How To Get A Quicker Test Date

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08 August 2016

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How To Get A Quick Test Date

How To Get A Quick Test Date...

When it comes to your practical test, getting a test date is one thing, but getting a quick test date is another! With the average UK driving test centre waiting times sitting at 4-6 weeks. Getting a quick test date is no easy task! Planning your practical test date in good time is crucial. However, with more and more learner drivers wanting a quicker test date, the chances of getting a test date are zero to one. But with persistence and hope, there are some dates that crop!

Test Waiting Times In The UK...

When it comes to UK practical test waiting times, every test centre in the UK is going to have different amounts people taking tests than others. From our experience, the longest time I have ever known it to be is 17 weeks. This was in Northampton, Northamptonshire in 2003. Throughout the year, test waiting times will decrease or increase due to changing demands. For example: more people learn to drive in the summer months compared to winter months. Understanding ‘how to get a quick test date’ can be imperative to some learner drivers.

Throughout the year, there are also spikes and decreases in demands of tests as winter-test waiting times can be affected badly by weather conditions and summertime can cause delays due to students home from universities. There are also many other factors that dictate waiting times, these can include:

  • Popularity of test centre
  • Examiner sickness/strike
  • Examiner shortage/retirements
  • Weather conditions
  • Students home for summer

How To Get A Quick Test Date Around Your Training Course...

The most obvious solution to getting the desired test date is by planning your training. It is impossible to get a test date if you haven’t already passed your theory test. Passing your theory test is crucial to being able to get a test date remember, in most cases, you still have to wait approximately 4 – 6 weeks from the point you pass your theory exam!  The majority of learners will learn to drive over a period of time. Planning your training around your test dates is a lot easier than if you wish to participate in an intensive driving course in Oxford, Banbury and Bicester. However, it isn’t impossible! Here is a useful guide to planning your training around your test date: pay-as-go style!

  • Research both theory and practical test waiting times in your preferred locations
  • Chose a theory test centre which matches your time frames. Sometimes a commute to a different centre is worthwhile if it reduces your overall waiting time.
  • Research the most suitable driving test centre. It may be advised to have three options. Keep a note of their waiting times.
  • Remember: waiting times can change, so this is only a guide!
  • Plan your theory training to maximise your pass chances the first time! Remember: failing to prepare is preparing to fail! We have a comprehensive theory course on Youtube Channel.
  • Partake in driving lessons, and ensure a suitable level is achieved once you have passed your theory exam. Remember: the average learner requires approximately 35-45 hours of on-road tuition (private/professional) 20 hours of on-road practice is a fair guide! (everyone is different)
  • Once you have passed your theory exam, book your practical straight away. The sooner you book your practical test date the better!
  • Check back on the DVSA’s website to check for nearer appointments. This can be done through your original booking. You can change, check and cancel your driving test at any time. Remember: 5 clear working days notice is needed in order to change or cancel your test appointment.
  • Chat with your driving instructor: let them know your objectives, and they may be able to swap dates with other pupils who wish to delay their exam!
  • Use our recommended driving test cancellation service to match you with a nearer test date!

Can I Book An Intensive Course & Get A Quick Test Date?

Intensive driving courses can offer the answer to” “How to get a quick test date,” as they offer condensed training to fit around a learner’s schedule. Very often intensive driving courses provide learners with a better solution than standard pay-as-go lessons,  due to the following benefits:

  • Fewer hours overall as condensed training maximises learning objectives
  • Dedicated driving instructor
  • Driving tuition and exams all planned and booked in advanced
  • No more learning over months and months
  • Planned training course in school holidays or week booked off work
  • Test waiting times aren’t an issue 95% of the time as most courses are booked in advanced!
  • Preferred test centre and practical test time.

We can organise and manage your test booking as you undergo your training with our instructors across the UK. We offer one week courses to all learners in the UK and manage bookings and tests on your behalf.

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