Terms & Conditions


By reading these terms and conditions you the course “booker” or course “receiver” abide by these terms and conditions. You understand by booking a driving course with LPOD Academy you acknowledge and abide by all the terms and conditions set out. Please use our table of contents below for easy viewing.


By booking an intensive driving course with LPOD Academy you are entering a contract with LPOD Academy to arrange an intensive driving course with a driving instructor, for yourself or for a nominated candidate to undertake the driving course if the party who purchased the course isn’t the one who is benefiting. The nominated learner driver is only responsible for all communications throughout the course process.


Due to data protection and GDPR. LPOD Academy can only discuss matters directly with the course candidate directly, unless it has been stated that the course booker has agreed to communicate on behalf of the course booker. If issues arise with driving instructors LPOD Academy can only communicate with the course recipient / the course receiver. Not the person who booked the course on behalf of the recipient, unless stated otherwise.


Course hours are flexible and are to be agreed upon between student and instructor once the instructor has been allocated. The course candidate is aware that they are entering an agreement with the driving instructor also. And is in agreement and understands those terms and conditions set out by their instructor. Please visit sub-heading 4: Course Contract.


The term ‘intensive’ (or any other terms associated) used in our course descriptions & advertising material is meant to convey the option of a condensed and accelerated learning schedule, which typically spans a period ranging from 1 to 8 weeks. It is important to recognise that the term(s) ‘intensive’, ‘crash’ or any other term associated, is a flexible term and not indicative of a uniform duration or specific format for all courses. While many associate the term ‘intensive’ with a one-week format, two-week format, test at the end etc. Our courses are not confined to this timeframe and may extend for longer periods of time if deemed beneficial for the learner.


We stress that the actual length and structure of an intensive course are determined by a range of factors, including but not limited to the learner’s availability, learning pace, instructor assessment, and any external constraints. Each course is tailored to serve the learner’s best interests and optimal learning outcomes. Consequently, no course booking is bound by a customer’s subjective interpretation of what constitutes an ‘intensive’ course.


Where a typical intensive schedule is not practical or preferred, the course arrangement will be subject to a mutual agreement between the learner and the instructor, ensuring flexibility to accommodate individual needs and circumstances. By enrolling in a course with us, you acknowledge this interpretive flexibility and agree to collaborate with your instructor to establish a course plan that is most conducive to your learning success.


LPOD Academy will always default to delivering courses quickly but any circumstance where the agreed lesson plan with all parties is set is satisfactory to the expectation of our service. It’s at the discretion of the course booker/course receiver to understand courses can vary in length upon booking a course.


LPOD Academy also reserves the right to modify & update these terms and conditions at any time. These terms and conditions will apply to preexisting bookings and future bookings made with LPOD Academy. These terms and conditions are updated in line with updated procedures and expectations. LPOD Academy reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions during uncertain times (E.g. COVID-19) and make any necessary changes.


Table Of Contents:



1. Expectations & General Information On Booking An Intensive Course


2. Course Cancellation Policy


3. Course Balance Payment


4. Course Contract


5. Complaints


6. Medical


7. Driving Retest Policy


8. Practical Driving Test & Cancellations


9. Course Booking Confirmation


10. Theory Test Appointments & Course Information


11. Driving Test Bookings & Confirmation


12. Driving Instructors


13. Your Obligations



Expectations & General Information On Booking An Intensive Course



By booking an intensive driving course with LPOD Academy, you are entering into a contractual agreement directly with your allocated driving instructor. This contract encompasses all aspects of the course delivery, including but not limited to communication protocols, scheduling of hours, arranging tests, payment procedures, and all other processes involved in the execution of the course. This agreement is equally binding for the individual who makes the booking (the “booker”) and the individual who receives the course (the “recipient”).


All driving instructors collaborating with LPOD Academy are self-employed, independent professionals governed by the standards and regulations of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in the UK. LPOD Academy facilitates access to specialised intensive driving courses across the UK, offered by these instructors. The term ‘intensive’ is indicative of a course designed to be completed within a relatively short timeframe, although the exact duration may vary based on individual circumstances and requirements.


The final schedule and execution of driving lessons are subject to the mutual discretion and agreement of both the assigned instructor and the learner. This ensures that each course is customized to the learner’s needs, and provides flexibility to adapt to any unique situations that may arise during the course.


By proceeding with a course booking through LPOD Academy, you acknowledge and accept these terms of engagement, confirming your understanding of the collaborative and adaptive nature of the intensive driving course arrangement.



LPOD Academy is a booking agency whereby we match pupils with driving instructors for intensive driving courses. We act in the interest of the driving instructor and the pupil (learner driver). The booking deposit is payable upon booking a course.



Upon payment of the booking deposit and confirmation of the match between the pupil and the driving instructor, the booking is deemed final. At this point, the deposit becomes non-refundable to the pupil or the individual who paid for the booking. Should there be a need to request a different instructor, a new location, or a change in the type of transmission, such modifications will necessitate the cancellation of the original booking.


To accommodate these changes, a new booking must be made, and any alterations from the initial booking will be treated as a new transaction. This includes, but is not limited to, changes to the instructor, location, type of transmission, or any other substantive aspect of the booking. By making the initial deposit, you agree to these terms, acknowledging that any significant change to the original booking arrangement will require a new booking process and the forfeiture of the original deposit.



LPOD Academy endeavours to allocate instructors for all course bookings within a fortnight of the initial reservation. Please note that the provisional start date you select serves only as an indication of your preference and is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to propose an alternative start date should your preferred date be unavailable.


It is important to understand that if a mutual agreement on the start date cannot be reached, this does not constitute grounds for cancellation of the course. Instead, an alternative start date will be offered to you at the earliest opportunity.



If we are unable to allocate an instructor for your course (excluding instances where dates cannot be agreed upon), you are entitled to request a refund. This refund will be processed using the original payment method used for the deposit and will be returned to the person who made the initial payment.


Please be advised to refrain from arranging time off work until you have received confirmation of your course start date directly from your driving instructor’s schedule. LPOD Academy cannot be held liable for any loss of holiday time or inconvenience resulting from a course beginning later than your indicated preference.



When you book a course with LPOD Academy you are aware of the service you are booking onto. When we organise courses, it refers to training being delivered in a short amount of time (which can vary) and this isn’t “weekly lessons” or “hourly lessons” as they are referred to in traditional learning to drive methods.



LPOD Academy shall not be held responsible for unforeseen changes or external circumstances that may arise before, during, or after a booking has been confirmed. Course start dates and the scheduling of lessons are dependent on the mutual agreement between you and your assigned instructor. Moreover, test appointments for both theory and practical assessments are subject to availability and may not align with preferred dates; these could be scheduled at any time during the course duration.


Additionally, the length and structure of training are variable and influenced by factors including, but not limited to, the instructor’s discretion, availability of test slots, and third-party influences, such as governmental actions (for instance, lockdowns).


