees is based on the TS17 postcode and all of the other surrounding villages. Around Thornaby-on-Tees are other places/settlements such as Whinney Banks, West Lane, Acklam, Eaglescliffe, Tollesby, Easterside, Hemlington, Maltby, Thornton& Elton. If you’re based in these areas too, home pick up could be possible, enquire to know more about your area!


    Not From Thornaby-on-Tees?

    We do intensive driving courses in other areas too! We provide intensive driving courses in Northallerton. If you’re based slightly nearer, we also do driving courses in Sunderland & slightly further out in York too.

    More Information About Thornaby-on-Tees...

    Thornaby-on-Tees also referred to as (Thornaby), is a market town in North Yorkshire. It has a population of 24,741 residents in the town. Thornaby-on-Tees is home to Stockton Riverside College, a major provider of further education in the Tees Valley with combined full & part-time students around 10,000.


    The town’s most popular places to visit include the Durham Cathedral and the Gala Theatre Durham.

    Thornaby-on-Tees Factfile

    A quick overview of Thornaby-on-Tees:

    County: North Yorkshire

    Recognised For: Home to Stockton Riverside College, a major provider of further education in the Tees Valley

    Local Council: Stockton

    Important Roads:

    1. A174 (Heading towards Hemlington)
    2. A19 (Heading towards Hilton)
    3. A66 (Heading east towards the A174)

    Transport website: Thornaby-on-Tees bus timetable

    Extra Links:

    1. Find Thornaby-on-Tees on a map
    2. Weather in Thornaby-on-Tees
    3. Thornaby-on-Tees history

    Practical Test Centres Near Thornaby-on-Tees

    Thornaby-on-Tees does not have its own test centre. So when taking your driving test, you will require travel to the nearby town. There are test centres located at Northallerton and Sunderland where you can take your test. Prior to taking your test, your driving instructor will take you anywhere from Thornaby-on-Tees to these test centres. You will be familiar with the routes by then.


    For more information on different test centres, kindly browse through our practical test centres index page here.

    Theory Test Centres Near Thornaby-on-Tees

    Taking the practical test will require you to take the theory test first. Thornaby-on-Tees does not have its own theory test centre, this will require you to travel to the nearest test centre that would be situated in Northallerton.


    With all our intensive driving lessons in Thornaby-on-Tees, we don’t mind if you have not passed your theory yet. We like to take on learners who have not got their theory as we believe it’s just as important as the practical test

    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to book your test!

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    When can I start the course?

    We advise starting in no less than 4 weeks. On some occasions, we may be able to offer an earlier start date. The shorter the course the earlier we may be able to start. If you have not got your theory we advise a month so we can have enough time to plan everything from passing your theory test so we can source a test date for you.

    I am nervous can you help me?

    Yes. We help all kinds of learner drivers with nerves, anxiety. Please call 0800 112 3515 to see how we can help you today.

    Will my driving instructors take me to the test centre?

    Absolutely. Our driving instructor will take your driving test. You are more than welcome if you wish to take your own car to test.

    During the training, do you allow breaks?

    Your driving instructor will keep an eye on your progress at all times. Fortunately, breaks are part of the training too!

    I struggle with my theory because I am dyslexic. Can you help?

    We have a 12-hour online course that will help you pass your driving theory test. It has been designed for people who prefer to learn by watching videos and who may take the test in audio.

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