Silver 20 | 20 Hour Driving Course

Are you needing to get on the road quickly? Are you looking for a new job? Struggling to get buses to and from work? Are you a graduate looking for your first job and you need to get on the road super quick?


Then this course may be the course for you!


This intensive driving course is suitable for candidates who have amassed 25+ hours of training and who have had recent driving lessons.


Note: All courses can vary in length. Intensive courses may vary in length depending on learner or instructor availability.








    Who Would Need This Course?

    Our Silver 20 course is ideal for students who have failed a driving test more than 2 years ago and need a refresher training course to bring their driving ability back up to test standard.


    This course is NOT suitable for candidates that haven’t yet achieved at least 25+ total hours of training with a driving instructor or with parents/loved ones.


    The ideal candidates for this course are:


    1. Pupils who have 25+ hours of training
    2. Have driven within the past 3 months with 25+ hours experience
    3. Pupils who have previously failed but more than 2 years has elapsed between training
    4. International students with ONLY automatic transmission experience
    5. Automatic drivers/learners wishing to convert to manual licence

    Still unsure? Read the reviews of learners who chose us!

    How The Course Is Planned...

    The course will be set by your instructor or based before a confirmed test date. From courses above 20 hours, we tend to start them on a certain date, then aim to secure a practical test as near to the end of the course as possible. This can vary from learner to learner.


    For candidates who haven’t yet passed their theory test, we won’t be able to book your practical test until a valid theory has been obtained. Then we will start the process of getting your test date. Your test date may vary.


    If your driving instructor believes this course is not suitable based on your previous experience, they may advise you to include more hours on top of the course you booked.

    Student Case Study #1

    John has been learning to drive on-and-off with his mum and dad. He has had 10 hours with a driving instructor and 20+ hours with his parents.


    He has great control of the car and is quite confident in general driving but has picked up some bad habits. He hasn’t been taught the reversing manoeuvres and has not done any sat nav driving.


    This course is ideal for John as he is quite a confident driver and can drive relatively independently.


    But has not done any of the reversing manoeuvres and has not covered some of the training syllabus, such as sat-nav driving and slip roads.


    This course will help John with his reversing and give him experience in the areas he has not had any training in. Whilst looking at his habits,


    John will improve his driving with consistent actions throughout his intensive driving course. The last part of this course, John will focus on the driving test with mock driving tests and test route training.

    Student Case Study #2

    Emily has been learning in an automatic and to-date has had more than 25+. However, she stopped having driving lessons due to finances.


    One year later she decides to start her driving lessons again. Her dad believes having a manual licence will give her more options when she passes her test. She plans on doing private practice with her dad prior to her course to get the hang of the controls of the car.


    This course is ideal for Emily. Anyone with less than 20+ hours of manual experience may struggle with the car’s control.


    As Emily is planning to do some private practice with her dad – we advise this course over the 25-hour course.


    However, during her course, Emily’s driving instructor will monitor her progress and if she needs a ‘little’ extra time prior to her driving test will advise Emily of a suitable plan to help her pass her driving test the first time.

    Not Sure If This Course is Right For You?

    If you deem you may need more training, then we would advise you to look at our Silver 25 course. Having more training, in general, will help you overcome any difficulties and challenges. Click to view more information about our Silver 25 course.

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