In the event of force majeure—such as natural disasters, wars, acts of terrorism, epidemics, pandemics, governmental actions, or any other situations beyond our reasonable control—neither LPOD Academy nor the instructors shall be liable for delays, changes, or cancellations resulting from such events.



Upon payment of the deposit, your course will be activated with a validity period of six months (6 Months). Within this time frame, you, as the course booker or recipient, must complete your driving training. Should you fail to utilise the entirety or part of your allocated training hours within this six-month period, your course will be deemed complete, and you will be required to arrange a new booking for further instruction.

Please note that any training hours that remain unused after this period, whether wholly or in part, are not eligible for a refund by the driving instructor. Additionally, ancillary services, including the arrangement and administration of test bookings, theory, practical test, cancellation search etc, will also be concluded once the course is marked as complete after the six-month duration.



Any amendments to any course booking must be given in writing to customercare@lpodacademy.co.uk and we can’t accept changes on the phone. If you have a query please call, but we will always revert you to email to make changes to your course booking. This includes change, of course, hours, pick-up address, and test dates.



The scheduling of your course hours will be arranged within standard working hours, which are the basis for our listed pricing. Should you request to have sessions during hours considered outside of the normal working day, please be aware that your instructor may charge an additional fee. This surcharge corresponds to the elevated rates applicable for training during these unsociable hours and will be in addition to the standard course fee agreed upon.



If the remaining course payment isn’t received 28 days prior to the course start date, the course will be cancelled and the full course is still chargeable. Unless you have consent from your driving instructor stating they are happy to waiver the 28 day payment deadline.



No course booking can be transferred to another student, location, or driving instructor once an agreement between the driving instructor and pupil has been made.



Where the pupil is managing their own theory and practical test appointment all course hours will be booked and delivered within 6 months of course booking. If 6 months lapses, the course will be deemed fulfilled and complete. No course booking can be transferred to another student, location or driving instructor once a course has been matched.



Where a candidate has their own test appointment, LPOD Academy reserves the right not to fulfil this appointment and requests a change of driving test to a later date. If changing the test appointment isn’t allowed, the course candidate waivers the right to cancel the course.



Pending costs on the website are expected costs and not guaranteed costs. Prices are based upon local averages. Where our regular instructors are not available, LPOD Academy will seek an alternative driving instructor but the pending course cost may be higher or lower.



No course booking is subject to pupils passing a theory test. If a pupil requests to delay the start of their course due to not passing their theory test, the course will be delivered within 6 months from the point of booking. LPOD Academy reserves the right to cancel the course if the student is unwilling to agree to start date with an instructor.



By booking an intensive driving course with LPOD Academy you agree to allow LPOD Academy to find you an instructor to conduct an intensive driving course.



Training sessions will typically commence from the pick-up location specified at the time of booking, unless an alternative has been arranged. Should you require a different pick-up point that necessitates additional travel time, this time may be deducted from the total course hours, provided your assigned driving instructor agrees to the change.


Candidates and instructors are encouraged to discuss and agree upon the most convenient pick-up locations prior to starting the course or at any point during the training. Changes to the pick-up location are subject to the instructor’s approval and can be accommodated if both parties are in agreement.



By securing a course with LPOD Academy, you consent to abide by our terms and conditions. Once we have provided the details of a suitable driving instructor for your course, our obligation is considered fulfilled. Beyond this point, our role extends to managing the test components associated with your course.


In the event that an instructor is not immediately available or unable to schedule your training, we will endeavor to find a suitable alternative. However, please be aware that during this process, pricing is subject to change, and we cannot guarantee that the alternative arrangements will include home pick-up.



If you live more than 7 miles from the centre of a major town or city, or more than 7 miles from a DVSA practical driving test centre, LPOD Academy will offer a suitable course with one of our driving instructors. If you require home pick-up ONLY, you agree to additional costs if the instructor is unwilling to travel to your home destination. Additional charges apply.



LPOD Academy expects timely and responsive communication from course candidates or those who have booked a course. Should we experience a prolonged period of no contact from the candidate or booker, we reserve the right to consider the booking as abandoned without the necessity to notify the candidate of this action. If the candidate re-establishes contact after the booking has been marked as such, they will be required to initiate a new booking to proceed with a course.



Any form of abusive behavior directed towards LPOD Academy or one of our driving instructors through any means of communication will result in the immediate termination of your booking. In such cases, the deposit is non-refundable, and the instructor has the discretion to charge for lessons without delivering them.

We take incidents of abuse very seriously and expect all candidates, as well as anyone associated with the candidate’s booking (including family, friends, colleagues, or any individuals connected to the booking), to treat our staff and instructors with the utmost respect and courtesy.



Our Course Continuation Fee of £200 provides an option for candidates whose course has either expired after the six-month period or has been removed due to a lapse in communication. Paying this fee will reactivate the candidate’s booking for an additional six months.


Course Cancellation Policy



Upon confirmation of a booking with an assigned driving instructor, the deposit becomes non-refundable, and our service is considered fulfilled. In the event that mutually agreeable lesson dates for an intensive course cannot be established, the cancellation policy remains in effect, and the course is deemed to be ongoing. A refund of the deposit is available within 14 days of the initial booking; please submit this request via email at customercare@lpodacademy.co.uk. After the 14-day period, you acknowledge that the deposit is non-refundable. Candidates who have not passed their theory test and choose not to commence their practical course within 6 months will also forfeit their deposit.



Should LPOD Academy be unable to allocate an instructor for your course, we will issue a refund of the deposit via the original payment method. Refunds will not be processed through any alternate payment methods or to different individuals.



If a course is voluntarily cancelled by the candidate for any reason not covered by specific exceptions detailed later in these terms, the deposit will not be refunded. Cancellations made within 4 weeks of the scheduled course start date may result in the full course fee being due. The candidate is required to inform the assigned instructor directly regarding any cancellations, and the instructor may seek payment or legal recourse for late cancellations.



LPOD Academy and our driving instructors are not responsible for accommodating cancellations or course rearrangements due to changes in personal circumstances, such as and not limited to holidays, illness, or work commitments. The full cost of the course remains payable, subject to the instructor’s discretion.



LPOD Academy establishes terms to protect both instructors and learners. Our instructors retain the right to enforce their own terms and conditions. Non-compliance with an instructor’s terms may result in LPOD Academy intervening to uphold those terms on the instructor’s behalf.



LPOD Academy reserves the right to cancel any intensive course and consider it completed if any of our terms and conditions are breached. In such instances, all deposits and any pending balances will be non-refundable. Should there be any outstanding payments, we will seek to collect the full amount due.



A request to alter the original start date of your course is equivalent to a course cancellation. Rescheduling is subject to the availability and agreement of your driving instructor. If the instructor cannot accommodate a new start date, our cancellation policy will apply, and you will need to book a new course, including payment of a new deposit to LPOD Academy.



