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Driving Course Questions

Do you offer any guarantees?

Everyone likes a guarantee… especially when you are parting with lots of money when booking a course. We have implemented our 3 promises guarantee to all students at LPOD Academy:


Training Dates Guarantee:

If we can’t provide you with a suitable set of training dates, you’re entitled to a full refund, no questions asked! All candidates should have confidence before booking that their deposit is safe-guarded that in the eventuality you are not provided with a set of satisfactory dates, you can request a refund.


Quality Instructor Promise:

We strive to ensure that all our candidates are allocated only to the best. Our instructors are professional, experienced, and committed to excellence when working with you to get your driving licence. 


Theory Test Assurance:

Passing your theory test is a fundamental step in the learning to drive process, and without it, it hinders your progress. So that’s why, we are offering all students who include a theory test within their booking a free attempt at the theory if they don’t pass their theory test. The only condition is, you must complete our online theory course fully (which by the way, comes free with all bookings!) and the theory test is booked by us.


With all these 3 in place, we want to ensure you feel absolutely confident and happy with your decision to book an intensive course with us.

Can I choose the dates I prefer for my training?

Everyone can state their preferred dates of their course on their booking. We have a calendar right before you book, where you can specify the specific start date you want your course to begin from.

What if I don't get along with my instructor?

If you find something isn’t quite right, then you can contact our dedicated team to listen to any concerns you have. We will listen and understand what’s bothering you. As all circumstances are unique, we have been able to reallocate learners to new instructors, reduce the amount of hours you do and even contact the instructor on your behalf to clear something up.


We continually evaluate all our instructors behaviour, quality of teaching to ensure they follow our brand values, follows the DVSA’s code of conduct and they are putting the interests of you first.

How can I spread the cost of my intensive course?

Our course payments are spread over multiple segments. Initially, you pay a deposit to secure your dates and place. Then the outstanding balance isn’t due until later. And even when the outstanding amount is due, you can pay a portion to your instructor then pay the rest later, postpone your start date or you can spread it over many weeks with the agreement of your instructor!

What assurances do I have if I've had bad experiences with driving instructors in the past?

If you had bad experiences in the past, then we can assure you that our instructors are vetted for quality and professionalism before they get allocated to any of our candidates. All driving instructors are bound by the DVSA’s code of conduct which ensures that instructors maintain high standards when they are teaching. And we always assess the past and current experiences to ensure that if a particular instructor is not upholding our standards, the DVSA’s code of conduct then we won’t work that instructor no longer.


If you ever find, that the current instructor isn’t being professional or not acting according to established codes and principles, please get in touch and we will look to investigate any concerns further.

What will happen if you're unable to find me a test date at the end of my course?

If no test date cannot be found right at the end of your course, multiple things may happen.


  1. We will continue to search for test cancellations for you. We will revise the search range and look to include any additional test centres that could help find a test date until a suitable date is found.
  2. Your instructor may reserve a few hours of your course back until a test date arrises, ensuring your not using up all your hours.
  3. Some candidates may opt for taking their test in another test centre.


If all options are exhausted then candidates can opt to finish their training with their instructor. Learner’s can also request to have their test fee refunded if they wish.


Whilst in some areas, some test centres are busier than other. And with test centres being unpredictable in nature, we ensure we maximise all the test opportunities by utilising our test searching capabilities. We have ample ways to secure test dates by swapping with existing candidates, utilising our community on Facebook, utilising 24/7 cancellation checkers and manual searching.

I've already booked time off work; can the course fit within my specific dates?

In most cases yes. When you book, let us know the dates you have booked off with work. If the time booked off work is fast approaching, then it may be difficult to align all or a portion of your hours within the specified time frame. For best practice, ensure the time booked off is with plenty of notice.


If you still need reassurance, please feel free to outreach to us at enquiries@lpodacademy.co.uk

Is there a chance the course might be too "intense" for me?

If you find that the training is becoming too much to handle and you feel that reducing the “intensity” would allow you to learn better, then you can contact your assigned instructor or us.


It’s important for us to know that if you are midway a training course and feel that it’s a bit too much, then getting in touch is the best step!

Is it really possible to become a good driver in a short space of time?

Intensive courses have been becoming more and popular as time goes on. The results speak for themselves, so yes you can become a good driver within a short space of time.


Intensive courses are ideal for learners who just want to get on the road quickly and purely focus on learning to drive. However, not all candidates would be suitable to an intensive course. If you find yourself needing space and time to learn, then opting for an intensive may not always be the best option.

Will the training be tailored to meet my specific needs?

