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Gold 40

“The ‘Get Me Driving” Course”

Are you needing to get on the road? Are you worried that taking weekly lessons will take a while? Are buses unreliable?


Are taxis becoming more expensive? We understand how frustrating it can be and want to help you to get your driving licence.


Our Gold 40 course is our perfect beginner-intensive course. This course is ideal for learners who have never driven before and are super keen to start.


This course is also ideal for learners who may have dabbled with lessons years before, but feels that starting from the beginning will be best for them!


Note: All courses can vary in length. Intensive courses may vary in length depending on learner or instructor availability.

Successful Students

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Who Would Benefit From This Course?

Our Gold 40 course is designed for learner drivers who don’t have any driving experience. Particularly useful for nervous/mature drivers, or learners who believe they will need a little ‘extra’ time on the road.


The DVSA state that learner drivers will need approximately 45 hours of professional tuition and 20 hours of private practice to become competent on the road.


Suitable For:


  1. Students who have never stepped foot in the driver’s seat.
  2. Students who are turning 17 soon.
  3. Students who have minimal practical a long time ago (10+ years)


Not Suitable For:


  1. Candidates with pre-booked tests that are short notice. Unfortunately, we would need more time to accomodate your training. We prefer if candidates leave it with us to organise their test.
  2. Candidates with very tight time restrictions. If you are short on time and need to pass by a certain time frame, we wouldn’t be able to help. As there are factors outside our control and would require flexibility on the candidates’ part to ensure we can deliver.
  3. Your theory test is expiring (less than 6 months). If your theory is set to expire, we would advise every candidate to re-do it. We can take on a booking with a theory expiring, but if we are struggling finding a test date, we will ask the candidate to rebook another one.
  4. Candidates who haven’t had enough prior driving experience. If LPOD or your allocated instructor finds out, you haven’t enough sufficient training, then we would deliver the course hours to the quoted amount and then advise on however many more you would need. We don’t take candidates to test, if their instructors deems them not ready.

Theory & Practical Tests Included...

We book, manage and arrange all tests required. We help search for earlier test dates for you. Complete management of your tests!

Reputable, Friendly Driving instructors...

All driving instructors are fully qualified and registered with the DVSA. We pride ourselves on working with professional ADIs to help you pass!

Online Theory Training...

All courses include our flagship theory training course. Study the theory test alongside our training program to secure a first-time pass! Study at home, work, or school!

Dedicated Customer Support...

Any questions or queries, our support teams will gladly help you! 

How The Course Is Planned...

The first thing we look at is if you need to pass your theory, if this applies to you, continue reading. If you already passed your theory test, then skip this section and move on to the next section below.


Theory test: As part of the learning to drive journey, passing your theory test is the first important test you must pass before you’re legally allowed to book and attend a practical test.


We will aim to book your theory test before your intensive starts. The earlier you pass your theory, the better chances we have of booking your test date for a desirable date & time. Depending on how your course is planned, our goal is to get you through your theory ASAP.


We provide an online theory course that is different from most theory resources to help you study. We also include a free theory retest if you don’t happen to pass on your first go!


Training: In your booking, you can specify how you would like to organise your course. You can request to start your course on a specific start date (depending on current availability & external events) or you can request to start your course around the date of your booked practical test date.


Once specified, your instructor will contact you to organise the training dates & times that work best for both of you.


Practical test: The practical test is the final examination of any course. We book and manage this for all candidates (unless you request to manage it yourself). Our aim is to book tests around desirable dates & times. Although we cannot guarantee certain dates, we try our best to match your and your instructor’s desired date.


If you have further questions, please feel free to use our contact form below!


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