LPOD Academy recognises that extreme situations may necessitate course cancellation. Under such conditions, a refund of the deposit may be considered:

  • Severe Illness: A valid medical certificate from a GP or medical institution is required.
  • Bereavement: Official documentation, such as a coroner’s report, must be submitted.

These documents should be provided via email. Please note, LPOD Academy cannot facilitate the retrieval of funds already paid to an instructor. The amount that get’s refunded is also at the discretion of LPOD Academy as time and resources have been used in carrying out duties. Direct communication with the instructor is essential in these circumstances.



Refunds on any booking, whether partial or full, incur an administration charge of £200 to cover processing costs. Additionally, if you choose to retain any scheduled tests post-refund, charges of £40 for a theory test and £100 for a practical test will be retained. Should the test subsequently be canceled by the candidate, the fees will not be reimbursed and will be forfeited to LPOD Academy. We advise rescheduling tests to avoid unnecessary costs.



LPOD Academy reserves the right to cancel any course at its discretion. In the rare event that a cancellation is initiated by us, we will refund any outstanding deposits. However, LPOD Academy accepts no liability for any consequential losses incurred due to such cancellations.


Course Balance Payment



The outstanding balance for your course must be settled at least 28 days before the scheduled start date. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your course by your driving instructor, and you will remain liable for the full course fee. Prompt payment is essential.

Should your driving instructor agree to accept full or partial payment earlier than the stipulated 28 days, such arrangements are also permissible, provided direct consent from the instructor has been obtained.



Courses will not commence until all payments have been fully cleared. If payment is delayed, the lessons scheduled in the instructor’s diary will count as delivered. There will be no compensatory lessons for missed hours due to late payment. An administrative fee of £200 will be charged for late payments. Non-payment may necessitate rescheduling of course dates, for which neither the instructor nor LPOD Academy will be held responsible.



In instances where payment disputes arise, non-clearance of cheques, or failure to comply with our terms, we will support our self-employed instructors in recovering lost earnings through debt collection agencies or small claims court. Timely settlement of course fees is vital due to the nature of our industry.



For courses beginning within four weeks of booking, immediate payment of the remaining balance is required. Non-compliance will lead to cancellation, with the instructor entitled to claim any outstanding amounts, assisted by LPOD Academy.



External circumstances, whether related to the instructor, government policies, environmental issues, or candidate circumstances, do not exempt the candidate from the obligation to pay the remaining course fee. Payments are due as scheduled, regardless of when the actual training might occur.



If the learner and instructor are unable to agree on a course plan, the outstanding payment remains due. All parties are urged to reach a consensus on a suitable start date.



LPOD Academy will not be responsible for private agreements between instructors and students. Candidates aged 17 must pay the full course fee 28 days before their start date; otherwise, the course will be cancelled. This condition safeguards instructors due to minors’ limited legal capacity to enter contracts.



Failure to make payment within the designated period will result in a £200 administrative charge being added to the final course fee. An invoice for the course balance will be issued by LPOD Academy, which must be paid within 7 days of receipt. An additional £100 late fee will be levied if payment is not received within this timeframe, and we reserve the right to apply a 4% banking fee on all invoices for overdue balances.



We understand that payments can sometimes be inadvertently missed. We will contact you on behalf of your driving instructor to remind you of any due balance. Should we not receive a response within 24 hours, a £100 administrative fee will be chargeable to you, in addition to the remaining balance due to the driving instructor.



When you make any payments to your instructor directly, whether with cash or via bank transfer, that transaction is strictly between you and the independent instructor associated with our brand. However, should any issues arise that leave you dissatisfied, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are committed to providing assistance and working towards a satisfactory resolution.


It is your right to request and receive a receipt for any cash transactions, just as you would from any retail store or service provider. We urge you to secure a receipt from your instructor at the time of payment. If you have not received a receipt within 48 hours following your initial lesson, please notify us in writing promptly. Upon receiving your communication, we will act on your behalf to ensure your instructor issues the necessary documentation.


Please be aware that LPOD Academy is not responsible for overseeing the private financial transactions between you and your instructor.


Should there be complications in obtaining a refund for payments made via cash or bank transfer to your instructor, LPOD Academy is here to offer support and intervention where possible. However, if our efforts do not result in the recovery of your funds, we may direct you to appropriate channels for filing a claim against the instructor in question.


For complaints that we deem severe, we may advise you to escalate the matter to the DVSA – the body responsible for regulating driving instructors. With your consent, we could also engage with the DVSA to seek their perspective on the issue.


It is important to note that any grievances related to payments made directly to your driving instructor should be addressed to them as they are self-employed entities, not to LPOD Academy as a whole.


Course Contract 



The contract that we are creating is between the course receiver and a driving instructor. Once all courses have been confirmed with the course receiver and driving instructor, the course booked / course recipient is bound to these terms and conditions.



The course booker and payer is liable to provide all course booking details of the course receiver and all methods of contact of the course receiver. This includes email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and full address(s). LPOD Academy cannot be held responsible for any course bookings if details have not been given or are incorrect.



All pupils must adhere to these terms and conditions. In the eventuality of booking a course for a family member or friend, if they are unaware of the course due to being a birthday present or alike, then the course responsibility resides with the course booker and deposit payer. LPOD Academy should be notified upon booking if this is the case. We can’t be held responsible for course receivers not being made aware of their course booking.



If the course receiver is uncontactable the contract remains with the course booker/deposit payer. Any outstanding monies and course balances will be the responsibility of the course booker/deposit payer. Please refer to previous payment terms.



Once the course receiver or booker (in the event of a present) has agreed to the course start dates and times with the appointed driving instructor they will become liable for the remaining course balance. If the course receiver is 17 years old, the course booking contract is between course booker/deposit payer and the remaining course balance is payable 28 days prior to the start date of the course by the original course booker and deposit payer. Please refer to our previous terms and conditions.



If the pupil is under 18 years of age: the remaining payment must be settled 28 weeks prior to the start of the course. This is due to being under eighteen years of age. If payment is not received 4 weeks before the course start date, the course will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.

If payment is not received or clear at the start of the course, the driving course will not commence and the full course will be chargeable.



In the eventuality, the course candidate does not reply or show signs of clear communication to LPOD Academy or to their allocated instructor. They understand that their deposit is non-refundable and is marked as completed. If a course is allocated to an instructor and the instructor reports failure of communication from the course booker/course recipient the course is deemed cancelled and the deposit is non-refundable. LPOD Academy will send a 7-day termination notice in the eventuality of this situation occurring.



Home pick-up is NOT guaranteed as part of your intensive driving course package. Although we aim to match most courses for home pick-up some locations may not be covered. An alternative plan will be given. This may mean travelling to an agreed meeting point or you the candidate, would have to consider additional costs included for travel such as taxis/train/uber.



