Driving Instructor Franchise

If you are looking for a Driving Instructor Franchise, then you have come to the correct place. If you are looking for a simple business franchise with no contracts- then you have also come to the correct place! We don’t just deliver results- we exude results! The world of the driving instructor can be a daunting place. Knowing where to start can be the most important and difficult decision any ADI can make.

With our driving instructor franchise you can be sure to be free to run your business on your terms, but with the support and commitment from a team of people. Here at the LPod Academy, we believe that our success relies on the happiness of our driving instructors. Happy instructors mean happy learners; it’s a win win situation.

” Happy Instructors Mean Happy Learners”

Our business system is unique. Not only do YOU not have to promote our brand name on your own vehicles- we insist you don’t! Why? This is what makes us different. We firmly believe in supporting good local business’ run their business, and indeed not control what they do! The LPod Academy supports local independent schools with their business- and at no stage replaces it. Learners get the extra support they need off-road, and the local school supports them on-road! That’s it! Together it is a joint venture for mutual rewards!

Driving Instructor Franchise- How It Works

Our driving school franchise is very different to other driving instructor franchise packages. Firstly- we don’t tie you into contracts, and secondly- this is all about your school and indeed not ours! As our niche is intensive driving courses- this is exactly what we sell! On mutual agreement- we supply intensive driving course packages to you. The learner driver pays us a deposit and the remaining balance to you in the car on the first meeting.

We handle all the test bookings, theory training, and virtual learning- and you do what you do best- coach to success! We believe in working in collaboration with partnerships, rather then dictating what you do! All we ask is you conduct all courses under a simple format and that is that! You can work our courses around your existing pupils, and you can stop accepting work at any time: all you need to do is let us know!

“Work Our Courses Around Your Existing Pupils”

On a successful booking, we notify you by text of the week and duration of course, and you can accept or reject. You can take up courses when you are a little low on work- or you can simply do this full-time. This is your freedom and choice. You will get paid a healthy wage per hour, which equates to more than £20 per hour! There are no up-front costs, and you are free to use whichever car and livery you choose!

Driving Instructor Franchise- The Benefits

  • No contracts
  • Work alongside existing workload
  • Teach your way
  • Competitive hourly rate
  • Business builder solutions
  • Virtual learning assistance
  • Support forum
  • Local advertising
  • No up-front costs
  • Marketing and advertising appraisal
  • Stop/start work when you need it


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