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COVID has caused a huge delay in the learning to drive world! We can appreciate how important getting your driving licence is! Here are some common questions and answers were getting and hopefully it can help you understand what will happen when you book a course!


When can I expect to start my intensive course?

All courses booked throughout 2021 will have no specific start date. Your lessons will depend on when your practical test is booked for. We are arranging lessons before your booked practical test to avoid any gaps between your training & test.

I need to pass my theory, can I still book?

Yes, you can still book without passing your theory. We will have to wait until you pass your theory until we can book your practical. If you need one booked with your course or you have already booked, a booking can still be made!

My theory is expiring soon, can I still book onto a course?

This will depend on a few variables. We would advise you to contact us directly to discuss your needs by either calling on 0800 112 3515 or using the contact form below!

I have a practical test booked? Can you help?

If you have a test booked, we would need to know when this is booked before booking. It's best for you get in touch with us to see if we can arrange a course before it goes ahead!

What happens if there is another lockdown?

Any courses booked throughout the lockdown will have to be rescheduled to the next earliest date.

I am afraid that If I book a course in lockdown, I could wait months and months?

There are many factors that will ultimately decide when you will start your course. We advise booking early will inevitably lead you to have the course the soonest!


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