Once matched and agreed, the final agreed payment is due to the driving instructor no later than 28 days prior to your agreed start date.



Where restrictions apply, you agree to LPOD Academy offering 3 solutions for your intensive course booking. Please see the notes section below these terms and conditions.



By booking a course with LPOD Academy you are securing training with an instructor and agree to the aforementioned price changes if this is required. Courses are not subject to driving test dates and times.



LPOD Academy will act in your best interests to secure you the best deal for your intensive driving course. However, this is not subject to date only courses, home pick-up only courses and website price only courses, and quick driving test date only courses. Sometimes conditions make it impossible to fulfil our duties so we reserve the right to accept no requests for deposit refunds if we are unable to match your set conditions and criteria.



If you have completed the original amount of course hours with your allocated instructor, and your instructor offers additional training. This falls within the contract of your instructor and not LPOD Academy. LPOD Academy has no responsibility in how additional training, arranged outside of our knowledge or original booking to how it’s delivered. All queries regarding the delivery, communication, quality and any other aspect of the additional training, is between you and your instructor solely.



Any training that gets organised / arranged outside of the original booked amount of hours between their instructor and the candidate. LPOD Academy is not liable for any agreements outside the original booking. Candidates and course booker are aware that they are responsible for all arrangements, payment terms, quality assurance is to be all dealt with the instructor who they are booking from. LPOD Academy can only advise, if a candidate has a query in this situation.



LPOD Academy values transparency and effective communication throughout the course journey. When a driving instructor provides training dates, it is the learner’s responsibility to review and confirm these dates promptly. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we strive to accommodate reasonable requests for adjustments to the schedule. However, it is essential to highlight the principle of acquiescence in such cases.


If a learner acquiesces to the provided training dates initially but subsequently expresses discontent or seeks changes later on, they are encouraged to bring up any past agreements or concerns directly with their driving instructor. The driving instructor will work with the learner to reach an amicable resolution, keeping in mind the learner’s best interests and course progress.



In any training sessions, it’s normal for learners and instructors to chat about various topics beyond driving. This happens because of the unique circumstances that arise from learner and instructor learning environments. However, we understand that learning is the main focus.


If you ever feel that too much casual conversation is affecting your learning, it’s okay to talk to your instructor about it first, before submitting a complaint with us. We want to make sure your lessons are effective and meet your needs. Your instructor will work with you to find the right balance between friendly conversation and focused driving instruction.



We understand the importance of effective communication between learners and instructors during the course of your driving lessons. However, there may be occasions when your allocated instructor takes a bit longer than usual to respond to your messages.


We want to emphasise that instructors, like all of us, are human, and unforeseen personal circumstances can sometimes arise unexpectedly. When this occurs, instructors may need to attend to personal responsibilities, which may temporarily affect their response times.


Please be assured that it is not the instructor’s intention to cause disruption or uncertainty in your learning process. We kindly request that you exercise understanding and forbearance during such circumstances.



By booking an intensive driving course with LPOD Academy, you acknowledge that you may be arranging time away from other commitments, such as employment, child-care, education or any other day to day responsibilities, to undertake this training. While we strive to adhere to the agreed-upon schedule, the inherently unpredictable nature of driving instruction can lead to unexpected changes. Circumstances such as instructor availability, vehicle maintenance issues, or other unforeseen events may necessitate alterations to your course schedule.


LPOD Academy, along with its driving instructors, bears no liability for any form of loss or inconvenience incurred as a result of such scheduling changes. This includes, but is not limited to, lost wages, time, or other personal or professional disruptions.


We understand the commitment you are making and the potential impact of any schedule changes. As such, we will make all reasonable efforts to minimise disruptions and to communicate any necessary changes to you promptly. We also endeavour to reschedule any missed or delayed portions of the course at the earliest convenience, within the parameters of our operational capacity.


By agreeing to these terms, you accept that LPOD Academy and its instructors will not be held responsible for any costs or damages arising from course schedule changes due to the dynamic nature of the driving industry and associated risks.





It is imperative that any concerns or issues arising during your course are communicated to us at the earliest opportunity. Early detection and prompt dialogue are key to effectively addressing and resolving any discrepancies or grievances between pupils and instructors. We strongly encourage you to report the initial occurrence of any problem within 48 hours to allow us to provide appropriate guidance and intervention.


Please be advised that failure to inform LPOD Academy of such incidents within the specified 48-hour window may significantly limit our capacity to offer support and assistance. To ensure your concerns are duly logged and actioned, we require all reports of complaints or issues to be submitted in writing to customercare@lpodacademy.co.uk as soon as they arise.


We wish to highlight that once a course has concluded, LPOD Academy will not be accountable for addressing any complaints pertaining to course execution or disagreements with driving instructors if these issues were not reported in accordance with the above procedure.



We encourage you to address any concerns or complaints about your driving instructor directly with them in the first instance. This initial step is crucial, as it often leads to a swift resolution, with many issues stemming from simple misunderstandings.


However, should direct dialogue not yield a satisfactory outcome, we invite you to escalate the matter to us at LPOD Academy. Please convey your concerns via email to customercare@lpodacademy.co.uk. In line with our commitment to fairness and impartiality, we will adopt a neutral stance and act as an intermediary to mediate the dispute.


Our process for handling complaints is meticulous and conducted exclusively through email correspondence to ensure both efficiency and a documented trail of communication. Upon receipt of a complaint, we will reach out to both parties involved — the learner and the instructor — to gather comprehensive accounts of the situation. This approach enables us to manage and resolve disputes expediently and equitably for all parties concerned.



In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our internal privacy protocols, LPOD Academy requires that all complaints be formally submitted in writing via email. This ensures confidentiality and a clear record of all correspondences.


Should you encounter any issues regarding your course or the conduct of your driving instructor, please report the matter immediately by emailing customercare@lpodacademy.co.uk. Timely notification of any incidents is essential for a prompt response and resolution.


Please be aware that LPOD Academy is bound by GDPR to uphold privacy; therefore, discussions about the course or instructors cannot be held with third parties. Any allegations of professional misconduct involving an instructor should be directly reported in writing to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or Trading Standards for further investigation.


Our commitment to confidentiality is dual-fold: we aim to protect both the privacy rights of our pupils and the professional integrity of our affiliated driving instructors. This policy is in place to ensure a fair and responsible handling of all complaints, maintaining respect for the privacy of all individuals involved.



While LPOD Academy takes all complaints seriously and endeavours to provide a fair resolution process, it’s important to note that we do not have direct authority over the conduct of individual driving instructors. The regulatory authority for overseeing and addressing concerns related to instructor conduct is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).


If you believe that your complaint pertains to the professional conduct or behaviour of your driving instructor, we recommend that you submit your complaint directly to the DVSA. They possess the necessary jurisdiction and expertise to investigate and manage such matters comprehensively.


