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Silver 30

“The Part Trained”

Are you seeking to learn to drive quickly? Are you fed up with getting buses or asking for lifts? Whatever your reasons for needing an intensive driving course we can help you get on the road in no time.


Our Silver 30 course is ideal for pupils who have had at least 15 hours of tuition with a driving instructor or have plenty of road experience with friends/family.


Are you confident with the controls of the car? Are you able to complete basic junctions independently? If yes, then this course is for you!


Structured in many different ways. 2 – 6 hours per training day. Can be condensed within a few weeks from starting. Training dates are tailored around the availability of the candidate. Full & semi-intensive schedules can be accommodated for. Weekend training sessions available. Manual & Automatic options upon request.

Successful Students

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Who Would Benefit From This Course?

Whether you have had training within the past year, or some years ago. This course is ideal for candidates who learned quickly and picked up the basics quite confidently. We would recommend this course for people who have 10-15 hours of experience.


If you’re looking to change over from an automatic licence to a manual, but have never driven in a manual, the Silver 30 will be perfect!


Flexible Start Dates and Early Availability: We know your time is valuable, and that’s why we offer early and plentiful start dates to suit busy schedules. No need to wait for months to get started, begin your learning journey by booking onto an intensive course.


Plenty Of Practical Test Slots: Worried about securing a practical test date in the course? You’ll have a practical test scheduled right near the end of your training. We optimise our search routines around the best times of day when most learners are cancelling / swapping their test dates to maximise all test opportunities.


Intensive Course Guarantee: Courses above the Gold 35 include a free retest on all included tests. No more worrying about when the second test would be nor feeling like the course has been wasted. Nothing ever is wasted, we ensure the time to your 2nd test is also minimal.


Refresh Your Skills: Have you had a gap since your last lesson? Our intensive courses are perfect for getting back on your feet. Whether it’s been months or years since you last drove, our professional & patient instructors will help you regain your confidence behind the wheel.


Career Advancement: A driving license can significantly enhance your job prospects. Many employers value the independence and reliability that comes with being able to drive. Our courses are designed to get you on the road quickly, giving you the edge in the job market.


Avoid Big City Driving: Not comfortable driving in a big city? We offer training in various locations, so you can learn in a setting that feels right for you. Choose from village, town or rural environments where you can build your skills with confidence.


Already Have a Test Booked?: If you’ve already secured a practical test date, we can tailor your intensive course to ensure you’re fully prepared. Our instructors will focus on the areas you need to improve, giving you the best chance of success.


One / Two Week Course Option: For those eager to get their license fast, our one-week intensive course is ideal. With focused, daily training sessions, you’ll be ready for your test in no time. Perfect for committed learners ready to immerse themselves in driving.


Theory and Practical Training Combined Need to complete your theory test? We offer online theory training that you can complete alongside your practical lessons. Get both aspects of your training done in one comprehensive package.


Personalised Booking Requests: Request your preferred test centre, training times, days, and even your instructor (subject to availability & coverage). We aim to provide a personalised learning experience that fits your schedule and learning style.


Support for Anxious Students: If exam conditions make you anxious, our supportive instructors are here to help. We utilise proven techniques to reduce anxiety and build your confidence, ensuring you’re calm and prepared on test day.


Struggling to Find a Test Date? We understand the frustration of finding a test date. Our team will handle the booking process for you, using our skills and resources to secure a practical test slot as soon as possible. We use lots of ways to secure test dates from utilising the business DVSA service, constant checks, in-house swapping and online test swap forums.


Learn with Family Support: For those who have been learning with family, our intensive courses can complement your experience, offering professional guidance to refine your skills and ensure you’re test-ready.


Returning to Driving After a Break If you learned to drive when you were younger but never took the test, our courses are perfect for refreshing your knowledge and skills. We cater to learners of all ages, ensuring a comfortable and effective learning experience.

Theory & Practical Tests Included...

We book, manage and arrange all tests required. We help search for earlier test dates for you. Complete management of your tests!

Reputable, Friendly Driving instructors...

All driving instructors are fully qualified and registered with the DVSA. We pride ourselves on working with professional ADIs to help you pass!

Online Theory Training...

All courses include our flagship theory training course. Study the theory test alongside our training program to secure a first-time pass! Study at home, work, or school!

Dedicated Customer Support...

Any questions or queries, our support teams will gladly help you!

How The Course Is Planned...

The first thing we look at is if you need to pass your theory, if this applies to you, continue reading. If you already passed your theory test, then skip this section and move on to the next section below.


Theory test: As part of the learning to drive journey, passing your theory test is the first important test you must pass before you’re legally allowed to book and attend a practical test.


We will aim to book your theory test before your intensive starts. The earlier you pass your theory, the better chances we have of booking your test date for a desirable date & time. Depending on how your course is planned, our goal is to get you through your theory ASAP.


We provide an online theory course that is different from most theory resources to help you study.


Training: In your booking, you can specify how you would like to organise your course. You can request to start your course on a specific start date (depending on current availability & external events) or you can request to start your course around the date of your booked practical test date.


Once specified, your instructor will contact you to organise the training dates & times that work best for both of you.


Practical test: The practical test is the final examination of any course. We book and manage this for all candidates (unless you request to manage it yourself). Our aim is to book tests around desirable dates & times. Although we cannot guarantee certain dates, we try our best to match your and your instructor’s desired date.


If you have further questions, please feel free to use our contact form below!