Gold 40 | 40 Hour Driving Course

Are you needing to get on the road? Are you worried that taking weekly lessons will take a while? Are buses unreliable?


Are taxis becoming more expensive? We understand how frustrating it can be and want to help you to get your driving licence.


Our Gold 40 course is our standard beginner intensive course. This course is ideal for learners who have never driven before and are super keen to start. This course is also ideal for learners who may have dabbled with lessons years before, but feels that starting from the beginning will be best for them!


Note: All courses can vary in length. Intensive courses may vary in length depending on learner or instructor availability.








    Who Would Need This Course?

    Our Gold 40 course is designed for learner drivers who don’t have any driving experience. Particularly useful for nervous/mature drivers, or learners who believe they will need a little ‘extra’ time on the road. The DVSA state that learner drivers will need 45 hours of professional tuition and 20 hours of private practice to become competent on the road.


    A list of who would suit the Gold 40 course best:


    1. Students who have never stepped foot in the driver’s seat.
    2. Students who have are turning 17 soon.
    3. Students who have minimal practical a long time ago (10+ years)

    Still unsure? Read the reviews of learners who chose us!

    How The Course Is Planned...

    This course is one of our larger packages. We will aim to start your course on your preferred course start date or provide an alternative date depending on the circumstances going on in the world. (E.g. Covid). All training dates are confirmed by LPOD or your instructor.


    For candidates who haven’t yet passed their theory test – we cannot book your practical test until this is passed. In some cases, we may delay booking in your training until you have passed your theory test.


    If your driving instructor believes you may need more training based upon your progress, they may offer additional training on top of the 40 hours you’ve booked.


    Although this is a course for new drivers, in some scenarios, your instructor may deem you’re not making the necessary progress prior to your test.


    This beginner course is here to help you cover all aspects of driving and make you feel confident when driving. Then you’ll also prepare for a driving test at the end of your course too.


    This course is not for teaching part trained or experienced learners, but to help learners who are at the very beginning of learning.

    This course is particularly popular for candidates who fall into one of the below categories:

    1. New learner
    2. Small experience driving a long time ago

    Not Sure This Course is Right For You?

    This course is not suitable for learners who have some experience (lots or small). If you’re brand new then the Gold 40 course is best for you.


    If you are a particularly nervous driver then you should consider looking at our Gold 45 course. Although it’s another beginner course, those extra 5 hours can go a long way in making you more confident and ready to take a driving test!

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