Our commitment to confidentiality and data protection regulations also necessitates that complaints concerning instructor conduct are addressed through the appropriate channels. We appreciate your understanding in this regard and remain committed to assisting with any other course-related concerns to the best of our ability.


For any other course-related complaints, please continue to follow our internal complaint procedure, as outlined in our previous terms.



In the event that, after a thorough review of complaints from both the learner and the driving instructor, no mutually agreeable resolution can be reached, the candidate may inquire about the termination of their contractual relationship with the instructor.


LPOD Academy recognises the importance of a harmonious learning environment and understands that in rare cases, it may be necessary to dissolve the teaching relationship. In such situations, the responsibility lies with both the learner and the instructor to come to a consensus on closing the booking in a manner that is fair and equitable to both parties.


To initiate this process, the learner should submit a formal request to LPOD Academy. We will then facilitate a final meeting or communication between the learner and instructor to negotiate the terms of the contract termination. It is imperative that both parties agree on the terms to ensure a smooth and respectful closure.


Our role in this process is to support both the learner and the instructor in reaching an agreement that considers the interests of both parties and adheres to the principles of fairness and professionalism. If an agreement to terminate the relationship is reached, LPOD Academy will assist in the administrative closure of the booking and ensure that any agreed full or partial refunds (as outlined in the agreement) are processed in accordance with our terms and conditions.


Should the learner and the instructor be unable to agree on terminating the contract, LPOD Academy will provide further guidance on the next steps available, which may include mediation or referral to an external dispute resolution service.


We encourage both learners and instructors to approach this process with an open mind and a commitment to resolving matters amicably, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of a satisfactory learning experience.



Upon agreeing to the training schedule proposed by your instructor and subsequently participating in the lesson(s), you are considered to have accepted the schedule in principle and practice. It is your responsibility to review and consent to the proposed schedule prior to commencement of any lessons. By actively engaging in the training, you affirm that the schedule meets your requirements and availability.


Should you choose to raise concerns or express dissatisfaction with the agreed-upon schedule after having participated in the lesson(s), please be advised that LPOD Academy maintains a policy that such retrospective objections will not be upheld. The rationale for this policy is grounded in the principle of good faith and the logistical complexities involved in arranging intensive driving courses.


Your acceptance and partaking of the lessons are tantamount to your endorsement of the schedule. This precludes any subsequent claims of dissatisfaction with the schedule once lessons have been delivered. We encourage open communication prior to lesson engagement to ensure clarity and mutual satisfaction with the course plan.


By enrolling in our course, you acknowledge this term and waive the right to contest the agreed lesson schedule following participation in the training provided by your instructor. This ensures fairness and operational integrity while allowing us to maintain high standards of service and efficiency for all candidates.





You the course receiver are bound to the DVSA’s health and eyesight responsibilities. If your health or eyesight changes since your application for the provisional driving licence, you should notify the DVLA immediately.



You must be able to read a number plate 20 metres away. The course is still chargeable if you are unable to read the required distance at the start of your course.



You are responsible for the use of any medication whilst driving. You must disclose any meds to your driving instructor and upon request, any Dr’s note to state you are fit to drive. If the driving instructor is in doubt of your ability under the influence of drugs/alcohol/prescription drugs your course will be cancelled and all training and fees will still be applicable.



In the eventuality of hospitalisation, you must disclose this Asap. If during your course, you are hospitalised it is at the discretion of the driving instructor if you will be offered alternative training days. Although we appreciate the circumstances that may arise, this will be dealt with in a per-basis situation. Ultimately, it is at the discretion of the driving instructor whether you will be still charged for your course.



You must disclose at the time of booking any health conditions that may affect your ability to drive safely and responsibly. These include asthma, heart problems, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, depression, bi-polar, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, anxiety, absence seizures, eating disorders, head injury, heart attacks, high and low blood pressure, surgery, sleep disorders, loss of eyesight, partially or in one or both eyes, pregnancy.


If these are not disclosed at the time of booking, LPOD Academy can’t take responsibility for any eventualities that may arise due to these health conditions. Nor your driving instructor. We reserve the right to cancel the course with immediate effect if your driving instructor comes to believe you are not medically fit to drive, whether short-term (day of the lesson) or long term. All driving instructors must exercise a duty of care when it comes to the safe provision of driving lessons.



Sleep disorders. It is your responsibility to disclose any sleep disorders to your driving instructor. If you are unaware of your sleep disorder – and your driving instructor believes you are not fit to drive. That day’s training will be cancelled, and it shall be at the discretion of your driving instructor whether you will be able to reschedule or lose your training that day.



If you are affected by conditions such as anxiety, depression, or panic attacks, it is imperative that you inform us at the time of booking. LPOD Academy acknowledges that intensive driving courses may not be well-suited to pupils with anxiety-related illnesses, and we offer this guidance in your best interest. By proceeding with your course booking, you are accepting responsibility for your decision, understanding our advice against an intensive driving course for anxious individuals.


In the event of anxious behaviour, panic attacks, or erratic driving during your course, your driving instructor retains the right to cancel the course, and the full course cost will be chargeable. If you have not disclosed your condition at the time of booking, you will still be liable for course fees in the event of course cancellation, whether it occurs prior to or during your course. Sharing this information about your medical history is vital for our driving instructors to provide the best possible service.


Should you decide to cancel the remaining course hours due to anxious behaviour, erratic driving, or fear during your course, the full course cost will remain chargeable, and any remaining course balance or training sessions will be forfeited.



Harassment of our driving instructors. If our driving instructors are abused, bullied, or threatened verbally, or physically, we reserve the right to cancel your course and take the appropriate action to support the driving instructor in the event of proceeding legal or civil action. All courses are logged, and any disputes with driving instructors will only be dealt with via email at customercare@lpodacademy.co.uk



In the unfortunate event that you suffer a broken limb, please inform us immediately about your condition. It is crucial to your safety and the safety of others that you are fully fit to drive. Therefore, if you are rendered unfit to drive due to a broken limb, your driving instructor has the authority to discontinue your course. In such cases, the course will be considered complete or cancelled.


Please be reminded of Term 2.8: Should you need to cancel your course due to extreme circumstances, such as a broken limb, LPOD Academy may offer a refund of the deposit under specific conditions (In this case a medical note). However, if you have already compensated the driving instructor directly, then you would also need to inform the instructor too. LPOD Academy will keep communication between instructor and learner consistent in these eventualities.


It is important to notify us as soon as possible to discuss your options under our terms and conditions.



Alcohol/drugs misuse. If you are an alcohol-dependent person or have an addiction it is your responsibility to notify us at the point of booking. LPOD Academy reserves the right to cancel the course at any time. If your driving instructor believes that you are under the influence of banned drugs or prescription substances, they reserve the right to cancel the course with immediate effect.



