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An intensive driving course in Bristol is ideal for those who want to pass first time and get on the road quicker than conventional driving lessons. Why wait lots of months doing 1 hour a week with a local driving school? With us, we are sure to help you get on the road in the best possible way.


No matter your experience or background to driving. We’re here to help! We offer all our candidates course packages between 10 – 50 hours with all the relevant tests. We do home pickup all within the areas of Clifton, Bedminster, Redland, Bishopston, Stoke Bishop, Horfield, Southville & All the other major suburbs of Bristol.


If you want to get started, feel free to view our website further. You can book, view our course pages, view pricing and much more. If you prefer to have a member of our team help you decide which course package is best for you, then feel free to get in touch by emailing us at or you can call our team on 0800 112 3515!


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    Choosing The Right Course Package Best For You...

    Choosing the right course package is essential to ensuring you are as best prepared for your driving test. The average candidate will need around 47 hours (As per the DVSA) of professional tuition. This is an average and doesn’t mean every candidate needs to do this. We understand all candidates progress at varying different levels of tuition.

    However, below is a quick guide for you to identify which package is best for you. Then once you know which one you need, feel free to visit our courses page here to go and read upon the specific package further!


    For Beginners: If you’re starting from scratch or have minimal driving experience, consider our Platinum or Gold course packages. These are designed to encompass all necessary driving concepts and levels, ensuring you reach the level required for your test. These courses span over two weeks (or more, if you opt for a semi-intensive course), requiring significant availability throughout the day to fit into your schedule. Early booking is highly recommended to obtain your preferred dates.


    For Intermediate Learners: For those with some driving experience or who’ve taken lessons previously, you’re on the brink of being test-ready. Opting for a medium-length course can bridge the gap, elevating you to the required standard for the test. Mid range courses are best for learner’s who have done a large chunk of training in the past or have not done driving for a while.


    For Experienced Drivers: Our Bronze courses are specifically tailored to prepare every learner for the driving test, targeting those with international driving experience or those needing to convert to a UK license. These courses are ideal if you have a driving test on the horizon. And these are suitable for candidates who may have not quite passed a recent driving test.

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    Geography Around Bristol

    Bristol, with its BS postcodes, is surrounded by many neighbourhoods, including Clifton, Bedminster, Bishopston, Redland, Southville, Cotham, Stoke Bishop, Sneyd Park, and Portishead. If you’re based in any of these locations, you might just be in luck for a convenient home pickup for your driving course, simply get in touch with the team to know more.


    Your driving course in Bristol offers a unique blend of challenges and experiences that are unparalleled. The city is renowned for its diverse terrain, including the steep hills which test your control and mastery of the vehicle’s gears. Such conditions are invaluable for honing your hill-starts and understanding how to manage inclines effectively.


    Bristol’s roads are a mix of modern multi-lane systems and narrower, winding streets that demand keen spatial awareness and the ability to navigate tightly-packed areas. This variety ensures you become a well-rounded driver, capable of tackling different driving scenarios with confidence.


    Moreover, the bustling city traffic alongside the serene suburban drives provides a balanced exposure to varied driving conditions. From navigating the busy multi-lane roads in the city centre to mastering the unique challenges posed by the historical, sometimes “wonky” roads of the older districts, you’ll gain the skills needed to drive safely and efficiently in any setting.


    Key Areas Of Bristol When Driving:

