How It Works

Are you curious about how our intensive driving courses can fast-track your journey to becoming a confident driver? Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some driving experience, this page is your essential guide. We’ll give you a detailed insight into our carefully structured intensive courses.


Discover how our expert approach is tailored to maximise your learning, ensuring you gain the skills and confidence you need, quickly and efficiently. Make an informed choice today and take a significant step towards mastering the roads with our proven methods.


Choosing The Course + Tests


This is key to knowing how to plan your course effectively. Before we get into how the course get’s delivered, let’s get the ideal course package decided first, then it makes everything else after run more smoothy.


How Many Hours Do I Need?


Ready to accelerate your driving skills? Select your ideal course package now at LPOD Academy Courses. Tailor your learning experience by choosing a package that aligns with your current expertise. For complete beginners, our comprehensive Gold 40 package is a perfect launchpad. Already clocked 10 hours behind the wheel? Our Silver 30 might be your match.


But how do you decide? Dive into our detailed recommendations, complete with real-life learner stories, to find the course that resonates with your journey. Remember, our packages are designed with your success in mind. A general guideline: 40 hours for newcomers, Silver 30 for those with recent 10-hour experience, and Gold 35 if your last practice was a while ago. These scenarios are just the start – find the course that’ll pave your path to becoming test-ready with confidence!


Can I Include All Test(s)?


Yes you can. You can include all the relevant tests within your booking. If you need theory & practical, you can select them all on our booking form:


You can also de-select any tests you don’t require such as theory.

How Soon Can I Start? / How Does The Course Get Delivered?


Embark on your driving journey with us, and we’ll streamline every step, from onboarding to test booking. Our instructors’ schedules are dynamic, so we initiate training typically within 6 weeks or sooner, depending on availability and existing commitments. If a slot opens up unexpectedly, we’re ready to get you started even earlier.


We offer two flexible planning options for your course:


1. Test-First Approach: We align your training schedule with an ideal practical test date. This method, contingent on mutual agreement between you and your instructor, ensures availability in the crucial weeks leading up to your test. It requires booking well in advance to secure your instructor’s time.

2. Split Training Approach: This is our more common method, where part of your course is scheduled immediately, and the remainder is reserved for closer to your test date. As we hunt for a practical test cancellation, you’ll begin a significant portion of your training. For instance, in the Gold 40 course, you might start with 30 hours of instruction, reserving 10 hours for intensive practice right before your test.


Your sessions, ranging from 2 to 6 hours, are tailored to fit within normal day hours and can be scheduled either consecutively or non-consecutively, adapting to your personal needs and preferences.


Choose the path that suits you best and take the wheel of your driving future with confidence!


For Those in Employment:

Yes, you can absolutely book with us! Many of our candidates successfully balance their training with work commitments. Here’s how it works: Once your instructor provides provisional training dates, you’ll inform your employer to request time off. After getting approval for these dates from your employer, simply confirm them with your instructor. We make it seamless to integrate your driving lessons into your busy work schedule.


For Students in Education (School, College, or University):

Juggling education and a driving course? No problem! Many of our learners in school, college, or university find convenient times for training, thanks to flexible slots during the week, weekends, and school holidays. When booking your course, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out a form detailing all available and unavailable dates/times. This way, we can tailor the training schedule to fit perfectly around your educational commitments.


Need to Complete Your Theory Test?

No problem! We can include your theory test booking as part of your course package. It’s important to pass the theory test before we book your practical, but don’t let that stop you from starting your driving course right away.

We’ll secure the earliest available slot for your theory test and keep you informed via email about the date, time, and location. Plus, to boost your preparation, we provide access to our comprehensive theory course material, ensuring you’re well-prepared to ace the test.


What If You Don’t Pass the Theory Test on the First Try?

There’s no need to worry. If you don’t pass the theory test initially, we’ll swiftly arrange a rebooking for you. Depending on your booking conditions, you might be eligible for a retest, or we can schedule another test with the DVSA. Rest assured, we’ll guide you on the best course of action and support you every step of the way.


Booking Your Practical Test: Optimising Timing

Our goal is to schedule your practical test as close to the end of your course as possible, maximising your readiness. We employ a collaborative approach, working alongside you to find the ideal test date. Here’s how we assist in this process:

1. Manual Search: Utilising a business booking service, we can simultaneously search across 5 test centers.
2. Cancellation Checkers: Our automated bot continuously scans the DVSA’s website for cancellations. You’ll have access to adjust date ranges as needed to fit your schedule.
3. In-House Test Swaps: Within our driving school, we facilitate test swaps among learners, providing a wide pool of potential date exchanges.
4. Online Test Swap Group: Join our Facebook group dedicated to swapping test dates with fellow candidates.


Depending on your course structure, we either secure a test date first and then schedule your training, or we look for a cancellation post-training. For instance, if you’ve completed 30 hours of a 40-hour course by February 10th, we’ll hunt for cancellations from February 11th to March 11th at your local test centres, aligning your final 10 hours of training with the test date.


What If Securing a Test Date Takes Some Time?

We keep you informed bi-weekly on the progress of securing a test date. Our three-step approach includes:

1. Empowering You: Providing tools and resources for you to actively participate in the search.
2. Flexible Training Scheduling: Adjusting your training completion or considering alternate test centres.
3. Concrete Decision Making: If necessary, you might opt to test at a different centre, while completing your remaining hours with your instructor to ensure you’re fully prepared for the test.



We hope this makes it easier to know how the intensive course works. If you need any more help you can contact via or you can call us on 0800 112 3515.


If you are ready to book, and start the ball rolling, you can book here: