Practical Driving Test Cancellation Management Service

We can look after your driving test for a small fee and source you an earlier test date until you are happy with the final date. For £29.99 we can source you up to 7 cancellations in your desired test centre(s) and dates/times of your test.


If you need a new driving test booked and test management, this will cost £29.99 + £65.00. An invoice will be sent according to the choice you mention in our contact form below.


We offer this as it can be a time-consuming task to source an earlier test date. We take the stress out of looking for an earlier test. Tell us when you would like it for and we will work our magic with our test management team and LPOD Academy cancellation checker partner(s).


To get started, please fill out all your information on the form and a member of our test booking team will be in touch to arrange payment and explain the process regarding the process!


Disclaimer: LPOD Academy cannot always guarantee a cancellation can be sourced. Due to many outside factors, sourcing an earlier test may be difficult or even not possible in some scenarios.

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