Yes, all courses can be tweaked and optimised to meet your specific needs. All instructors will get to know you and how you learn, then they will adapt their sessions to meet your ability, learning pace and strengths/weaknesses.


You can specify on your booking and to your instructor, that you want to put more emphasis on a particular area of driving, you may want to take a slower learning pace (semi-intensive) and much more.


The role of your instructor is to ensure you are a safe, competent driver and that you are ready for test. Along the process, you can specify that if you require more attention in certain areas, then you are free to request this.

What dates & times does the training usually occur in?

Driving instructors are flexible within the times they teach. They can teach early in the morning all the way to a late evening session & anything in between. They also can work weekends (which is ideal for candidates with work) too.

How many hours do I need?

We offer courses ranging from 10 – 50 hours. You can choose which course is suitable for you by clicking here.


We recommend all candidates to follow the DVSA’s guide of 47 hours of professional & 23 hours of private practice to become test standard. If you’re still unsure, please phone a member of staff and they will be able to assist you on 0800 112 3515.

Can I book a course even if I'm in full time employment, school or university?

Of course! We often have candidates who are in employment or in education.


If you’re employed, most candidates tend to book time off work with their employer after receiving dates from their instructor.


If you’re in education (School, College, Sixth form or University), depending on your timetable, some learners may have free times during the week, where they could use this time for sessions. Some learners, only attend education part time. In some scenarios, where you are in education full time, you would look at half terms or study weeks as time to do sessions.


Note: When you book, you’ll have an opportunity to inform us of dates you can / cannot do. This would be on the form you would fill out when booking.

Do you cover my area?

We cover most areas in the UK. Most of our instructors do provide home pickup but there could be a case, you’ll travel into a local town / city to conduct your training.


Visit our areas page, for more information: www.lpodacademy.co.uk/areas-we-cover/

Do you provide home pickup?

In the majority of cases, yes. However, if you’re based in a remote village or outside the instructor’s service area, we may ask you to travel into a local town / city, potentially, at a train station, bus station or a public place.


Sometimes, a lot of course hours get eaten up by home pickup / drop-off. To best maximise the course, if you can get yourself into the town/city where your local test centre is, this will be far more beneficial for you.

How much are your courses?

The price of our courses can be found here: https://booking.lpodacademy.co.uk


You will need to input the following, on the website:

  1. Select the course package (e.g. Platinum 50, Gold 35 etc…)
  2. Select the first-part of your pickup postcode
  3. Include all relevant test you require
  4. Select your transmission


You will see the deposit, remaining balance and full cost on the right hand side (if on computer) or scroll down (if on mobile device).


If you’re unsure what package you need, you can read our recommendations here: https://www.lpodacademy.co.uk/our-courses/

Can I book in advance?

Of course!


You can book as early as you wish. If you’re yet to turn 17, and you decide to book early, we can only carry out our service until we have a copy of your provisional. We will be able to start allocating you an instructor before you turn 17, and start the process of booking your theory test.

Can I book more hours If I feel I'm not ready?

If you’re midway through your course & your instructor deems you need more hours, then you can add more hours!


When doing so, please bear in mind, that it may be too short notice to add more hours if a test date is beyond the last date to cancel or your instructor may not have availability within the same time you’re doing your lessons.

What happens If I don't need all the hours I booked?

If your driving instructor deems you will be ready for your test in fewer hours, they could put you through your test on a lesser amount of hours.


If you pass, you can request any unused hours to be used for additional training like pass plus. Or you can request to have them reimbursed.


If you fail, you now have leftover hours to use for your 2nd test! Please note: the remaining hours may not be sufficient if your instructor deems you need more.

Will I have breaks during sessions?

You can expect to have breaks during your course.


The breaks will vary but they are generally given at the halfway point of a training session. Your driving instructor will clarify how breaks are given during your course upon request.

Is an intensive course right for me?

Intensive courses can suit most people, but they’re not for everyone.


Sometimes, candidates use one or two of their course hours with their instructor to get a “feel” with how they are going to progress. This is ideal when you may not know exactly your driving level. Then from this, the instructor will have a good sense of your driving ability.

Will I feel overwhelmed during an intensive course?

We understand intensive courses can be demanding. That’s why our instructors are trained to provide supportive, paced learning tailored to your comfort. Plus, we offer resources and guidance to help you manage the learning process effectively.


You can also opt to spread the sessions & the intensity of the course by letting your instructor and us know.

Are intensive courses suitable for complete beginners?

Yes. If you’re brand new to driving, then you’re coming into driving with a blank canvas. Your driving instructor can then tailor the sessions in a way that best suits your learning style and pace.



What if I need to change my training schedule?

Should your availability change, we offer easy rescheduling options for your course. It would be a simple case of informing your instructor of the changes you need to make and they can amend the schedule accordingly. 

Deposit & Payment Questions

Can I delay paying the remaining balance for later?

Of course, if you are anticipating not being able to pay the outstanding balance straight away, then you would be able to inform on your booking, that you would only want lessons from a certain date onwards. Often, candidates would need to wait until their pay day comes round and then are they able to pay.

What happens if I want to cancel my course?

All questions regarding cancellation terms of our booking, can be found on our terms and conditions here.

What happens if I can't pay the remaining balance in time?

If you are unable to pay your allocated driving instructor no later than 28 days before the agreed start date, we will need to postpone your course until payment can be arranged or you if you can only pay a portion, then contacting your instructor to negotiate payment terms, would be best.


If you feel you won’t be able to commit to the remaining balance entirely please do let us know immediately. We may be able to assist and create a tailored plan that works for you. Please understand that our instructors are self-employed and a late notice cancellation can disrupt our instructor’s livelihoods.

Theory Test Questions

Can you book a theory test for me within the course package?

Yes, we can book you a theory test within your course package. Before your course starts. We will aim to book your theory test before your course start date and if you pass, we can then book your practical test date.


Please refer to your confirmation of course booking email if you are eligible for a free retest!

Do I need to pass my theory test before I book an intensive course?

In short, No!


You can still book¬†if you haven’t passed your theory test. Whether you have booked your own theory or we will book it for you, we will always aim to bring it earlier, so you can pass the theory test as early as possible, which then helps us secure you your practical driving test sooner!

What happens if I don't pass my theory test in time?

Not to worry! We will work with you to get another theory test booked (Your course may include a free retest, ensure to check your confirmation of course booking email).


We charge a set fee for theory bookings, or you can easily book the theory test yourself at https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test.

Do you help with theory studying & revision?

Yes, we do! We provide all of our candidates free access to our online theory course! This online programme is perfect for you if you are needing help with theory test revision & studies. The course encompasses all 14 theory topics, hazard perception training & case study training.

Do intensive driving courses include theory test preparation?

Yes, we do cover and help you pass the theory test as part of your course. We give all learners access to our theory course.

How is the theory test structured, and what does it involve?

The theory test is divided into two parts: a multiple-choice section and a hazard perception section. You’ll face 50 multiple choice questions in the first parr, needing at least 43 correct answers to pass. And the hazard perception is scored out of 75 and you need 44 to pass. It’s important to also focus on hazard spotting, a crucial part of the theory test.‚Äč

Should I pass the theory test before booking an intensive course?

You don’t need to pass the theory test before booking. In actual fact, most of our candidates book needing to do their theory as part of their course. Some candidates like to pass their theory before they book… but it’s not mandatory.¬†

How important is hazard perception in the theory test?

Hazard perception is a crucial part of the theory test, following the multiple-choice questions. It includes video clips featuring various driving hazards. Adequate preparation for this part of the test is essential for success.

What are effective strategies for theory test revision?

To excel in your theory test, adopting effective revision strategies is crucial. Here are enhanced guidelines to ensure you’re thoroughly prepared:

  1. Structured Revision Schedule: Begin your preparation early to avoid cramming. Allocate consistent daily or weekly time slots for study to cover all the material well before your test date. This steady approach helps in retaining information more effectively.
  2. Identify Weaknesses: The theory test encompasses 14 key areas, including road signs, rules of the road, and safety questions. Pay extra attention to topics where you feel less confident. Utilising online resources or apps that track your performance can help identify these areas.
  3. Aim High: While the pass mark is 43 out of 50 questions, aiming higher in your practice tests can provide a cushion and boost your confidence. Regular mock exams are indispensable for familiarising yourself with the test format and timing. They also highlight areas needing improvement, especially if certain types of questions consistently pose challenges.
  4. Utilise Varied Study Materials: Diversify your study materials to include official handbooks, online resources, and interactive apps. These tools often provide explanations and tips for understanding tricky concepts, not just rote memorisation.
  5. Engage with Case Studies: The theory test includes case study questions designed to assess your understanding of real-life scenarios. Practice with these types of questions to improve your ability to apply knowledge practically.
  6. Hazard Perception Mastery: This section tests your ability to identify developing hazards in 14 video clips, with one clip containing two hazards. Practice is key to success in this part. Pay close attention to potential hazards in each scenario, and remember, timing your response as soon as you see a hazard start to develop is crucial.
  7. Review Mistakes: After each mock test, take the time to go through each incorrect answer to understand your mistakes. This review process is vital for turning weak points into strengths.
  8. Rest and Relaxation: Finally, ensure you’re well-rested before the test day. A clear, relaxed mind is more efficient at recalling information and making quick decisions.

By adopting these strategies, you’ll not only be better prepared for your theory test but also develop a deeper understanding of safe driving practices essential for when you’re behind the wheel.

Driving Instructor Questions

What happens if I'm not happy with my instructor midway my course?

If you are not happy with your instructor please do contact us immediately. We take customer satisfaction seriously and we always want to know if something is not quite right.


We will then look to find a suitable outcome that works for all. As part of our process, we may need to contact the instructor to find out more information, but we will always ask you before this happens.

What happens If my instructor car breaks down?

Should your instructor’s car experience a breakdown, rest assured, your driving instructor will promptly offer you an alternative set of dates for your sessions.


Although it is rare and indeed inconvenient when a tuition vehicle encounters mechanical issues, we prioritise swiftly rescheduling any impacted training to the earliest possible date to ensure your learning journey continues smoothly.


There are a few things that can occur suddenly, but we have measures in place that in the eventuality such disruptions occur, we can swiftly move your booking on.

Will I get the same instructor for my course and test?

All our courses are conducted by the same instructor from the start to the end.


If however, your course circumstances change or the instructor’s circumstances change, then we will work with you to come up an alternative solution.


In some cases, some candidates may take themselves to test in their own vehicle.

What happens if my driving instructor does not arrive for my course?

If your driving instructor has not turned up to your course. Please send us an email to customercare@lpodacademy.co.uk as soon as you can.


Sometimes things can get disrupted, If this does happen to you – we firstly apologise in advance, we will take the necessary steps to resolve the matter.

Will I get a receipt after paying the remaining balance to my instructor?

Yes. When you pay the remaining balance to your driving instructor, you can request a copy from your instructor & receive a receipt at the time of payment. Typical payment methods include bank transfers or cash.

Intensive Driving Courses Vs Weekly Lessons

Why should I choose an intensive driving course over regular weekly lessons?

Intensive courses allow for quicker results. Intensives allow for training to be speed up and condensed and then the practical test is found in conjunction of an intensive course.


Weekly lessons are spread out and can take months to even complete 4o hours (the average amount a new driver needs). But there are other pitfalls that occur doing weekly lessons such as there is more risk of your instructor leaving. 

How effective is the learning process of intensive courses compared to weekly lessons?

Intensive courses offer immersive learning. Spending several hours per day driving helps reinforce skills and build confidence more rapidly. The accelerated pace means you’re less likely to forget what you’ve learned nearer the test day.


Weekly lessons are too spread out. With candidates being busy with their day to day lives, every weekly lesson session is often met with a brief 10+ minute brief going over what happened last week… which eats into valuable learning time.

Are intensive driving courses more flexible than weekly lessons?

Most intensive courses offer flexible schedules, catering to the student’s availability.


They can be tailored for lessons on weekends or evenings, benefiting those with busy schedules or other commitments‚Äč.


Courses can also be done as semi-intensive. Which is a less “intensive” version of a typical intensive course.

Is there a higher success rate with intensive driving courses?

Intensive courses have a higher success rate for passing the driving test on the first attempt, with rates as high as 76%, significantly higher than traditional driving lessons.

Are intensive driving courses cost-effective?

An intensive course can be more cost effective. The issue learners face with weekly lessons, is that there are variables that could effect the trajectory of a learner’s progress… such as an instructor no longer teaching and then the learner is forced to have to find a new weekly instructor.¬†



What if I fail my driving test after an intensive course?

If you fail your test after an intensive course, you usually only need a few lessons to polish your skills, which is fewer than after regular weekly lessons.

Practical Test Questions

What happens if the practical test takes too long to obtain?

If it’s taking longer than anticipated to source an earlier / desired test date, then we will always provide candidates alternative options:


These may include:

  • Searching in other driving test centres
  • Extending the test search range
  • Giving you tools and resources to help search for test dates

What happens if my driving test is cancelled on the same day it's taken?

On some occasions, your local test centre may have to call off your test due to bad weather or any other circumstance. They will notify us of a rescheduled test date and we will inform you of the new date.


You can claim out of pocket expenses, by contacting the DVSA.

What happens if I fail my practical test?

Whilst we hope you achieve a first-time pass, in the eventuality of a fail, then your booking could be eligible for a free retest. Please email us at test-bookings@lpodacademy.co.uk to claim your retest, so we can start to rebook your retest appointment asap.


If your booking isn’t eligible for a retest, then we can book your new practical test & manage it for you for ¬£100. If you wish to rebook the test yourself, then you can directly book it through the DVSA here: https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test

How close will the test date be after the course?