If in the eventuality courses are postponed due to medical reasons (learner & instructor applicable) then LPOD Academy needs to be informed straightaway in order to seek out solutions for candidates’ / instructors’ affected. In this rare event, courses are to be continued at a later date until both parties recover from an injury. No refunds are given in this situation. If both candidate and instructor agree on alternative means, this is acceptable, as long as LPOD Academy are informed of how both parties would like to proceed.



Licence view permission. You must arrange to allow your driving instructor to view your driving licence online via an online permission link or in-person during meeting them on the first session. An image isn’t suitable.  This must be done prior to the start course date. If this has not been done, the course will be cancelled with immediate effect and will still be chargeable to the driving instructor.



Upon booking a course with LPOD Academy, it is imperative that all provided information is accurate and complete. If it is discovered that any details have been incorrectly represented or omitted at the time of booking, LPOD Academy retains the right to terminate the course. Should this occur after an instructor has been allocated and the course scheduling process has commenced, the full remaining cost of the course may be charged to the student.


Please note that the standard requirement for 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation is not applicable in cases where the course is cancelled due to the provision of inaccurate information by the student.


Driving Retest Policy



If your course includes a free retest, you will have proof of a retest on your confirmation booking email received by us. Typically, we will state “(retest eligible)” respective of the test type (theory and/or practical). A free retest only covers 1 driving test fee (either theory or practical) to whichever test is included in the booking. In only some situations will we not issue a free retest if certain conditions have been broken. Please refer down to view these conditions.



A free retest is also subject to promotional and seasonal offerings. We reserve the right to not offer a free retest at any time. To confirm we have this offer present, please get in touch with us either through email (test-bookings@lpodacademy.co.uk) or call a member of staff 0800 112 3515.



LPOD Academy will rebook a theory test appointment if the respective client fails their theory on the first attempt after providing photographic evidence of their theory test certificate failure. LPOD Academy does not take responsibility for ongoing cancellations or earlier dates.



LPOD Academy offers retests under specific conditions; however, retests will not be provided in the following instances:

  1. The candidate fails to attend their scheduled theory or practical test appointment.
  2. The candidate is late for their theory or practical test, resulting in denial of entry or cancellation of the test by the examining body.
  3. The candidate requests a change to their confirmed theory or practical test appointment within a time frame that falls under the DVSA’s non-refundable cancellation period.
  4. The assigned instructor determines that the candidate has not reached the required standard for taking the test.


Should a retest not be granted due to any of the above circumstances, LPOD Academy is willing to arrange a subsequent booking for the candidate. This service incurs a fee of £40 for theory tests and £100 for practical tests. The fee must be settled prior to arranging the new test appointment.



LPOD Academy is not responsible for organising or arranging any other training outside of your original course booking. We are also not liable for instructor availability. Due to instructors’ diaries being unpredictable, we advise you to arrange training with your allocated instructor or another instructor prior to your retest.



LPOD Academy will be the agent that books the candidate’s retest on their behalf for the earliest date available at the local test centre. If no test date is available, we will wait for the cancellation to arise.



Any retest (theory or practical) should be requested in writing within 7 days of a practical test or theory test fail. If this is not done, LPOD Academy reserves the right to cancel your free practice test. Please email test-bookings@lpodacademy.co.uk to rebook your test fee.



LPOD Academy offers a separate chargeable service which involves looking for cancellation and an earlier test date of £19.99 for preexisting learners and £29.99 for non-LPOD Academy students. Please email test-bookings@lpodacademy.co.uk for more information.



It is the responsibility of the candidate/course booker to attend, manage and look after their test booking. LPOD Academy cannot be held liable for lost test fees. The test fee will not be reimbursed if the test was cancelled.



Please be advised that the provision of a free retest applies only when the relevant test fee (theory and/or practical) is included as part of the course package booked with LPOD Academy. For instance, with the Gold 35 course, eligibility for a free retest is contingent upon whether the theory test fee and / or the practical test fee has been incorporated into the course booking through us. If you, the candidate, have independently arranged and paid for your own theory test, this arrangement precludes you from receiving a complimentary retest for the theory component under the terms of the course.


To reiterate, a free retest is included only when the test fees are directly integrated into the course purchased from LPOD Academy. Independent test bookings made by the candidate do not qualify for the free retest offer.


Practical Driving Test & Cancellations



LPOD Academy does not take any responsibility for the DVSA cancelling driving tests, nor the driving instructor’s car condition. If the test was refused due to the car’s condition, the driving instructor will be liable to cover the cost of the new driving test fee.



Please be aware that driving test appointments may be subject to cancellation for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Examiner illness
  • Examiner strikes
  • Vehicle mechanical issues
  • Driving instructor illness

It’s important to note that LPOD Academy is not responsible for test cancellations due to instructor illness or any other reason.

In the event that the DVSA cancels a driving test, they typically undertake the responsibility to reschedule it. As a candidate, you will be promptly informed of the new test date and time. You have the discretion to either accept or decline the rescheduled appointment proposed by the DVSA. We recommend reviewing the new test details carefully to ensure they fit with your schedule before making a decision.



When a test is booked the student is hiring the car for the driving test exam. In the event of an accident and the driving instructor’s car is not able to be used for the driving test, this liability lies with the learner driver. However, if 48 hours or less has been given, liability is with the driving instructor to cover new driving test costs.



If the DVSA cancels the driving test, any hours owing to the driving instructor will be chargeable. In this event, it is the learner’s responsibility to claim expenses back from the DVSA which can be found on any forwarded DVSA emails.



All driving instructors reserve the right to not take any learner to test in any circumstance. In the eventuality the learner is not competent/ready to sit a practical driving test, no driving instructor is obliged to take a learner to test. When you book a course initially, you understand that there is no guarantee of a driving instructor taking a candidate to test.



If the course booker/course recipient changes their own test without first consulting their instructor or LPOD Academy, they waive their right to sit that test with the instructor and management from LPOD Academy. You understand by changing your own test date, LPOD Academy removes their service and your course will be marked as completed.



In instances where the course booker/course recipient has personally arranged their test appointment, LPOD Academy maintains the right to reschedule the test date should the original appointment be unattainable. By enrolling in an LPOD Academy course, if the course booker/recipient has independently secured their own test, LPOD Academy retains the authority to make adjustments to the booking without requiring the learner’s prior consent. This is done to ensure the successful delivery of the intensive course and to accommodate any necessary modifications.



No cash refunds will be given on any part of the course deposit where any FREE tests have been agreed upon. If a test has been booked you lose the right to a refund on this part of the course booking. Specific test charges apply.



Give us sole permission to change your driving test appointment and agree to manage your test booking in its entirety. If you CHANGE your own booking and this falls outside of the agreed course conditions, you accept that your course is still chargeable and active.



If you change your test appointment and your instructor is available to attend, and it is before you have completed your course, we reserve the right to cancel your course including any unused hours of your intensive course. Subject to driving instructor’s decision.



If you change an already agreed test appointment your course booking is still under these terms and conditions and that of your driving instructor’s terms and conditions.



