Bronze 10 | 10 Hour Driving Course

Are you looking to get on the road? Are you seeking to get a driving licence in a few days? Does your job require you to have it quick?


Whatever your reasons for needing an intensive driving course we can help you get on the road in no time.


Note: All courses can vary in length. Intensive courses may vary in length depending on learner or instructor availability.








    Who Would Need This Course?

    Our Bronze 10 course is perfect for learners who are very experienced drivers. Typically students that book this course may have already had a practical exam (failed) and have driven in the past few months.


    A list of who would suit the Bronze 10 course best:


    1. Students who have previously failed a driving test (previous 3 months)
    2. Students who have driven more than 40 hours of tuition with a driving instructor
    3. Students who have had lots of private practice with parents and who are confident in all areas
    4. International students seeking to convert to a UK licence with years of road experience
    5. Students who have previously had a driving licence (Revoked Licence etc)

    Still unsure? Read the reviews of learners who chose us!

    How The Course Is Planned...

    This course is the shortest course that we offer – so, the delivery of this course will be based around the practical exam or the agreement you and your instructor set out. When your test is booked, expect the sessions to be done beforehand or around the dates set by your instructor.


    For candidates who haven’t yet passed their theory test – we advise, that the course itself will be booked once a practical date has been secured and the hours confirmed with your driving instructor.


    If, your driving instructor believes this course is not favourable based on your previous experience an assessment lesson may commence prior to your booked and confirmed training week.


    This will involve an additional fee, so be sure to only book this course if you have had sufficient training and your driving competence is of a high standard.


    This short course or ‘test rescue’ course is solely focused on preparing you for a driving test and to practice set-pieces of training, ie reversing, complex junctions and independent driving.


    This course is not for teaching new subjects, but to expand on previous practice and confidence-building only.

    This course is particularly popular for candidates who fall into one of the below categories:

    1. Revoked licence
    2. Previous test candidates within the past 6 months
    3. Experienced drivers or international licensed drivers.

    Student Case Study #1

    Sandra, 29 years old, has had 2 previous driving tests. Her first test was when she was 18 years old. She was very disheartened when she failed so decided to give up on her driving lessons. When she turned 25 – she decided to have another go.


    She got back behind the wheel and had another 20 hours of driving lessons.  Unfortunately,  she was so nervous and failed her second attempt. Three more years passed when she was determined to pass her driving test.


    She decided to get learner car insurance on her partner’s car and book a 10-hour intensive driving course. Her driving instructor created a plan to help her with private practice. During her intensive driving course, Sandra’s driving instructor made sure that Sandra’s driving habits were fixed and went over the training syllabus to refresh her training.


    As Sandra had had lots of driving experience and private practice, we believed a 10-hour course would suit her best. She appeared confident with her driving but needed help with her nerves and anxiety on the driving test day.


    Her driving instructor implemented some coping strategies to help her deal with her emotions and to align her thoughts whilst she was driving.


    The bronze-10 course was booked with a test date and the training was delivered over 2-4 days on the lead up to her driving test.

    Student Case Study #2

    Ian had his licence revoked. Unfortunately, he lost his licence as he was caught speeding on multiple occasions. After he passed his theory test Ian booked a 10-hour intensive driving course. This was a great course choice for him as he knew how to drive but just needed to refresh on the driving test syllabus and structure.

    Not Sure This Course is Right For You?

    If you believe this course is not right for you, you may consider our Bronze-15 hour driving course. This course may give you the extra bit of time you need to help you pass your driving test on the first go.

    You can visit our Bronze-15 hour driving course here…

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