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20 December 2017

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Errol Passes In Reading With An Intensive Driving Course

Errol Passes In Reading With An Intensive Driving Course

Our 10-hour intensive driving course Reading candidate Errol passes his test first time at Reading driving test centre. Errol needed to pass his driving test really quick, and here at LPOD Academy were able to deliver his first-time pass with his short-notice intensive driving course.

Rebecca has been teaching for over 12 years. As Errol is from Basingstoke we were able to get him a quick driving test with only a few days notice. We managed to get him one in Reading. Rebecca took him around Reading to become familiar with the town, the bus lanes in the centre, and the multi-lane dual carriageways. Although his test route didn’t do much town driving – Errol had enough knowledge and experience to pass his test first time with only a few minor faults.

ON first meeting Errol, Errol had had a lot of driving experience. Although very confident behind the wheel – Errol had developed some bad habits. Some of these included:

  1. Gears
  2. Clutch coasting
  3. Mirrors
  4. Speed

These traits are common with experienced learner drivers. It is vital that all candidates that go into the practical driving test adhere to the driving exam syllabus. Clutch coasting and bad use of gears are common problems for most learner drivers. If you are experiencing some problems with gears, then please visit our gear video here, to help understand what is required of you when it comes to your driving exam.

Errol was kind enough to share his experiences with his driving instructor Rebecca. Please Watch his pass interview video below!



On completing his test at Reading driving test centre – Errol did gain some minor faults (driver errors) they were:

  1. Blind spots
  2. Speeding

Although Errol only got three faults it is really important to still learn and progress as a safe driver after the driving test. After your driving test, it is really useful to allow your driving instructor to be present when the driving examiner gives you feedback. Whether you pass or fail, it is really important to be able to learn from any mistakes and correct them in your driving. After all, it’s not just about passing your driving test – it is about being a safe driver for life!


If you are thinking about doing an intensive driving course in Reading please watch this video on what we can offer you here at LPOD Academy!



Here are some other reasons why you should choose LPOD Academy for your intensive driving course!

  1. Welcome pack in the post with lots of useful resources and leaflets on learning to drive
  2. A company that puts their clients first
  3. Quick driving tests
  4. Short notice courses
  5. Courses for experienced learner drivers
  6. We provide courses throughout the UK
  7. A 56 video theory training course, that has helped over 2000 pupils pass their theory test first time!
  8. Online training videos and driving test routes
  9. An email every day for 90 days covering the theory training and on-road training subjects
  10. A comprehensive training plan designed just for you

We provide intensive driving courses all over Berkshire, these include: Reading, Slough, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Newbury, Woodley, Windsor, Thatcham, Sandhurst, Ascot and Twyford.

We also provide courses all over the UK: Oxford, Northampton, Rugby, Nottingham, Essex, Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool, Gateshead, Merseyside, Yourshire, Cambridge and Norwich.

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