As stipulated in our terms (refer to Term 1.8), should a period of 6 months elapse without the learner successfully passing their theory test, the learner forfeits their right to a refund for their practical test. In such circumstances, LPOD Academy will accommodate a one-time extension of the practical test validity for an month. This extension is provided as a courtesy and does not adhere to the promotional conditions of the original course purchase; it is managed as a separate booking by LPOD Academy. During this extension period, no cancellation checks will be conducted by LPOD Academy, and the responsibility for 100% of the test management process will be transferred to the learner.



The possession of a valid provisional licence is a fundamental requirement for your course enrolment. In the event that you do not obtain your provisional licence, LPOD Academy may face constraints in delivering the services promised within the stipulated timeframe. If, after obtaining your provisional licence, we are unable to facilitate a short notice course within a 6-month window, we regretfully must cancel your course. It is essential that learners ensure they have received their provisional licence prior to their course start date to avoid any disruption to the scheduling and delivery of our services.



Any appointments booked by LPOD Academy will be sent via email and not text message. Pupils can check their test status at any time by using their own credentials. Not receiving an email with test appointments is not the liability of LPOD Academy. We will keep a digital footprint of any emails sent if this arises. If you expect to have an appointment it is your responsibility to get in touch or check the system with your own appointments.



Practical test appointments outside of your course booking are subject to a fee of £100.



If you change your practical driving test and your driving instructor is not able to accommodate your training hours or the practical test, you are required to move your test date back and the full course fee is still payable under the conditions of this course.



LPOD Academy refuses to accept any cancellation test dates made by the student with less than 28 days’ notice and not having a prior agreement with a driving instructor in place.



If you require a cancellation checker ONLY we charge a fee of £19.99.



If you change your test appointment and have booked a course and we are unable to fulfil it due to the instructor’s prior commitments you are still liable for the pending course cost if less than 28 days notice has been given. If you pass your test with another instructor your course booking will turn into a non-test course, and these terms and conditions are still active.


Course Booking Confirmation



A successful course booking is when LPOD Academy matches a pupil with a driving instructor. Both parties agree on a start date for the course. Start dates listed on our website are only provisional and are only confirmed when we have allocated your course to a driving instructor. We also stress that start dates may also change unexpectedly due to a multitude of reasons. If there is a need to change the course start date we will confirm with you and your driving instructor.



Dates and times of the course are to be arranged with the driving instructor as per their diary. Sometimes, course training days may start at different times due to other pupil’s driving tests from previous weeks. Your driving instructor will liaise with you at all times and dates when discussing your course on the phone.



If any driving training days are cancelled / can’t be attended by the driving instructor due to mechanical breakdown or any other unavoidable situations, a replacement training day shall be offered. LPOD Academy does not accept responsibility for disruptions in courses, where unforeseen situations arise with the instructor’s ability to teach. 


Theory Test Appointments & Course Information



When booking an intensive course with a theory included, you give LPOD Academy the right to book your theory test at your local theory test centre for any date & time. LPOD Academy in all circumstances will strive to source an earlier theory test date but cannot guarantee the first date we book can be brought earlier.



Appointment times can vary from any theory test centre. We can not book a practical driving test until the learner driver has passed their theory test. You will need to discuss this situation with your driving instructor and agree on an outcome. Sometimes, the driving instructor will hold back some hours for when you have completed your driving course. In this eventuality, you may be required to have additional training hours due to the time-lapse.



LPOD Academy cannot guarantee a driving test date soon after your training course with only passing your theory test. This is dependent on your driving instructor’s availability and current driving test commitments. However, a driving test will be booked at the nearest driving test centre for the earliest date available.



A learner struggling to pass their theory test doesn’t warrant any grounds for a refund. If a learner has used all theory test fees and a retest with LPOD Academy & additional appointments (at a cost of £40) this still applies.



If a learner cannot pass their theory in any circumstance, and the 6 months lapse, LPOD Academy cannot retain and continue with the booking. Your booking will be marked as completed and the deposit will be non-refundable.



Theory appointments outside of your course booking are subject to a booking fee of £40.



You give LPOD Academy permission to book a theory test appointment at your nearest three theory centre locations. If you are not able to travel to other locations please state this at the point of booking.



LPOD Academy does not manage theory test appointments. If you are unable to attend a theory test appointment please change this yourself to a more suitable time. LPOD Academy can’t be held responsible for lost fees due to not being available.



If a candidates theory test is coming close to expiring, and we are unable to source a practical test date, we will prompt the candidate to look into their options of rebooking another theory. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure enough validity remains on their theory test prior to booking an intensive driving course.


Driving Test Bookings & Confirmation



Please be aware that neither LPOD Academy nor your allocated instructor can guarantee specific test dates under any circumstances. Test dates are scheduled as promptly as possible at various test centres and are subject to adjustments based on availability. It is crucial to understand that the testing process in the UK is administered by the DVSA, and while we diligently manage test bookings on your behalf, the challenges and limitations faced when attempting to secure a test date independently are comparable to those encountered through our services.


Ultimately, the responsibility rests with the course receiver/recipient to ensure their availability for any testing appointments provided to them.



Within a booking where you included a practical test appointment, we can only book this if you’ve passed your theory & your theory has enough validity. If any circumstance LPOD Academy cannot book/change/reschedule/cancel the test date, due to external factors such as licence issues, theory expiring or anything else. LPOD Academy has to wait until we are able to book/change/reschedule/cancel a test date at the earliest point. Any affected training or booked in hours will vary.



No test booking is ever confirmed until the driving instructor has confirmed their availability for it. In the eventuality, a learner cannot make a test date. Any affected lessons/training will be adapted at the instructor’s decision. The instructor reserves the right to keep the training in place and offer a test with training later.



As part of any candidate’s booking, LPOD Academy and your instructor reserve the right to modify your test booking in any circumstance.



In the rare circumstance, no test date can be provided in the target practical test centres, LPOD Academy will provide alternative solutions that the candidate can choose from that will move their course on.


Driving Instructors



We work only with local and reputable driving instructors. We do not want to work with unreliable, rude ADI’s. As this is not a healthy approach to our business ethics. If you find your allocated instructor is rude or unprofessional, please refer to our complaints section above.



LPOD Academy maintains a commitment to ensuring that the driving instructors we collaborate with provide clean, well-maintained vehicles. These tuition cars are fully insured for learner drivers. If desired, learners have the option to request proof of car insurance directly from their appointed driving instructor at any juncture.


Furthermore, all driving instructors aligned with LPOD Academy adhere to the DVSA’s code of conduct and are subject to regulation by the DVSA. Our selection process encompasses both “ADI” (Approved Driving Instructors) or “fully qualified driving instructors” as well as “PDI” (Provisional Driving Instructors) to offer a comprehensive range of instructor options to our candidates.



