Gold 35 | 35 Hour Driving Course

Are you looking at getting your driving licence quick? Are you hoping to get a new job? Be able to drive for the summer? Or simply stop asking for lifts from family friends? We understand how frustrating it is. We can help you pass your test in as little as one week, and help you become independent in no time.


Our Gold 35 course is our most popular course. This course is ideal for nearly new drivers with some experience of driving. Whether you have had some driving lessons and picked up the basics easily, or you have had quite a few beginner lessons but found that you needed a bit more time mastering the basics. This course is suitable for the following students:


Note: All courses can vary in length. Intensive courses may vary in length depending on learner or instructor availability.








    Who Would Need This Course?

    This course is best suited towards new learner drivers or drivers who have very little to no experience driving. If you have some driving experience and a basic understanding of the clutch – then this course is best suited for you!


    The remaining course hours will be used for your driving test. The average learner requires 47 hours of driving experience to be able to pass the driving test. And half this again in private practice with friends or family! (DVSA 2017).


    These numbers are based on averages. If you have any medical conditions, mobility difficulties or mental health then you can call one of our friendly staff members on 0800 112 3515.


    This course would suit the following learners best:


    1. Students who have recently turned 17 and have had lots of private practice on private land
    2. Students who have less than 10 hours of professional practice with a driving instructor
    3. Students who have had lots of private practice with parents but would like to transition to manual
    4. Students who are nervous and have anxieties with prior experience

    Still unsure? Read the reviews of learners who chose us!

    How The Course Is Planned...

    Our Gold 35 is planned in advance, usually around a booked test date or set on a date set by your instructor.


    Your driving instructor will arrange timings that work both for you in your schedule. You can expect it to be between normal working hours.


    For candidates who haven’t yet passed their theory test – we advise, that the course itself will be booked once a practical date has been secured and the hours confirmed with your driving instructor.


    If you need more training due to you not feeling like you are progressing enough in the hours you have booked or your instructor deems you’re underprepared, then we can easily accommodate this for you.

    Student Case Study #1

    Lauren has had 3-4 hours of driving lessons with a driving instructor in the past month. She picked up the basics easily. She was very keen to do more, and was happy after each lesson, and looked forward to the following lesson. Although she has only done a couple of hours, Lauren is confident and keen to get going.


    This course is ideal for Lauren. She is a beginner learner and there are lots of training syllabus to cover. As Lauren has had her driving lessons recently she will still remember what she did and this will help her to complete her training.


    Towards the end of Lauren’s course, her training will focus on preparing her for a driving test. Like all courses, preparing Lauren for a driving test is very important. Lauren will get to know the local junctions, especially any roundabouts that Lauren may struggle with. She’ll also do some mock driving exams to complete her training and help build her confidence for the big day.

    Student Case Study #2

    Jack has had about 15 hours with a driving instructor. But the lessons were conducted over 6 months ago. At the time, although Jack picked up the basics, he was very nervous and believes he learns at a slightly slower pace. So the Gold 35 course is ideal for him.


    This course is ideal for Jack. As he is a nervous driver, the extra time will help ease the pressure off when it comes to learning to drive. Unlike Lauren, Jack has had a lot more training and was happy with how he mastered the basics, but it was at a much slower pace.


    During his course, Jack will focus on completing his training syllabus and progress at a pace that suits him. This will help build his confidence on the road and of course within himself. The extra time is needed as Jack prefers deep conversations as this is how he learns best.

    Not Sure This Course is Right For You?

    This course is NOT suitable for brand new learner drivers who have not driven before. We also advise against this course if you have not driven for more than 10+ years & are nervous when it comes to driving a car.


    If you believe this course is not right for you, you may consider our course next up, our Gold 40. This is course package if you want to start from the very basics!

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