Bronze 15 | 15 Hour Driving Course

Are you looking to pass your driving test quickly? Are you needing to get driving for work? College or to improve your social life?


By taking an intensive driving course you can be sure to get on the road in no-time.


Our Bronze-15 is a staple course for experienced drivers with 35+ hours of lessons, who are confident behind the wheel but who may need a little extra help when it comes to passing their driving test on the first go.


Note: All courses can vary in length. Intensive courses may vary in length depending on learner or instructor availability.








    Who Would Need This Course?

    Our Bronze 15 course can help any experienced learner who needs that little ‘extra’ confidence-building with manoeuvres and of course the driving test itself.


    This course is great for students who have previously attempted a driving test, who may lack in confidence but are generally confident behind the wheel.


    This course is suitable for the following candidates:

    1. Pupils who have failed multiple tests
    2. Pupils who have had their licence revoked and have not driven in a considerable amount of time
    3. Pupils who are confident with driving but suffer from nerves and anxiety
    4. International students who have little manual driving experience
    5. Pupils who have not driven in the past 6 months but who have had more than 40+ hours of tuition

    Still unsure? Read the reviews of learners who chose us!

    How The Course Is Planned...

    Our Bronze 15 course is usually planned by your instructor or around the time & date of a booked practical test.


    Once a date is confirmed, you can expect your driving instructor to book your training prior to the test date or sometime before.


    For candidates who haven’t passed their theory test – we advise, that the course itself will be booked once a practical date has been secured and the hours confirmed with your driving instructor.


    This course is could be considered more of an upgrade from our Bronze 10 course, as the extra 5 hours will help cram more training in. Training sessions can vary and are usually booked


    If throughout your course, your driving instructor deems you are not ready for a test, they would advise having more additional training to ensure you’re test standard.

    Student Case Study #1

    Phillip is an international student on a work placement from the USA. He has an automatic licence in the states and has had 10 hours of manual driving lessons in the UK.


    He needs more experience in a manual car and to also become familiar with driving on the left-hand side of the road.


    During his 15-hour intensive driving course, Phillip will cover the DVSA’s syllabus and amend any bad habits that he may have. Whilst mastering manual transmission and preparing for a UK driving test.


    As Philip has had some driving lessons in a manual we believe that this course is ideal for his needs. Although he has had some training in a manual car, he will need time to adapt to using clutch control to manoeuvre the car too.

    Student Case Study #2

    Linda passed her test 20 years ago. Unfortunately, she lost her licence soon after. After 20 years, Linda has decided to have some training to be able to pass her test again.


    She plans on doing 10+ hours of private practice with her husband prior to her intensive driving course.


    We believe our Bronze 15 course is suitable for Linda.


    As she is also driving with her husband, Linda will master the controls of the car and will be ready for her intensive driving course which will focus on her bad habits, manoeuvres and new test procedures.


    If Linda wasn’t planning on doing private practice with her husband we would recommend the Silver-20 course.

    Not Sure If This Course is Right For You?

    If you believe you will need more training due to nerves or struggles with learning then we would advise our Silver 20-hour course. You can find out more about it here.


    This course is not suitable for learner drivers who have not yet achieved practice on the level three syllabus.


    If you haven’t had experience on the level 3 syllabus then we advise looking at the Silver 20 or Silver 25-hour driving courses!


    Note: All courses are flexible, please be advised that we aim for 5 hours of training (but this is only a guide) but this can be flexible due to our driving instructors diaries and pupil commitments. Please be advised that

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