Our Intensive Driving Courses

Our intensive driving courses has been developed to get the most out of our learner drivers. Our bespoke training courses deliver high quality training encompassing the DVSA’s regulatory guidelines. Our intensive driving courses offer our learner drivers a quality programme of tuition that enables our learner drivers maximum time on the road gaining that all vital road experience. Our online training zone consists of video tutorials, lesson articles, advice notes and test-route training tutorials. Our mind management programme, enables our learner drivers to get focused on their driving lessons from day one! please visit our ‘areas we cover‘ page, to see if we offer courses in your area.

Our training schedule has been designed to be effective to all learner drivers. Whether you are a visual learner, or  a practical one, our ‘extra’ support material is to be used time and time again. Never miss the advice of your trainer as our articles and videos can be watched over and over again! Our intensive driving courses are designed to benefit every learner driver. If you are learning to drive with mum and dad- our online trainin zone, can also assist you with your private practice driving lessons. Be sure to browse our website and get in touch if you have any questions here.

Our Driving Lessons

Our driving lessons will be delivered by professional and qualified driving instructors. We are very committed to ensuring we only work with committed and ‘industry gems’ that go above and beyond of our learner’s expectations. Our driving lessons are designed to give you as much knowledge and understanding as possible. Your training and goals are important, but we don’t just teach to pass a driving test. We fully support the DVSA’s objective of ‘safe driving for life’, and hope that our learner driver’s are as highly trained, confident and responsible as possible for life on the road after the practical driving test. We also offer other courses and training events and host monthly and annual events that raise awareness of road safety throughout the UK.

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