Silver 25 | 25 Hour Driving Course

Are you hoping to pass your driving test soon? Are you needing to pass your driving test for a new job? Are you tired of getting the bus?


No matter your situation, we can help you pass your driving test in as little as 1 week!


If so, we understand. We know how important it is for you – we want to make it an easy process from start to finish.


Note: All courses can vary in length. Intensive courses may vary in length depending on learner or instructor availability.








    Who Would Need This Course?

    Our Silver 25 course is ideal for candidates who have had at least 20+ hours on the road and are confident with the car’s controls whilst performing basic manoeuvres.


    The course will focus on the training syllabus and be tailored to each learner’s needs. Typical students of this course will be:

    1. Confident with the control of the car and has had 20+ hours of tuition
    2. Confident drivers with 25+ hours of private practice/driving tuition

    Still unsure? Read the reviews of learners who chose us!

    How The Course Is Planned...

    The course will be set around a particular week commencing or test date. From courses above 20+hours, we tend to start them on a certain date, then aim to secure a practical test as near to the end of the course as possible.


    For candidates who haven’t yet passed their theory test, we won’t be able to book your practical test until a valid theory has been obtained. Then we will start the process of getting your test date. Your test date may vary.


    If your driving instructor believes this course is not suitable based on your previous experience, they may advise you to include more hours on top of the course you booked.

    Student Case Study #1

    Nicola has been learning to drive with her mum and dad. In between having some driving lessons with a driving instructor. Nicola has been offered a new job and needs to get a quick driving test.


    Nicola has had a total of 30 hours of driving but struggles with reversing, parking and driving independently.


    Our Silver 25-hour course will focus on Nicola’s weaknesses and will finish her training as per the DVSA’s training syllabus. Building upon her experiences will target reversing, parking and independent driving using road signs and a sat-nav.


    The last part of the course will prepare Nicola for a driving test by utilising mock driving tests and local route planning.


    This course is NOT suitable for any learner driver who is not confident with the controls of the car and basic junctions. This course is also not suitable for anyone that has had less than 20 hours of driving experience.

    Student Case Study #2

    Jason has been learning to drive with mum and dad. He has been driving privately for more than a year and has had no driving lessons with a driving instructor.


    Jason has more than 50+ of practical experience but does struggle with co-ordination and driving nerves. He is yet to practice his reversing manoeuvres and has not been on the dual carriageway.


    We believe this is the perfect course for Jason. Although Jason has had a lot of driving experience with his mum and dad, he will also have some negative driving habits.


    Jason also has some training elements to complete and has no experience of driving on the roads where the driving test is.


    His course will focus on his training and complete the training syllabus. Some hours will be dedicated to building confidence and driving independently in unfamiliar areas.


    The last part of the course will focus on preparing Jason for his driving test by getting to know the roads in and around the driving test centre and by doing some mock driving tests.

    Not Sure This Course is Right For You?

    If you believe this course is not right for you, you may consider our Silver-30 hour driving course. This course may give you the extra bit of time you need to help you pass your driving test on the first go.


    You can visit our Silver-30 hour driving course here…

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