We aim to get the test date as close to the end of your course as possible. In some situations, we may wait for a test date, then work backwards from it to book the training.


Where it may be difficult to obtain a test date in the local test centre, we often update candidates with steps they could take to increase the likelihood of passing their driving test.


We keep in constant touch regarding the progress of the test date for all candidates.

Is the practical test booked for the last day of training?

It’s not always possible to get a test on the last training day of your course. There are many factors that determine what dates are available on the DVSA’s website

Some of these factors may include:

  • You have not yet passed your theory test
  • Driving test waiting times are longer than usual
  • You have limited availability & a short window to take a test in
  • There is bad weather like snow, fog or dangerous weather
  • Examiner strikes
  • And more

To help search for test dates, we use a cancellation checker service which scans for potential test appointments 24/7. We will work with you and your instructor’s diary to ensure both of you can go can attend a test.

Does my course come with a practical test?

If you include the practical test upon booking the course, you will have a practical test booked by us & we will manage the appointment for you.

Can I book a practical driving test before passing my theory test in an intensive driving course?

No, you must pass your theory test before booking a practical test.

Is it possible to book an intensive driving course before passing my theory test?

Yes, booking an intensive driving course before passing the theory test is encouraged as it allows more time to allocate a driving instructor‚Äč and it gives you more time to study whilst we prepare your driving course.

What is the structure of an intensive driving course and how does it prepare me for the practical test?

An intensive course consolidates hours of tuition into a short time-frame, focusing on areas you struggle with. It typically ends with the practical test, and is designed to get you to pass as quickly as possible.

What is the success rate of intensive driving courses in terms of passing the practical test?

The success rate can be as high as 76%, which is higher than traditional driving lessons. However, it varies based on the learner’s ability, experience, and instructor quality and other factors that contribute to the success of a candidate.

How can I best prepare for the practical test outside of my intensive driving course?

If possible, practicing with friends and family is a good way to get some extra practice in. Knowing the area of where your test is based at and becoming familiar with tricky junctions are all good tips!

Is it important to know the vehicle I will use for the test?

Absolutely. Whether using your instructor’s vehicle or your own, familiarise yourself with it thoroughly. It’s ideal to of spent a good amount of time in the car you intend to take to test.

What strategies can help increase my chances of passing the test?

Learn from common mistakes others make during the test, visit the test centre before your test day for familiarity, and prepare thoroughly, including mental and physical readiness‚Äč.

Intensive Driving Course Myths

"Intensive driving courses guarantee a pass"

While these courses provide focused training, they do not guarantee a pass. Success depends on personal preparedness and confidence‚Äč‚Äč. Anyone guranteeing you will pass is giving you a false statement.

"Intensive driving courses are only for beginners"

These courses are beneficial for all types of learners, including experienced drivers, and can enhance driving skills or prepare for tests in a shorter time frame‚Äč‚Äč. Beginner drivers are often better suitors for an intensive course as they can learn from best principles from their instructors.

"Intensive driving courses are more expensive than regular driving lessons"

The cost varies depending on the provider and location. They can be cost-effective in the long run due to fewer lessons needed overall‚Äč‚Äč. And weekly lessons has more “phantom costs” such as change of instructor, frequent cancellations and disruptions.

"Intensive driving courses are unsafe"

These courses are not more risky than traditional learning programs. More driving sessions in a short period of time can build confidence and driving skills more quickly, potentially enhancing safety‚Äč‚Äč.

"Intensive driving courses are not recognised"

These courses are recognised and accepted by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), just like traditional driving lessons‚Äč‚Äč.

"Intensive courses are a shortcut to getting your license"

These courses are not a ‘shortcut’ but a different method of learning. They require the same level of skill and knowledge to pass the test‚Äč‚Äč but the structure is different.

"Anyone can take an intensive driving course"

Not everyone is suited for these courses. Factors like personal schedules, stress, and anxiety levels should be considered before enrolling‚Äč‚Äč.

"Intensive courses don't provide enough driving experience"

Intensive course participants often get as much or more experience behind the wheel compared to those in regular hourly lessons‚Äč‚Äč. There is usually less brief & debriefs inbetween each lesson too.

"The pass rate for intensive courses is low"

Many intensive courses actually have higher pass rates due to the recency and intensity of training before the test‚Äč‚Äč which boosts any candidates’ chance of passing.

"You have to wait a long time to get a test after an intensive course"

The delay in test comes down to many factors. If you are fully flexible, willing to travel and don’t need as many training, you will be one of the candidates to experience getting a test sooner than others.