    1. The M32 Motorway: This is a vital link into the city from the M4 and one of Bristol’s busiest routes. It challenges learners with its high speeds and multiple lanes. Conquering this involves mastering lane discipline, understanding motorway signs, and developing the ability to merge and exit lanes safely.
    2. The Cumberland Basin: This complex system of flyovers and underpasses near the city’s harbour area introduces learners to navigating multi-level roadways. The key here is to maintain a steady speed, use signals timely, and stay alert to lane changes and upcoming exits.
    3. Clifton Suspension Bridge Junctions: The historic Clifton Suspension Bridge area has several junctions leading to and from it, requiring keen attention to oncoming traffic and tight turns. Practice in anticipation and judgement of oncoming vehicles’ speed is crucial, as is the ability to negotiate tight spaces confidently.
    4. Cabot Circus and Broadmead: The central shopping areas of Bristol are surrounded by a complicated one-way system and pedestrianised zones. Here, learners must develop a keen eye for road signs, pedestrians, and cyclists, alongside navigating through restricted areas.
    5. Temple Meads Area: With the railway station at its heart, this area is always bustling. Mastering it involves dealing with taxi ranks, bus lanes, and the constant flux of pedestrians. Prioritising hazard perception and developing patience are key skills to focus on.


    Not From Bristol?

    If you don’t reside in Bristol or it’s suburbs, we do cover other areas outside the vicinity of Bristol such as:



    And Portishead.


    If you want to know where else we cover, feel free to visit our areas we cover page for more information!

    More Information About Bristol...

    Bristol, a vibrant city in the South West of England, falls within the ceremonial county of Bristol. Situated approximately 120 miles west of London, it serves as a cultural and economic hub for the region. Home to over 467,000 residents, Bristol boasts a rich maritime history and has been a significant port for centuries, playing a crucial role in sea trade and exploration.


    Historically, Bristol has been renowned for its maritime industries, notably during the height of the British Empire when it was a starting point for explorations and trade expeditions to the New World. This historical significance is reflected in the city’s diverse architecture and the harbourside area, which has been regenerated to become a center of leisure and culture, featuring museums, galleries, and restaurants.


    Bristol’s industrial legacy is also marked by its contribution to the aerospace industry, with several aerospace companies still operating in the area. The city’s innovative spirit is further demonstrated through its status as a leading city in media, digital industries, and environmental technologies.


    The city is characterised by its hilly landscape, offering stunning views and unique challenges for city planning and transportation. Its green spaces, such as the Downs and Ashton Court, provide residents and visitors with ample opportunities for leisure and recreation, contributing to Bristol’s reputation as one of the most liveable cities in the UK.


    Bristol’s cultural scene is vibrant and diverse, hosting numerous festivals, live music, and arts events throughout the year. The city’s commitment to sustainability and green living is evident in its aim to become carbon neutral. This progressive mindset, combined with its historical depth and modern vibrancy, makes Bristol a dynamic and engaging place to live, work, and explore.

    Bristol Factfile

    Quick Overview of Bristol:

    County: Bristol is a county in its own right, having gained County status in 1373.

    Recognised For: Bristol is renowned for its rich maritime history and as a hub of culture and innovation. It is known for the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Brunel’s SS Great Britain, and its vibrant street art scene, notably being the hometown of the mysterious street artist Banksy.

    Local Council: Bristol City Council

    Important Roads:

    M32 (Providing a direct route into the city from the M4)

    A38 (Connecting Bristol with Gloucestershire and Somerset)

    A4 (Linking Bristol to Bath and London)

    Transport Website: For Bristol bus timetables and public transport information, visit Travelwest.

    Extra Links:

    Find Bristol on a map: Google Maps – Bristol

    Weather in Bristol: BBC Weather – Bristol

    Bristol History: For a detailed exploration of Bristol’s rich history, check out Visit Bristol – History & Heritage.

    Practical Test Centres Near Bristol

    Passing your driving test will ultimately come down to how you do on the day, but we are confident we will best prepare you for the big day!


    Fortunately Bristol has a 2 practical test centres for you to choose. Avonmouth & Kingswood.


    For further details about the different local test centres, you may look at our practical test centres index page.

    Theory Test Centres In Bristol

    Securing a slot for the practical test can prove to be quite a challenge, making it all the more crucial to pass your theory test beforehand. The theory test holds equal weight to the practical test in your driving journey. Thankfully, our courses offer flexibility, allowing you to book with or without the theory test included. This gives you the freedom to tailor the perfect package to suit your needs.


    Bristol does have a theory test centre, and you can view the information about it here.

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