Saxmundham Theory Test Centre

Saxmundham theory test centre is located near The Fromus Centre (Hub) close to Meadow Children’s Centre. It has plenty of options when traveling there. If you plan to drive, you do have the Leiston Car Park to park your vehicle, the local train station is situated near the Mill Road, and the bus station is located at the Heron Road.

Theory Test Centre Address

The Fromus Centre, Seamus Avenue,
Saxmundham, Suffolk,
IP17 1DZ


Phone: 0300 200 1122

Useful Resources

Check out our resources using some links below. We cover driving courses in Saxmundham. We also have a fun podcast show and youtube videos.


An online theory training course

Intensive driving course in Saxmundham

Our Podcast Show – Swan & Soto Show

Youtube Theory Revision Videos

Transport Links

Saxmundham is a small market town in Suffolk, England. It has plenty of transport links that are easy to get to.




If you plan to drive with someone, you do have the Leiston Car Park to park your vehicle. Some streets have parking restrictions.


Car park address:


IP16 4BZ





If you’re looking to get a bus, the main bus station is located on Heron Road. Then the theory test centre is a short walk from there.


Saxmundham bus station address:


IP17 1GD





If you’re traveling from far away, you will need to use the train station to travel quickly. You will need to go to the station near Mill Road.


Saxmundham train station address:


IP17 1BW

Not Local?

Here are some other local theory test centres near to Saxmundham!

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