We require all of our learners/students to be respectful to their allocated driving instructors and to maintain a healthy relationship whilst on the course. Communication is vital to the success of all courses, and sometimes factors can affect the progress of the course.



LPOD Academy is a booking agency on behalf of learner drivers and driving instructors. We work with established driving schools and their car livery may contain their local advertising banners. We outsource work to local instructors to sub their weekly hours. However – we unite as a profession and work to give the best service to learner drivers.



While we make earnest efforts to accommodate your preferences, we regret that we cannot always guarantee your initial choice of instructor. It is essential to understand that no refunds will be issued solely due to a candidate’s preference or compatibility concerns with their assigned driving instructor. The decision to discontinue the course or seek any course refund is contingent upon mutual agreement between the candidate and the driving instructor.


At LPOD Academy, we acknowledge that compatibility and personal dynamics between a candidate and an instructor can be subjective. However, such factors do not constitute a valid reason for us to reassign a different driving instructor.



We will not tolerate any abuse to instructors during or outside of the course. Discrimination against driving instructors is strictly prohibited. We do not condone the use of racial, gender, physical, disability, ethnic background or religious abuse to any of our driving instructors. And same for the instructor, if you find your instructor is discriminating against you, please refer to our complaint section and contact us immediately.



We understand that there may be occasional instances when instructors arrive late to lessons. This can happen for various reasons, including:

  1. Traffic Delays: Instructors may encounter unexpected traffic or road-related issues that result in delayed arrival.
  2. Previous Lesson Overrun: Sometimes, a preceding lesson with another student may run longer than anticipated.
  3. Unforeseen Circumstances: Instructors, like anyone else, may face unforeseen personal or technical issues that could cause delays.


We want to assure you that when an instructor arrives late for a lesson, they will make every effort to provide you with alternative options and prioritise rescheduling to ensure you receive the full lesson time you paid for.


Additionally, please keep in mind that due to the nature of their job, instructors may not always respond immediately to messages or calls. They are often focused on providing instruction during lessons, and it may take some time for them to address non-urgent inquiries. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard as we strive to deliver a quality learning experience.



Driving instructors always reserve the right to refuse a candidate to test, if they are not up to test standard. Your driving instructor has a duty to ensure that all candidates are well trained for test and present them in accordance with the DVSA’s guidelines. Instructors are not obliged in any circumstances to take a candidate to test, if they are not ready. Subsequent training will be offered to the candidate / alternatives to their training if this scenario occurs.



In the event of an instructor cannot attend a scheduled lesson due to unforeseen events like vehicle breakdowns or personal emergencies, we cannot be held liable for any inconvenience caused, including lost wages or time. However, LPOD Academy prioritises the rescheduling of any missed sessions at no additional charge to the learner, aligning with their availability and our instructors’ schedules.


If immediate rescheduling is not feasible, we will seek alternative ways to ensure the learner receives the full instruction time they have paid for. Acceptance of these terms indicates understanding and agreement to the inherent risks of scheduling driving lessons.



LPOD Academy is committed to providing continuous and effective driving instruction to all our candidates. However, in exceptional cases where an allocated driving instructor becomes uncontactable due to serious circumstances such as severe illness or death, the following term applies:


Assistance with Recouping Payments: While the driving instructors affiliated with LPOD Academy operate as self-employed individuals, we understand the importance of security for payments made by our candidates. If an instructor’s unforeseen unavailability impedes the continuation of your driving course, LPOD Academy will offer assistance in recovering any advance payments made to the instructor. It is important to recognise that our capability to recover such funds may be limited due to the independent status of the instructor. Nevertheless, LPOD Academy will strive to guide affected candidates towards alternative resources and provide advice on potential recourses for reclaiming their funds.


Booking Status and Academy’s Discretion: In light of the instructor’s unavailability, all impacted learner bookings will be temporarily put on hold until a resolution is reached. During this period, LPOD Academy reserves the right to pause the driving course of affected candidates. This special right includes the discretion to make necessary modifications to the booking and scheduling of driving lessons, test(s) and expectations of course, ensuring the least disruption possible to the learning journey.


Adjustment of Terms Under Extraordinary Circumstances: LPOD Academy acknowledges that unforeseeable and serious events may necessitate a departure from our standard terms of service. In such instances, we retain the right to enact an alternative set of expectations and obligations to accommodate the unique situation, without diminishing our commitment to service quality and fairness to our candidates. This term serves as a contractual understanding that, should an extraordinary event occur (as outlined in this term), LPOD Academy may exercise discretion in adapting the agreement to ensure the best possible outcome for all affected parties involved.


By engaging in services with LPOD Academy, candidates acknowledge and accept this term, understanding that it is designed to maintain balance and protect the interests of all parties during unexpected events.



Your Obligations



In the United Kingdom, the eyesight test requires you to read a number plate from a distance of:

  • 20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate
  • 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate



Eligibility: You must meet the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) requirements for residency and eligibility to take up training with a driving instructor.



Booking Information: Ensure all details on the booking form are accurately provided. This is crucial for us to perform our administrative tasks effectively.



Before booking, you are obligated to inform us of any mental or physical health conditions that may impact your ability to fully engage in an intensive driving course.



It is imperative that you confirm the total hours agreed upon with your driving instructor during the first welcome phone call. These hours will include the course schedule, reserving the necessary hours for the driving test as needed. Should the proposed schedule not meet your needs, please contact us immediately to discuss potential alternatives.



Make sure to arrange time off from work, travel, or accommodation only after finalising and confirming your lesson schedule with your instructor.



Arrive on time for your lessons. If you fail to do so, the missed portion of the lesson will not be made up or rescheduled, and the instructor is not obliged to extend the lesson duration. Instructors will wait briefly at the agreed meeting point, but absence or lack of communication at the scheduled start time will be considered a forfeit of the lesson without the possibility of rescheduling.



Test Attendance: You are required to attend both the theory and practical tests punctually and must bring both parts of a valid provisional driving license to the test centre. Your theory test confirmation will be emailed to you; failing to attend the test will mean losing your test fee and incurring the cost for a rebooking.



Theory Test Notification: Upon passing your theory test, promptly inform us via email, call, or text with your pass number. This allows us to arrange your practical test and seek out any potential driving test cancellations promptly.



At no point during the course should you be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any medication that impairs driving ability. Any suspicions or evidence of such infringement will lead to immediate termination of the course, and you will forfeit all fees paid to LPOD Academy and to the instructor.



Students are expected to maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Any abusive behaviour directed towards the instructor will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate termination of the course, with all payments made being non-refundable.



On the first lesson, you must present a signed provisional driving licence. Failure to do so will prevent you from legally driving, and as such, your course will be cancelled with all fees forfeited.



The formation, execution, and resolution of all contracts with LPOD Academy are subject to the laws of England, Scotland, and Wales, without regard to any conflict of laws principles.

End Of Terms & Conditions.

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