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Making Sense Of Intensive Courses


When choosing a provider to do your intensive course with, we thought it would be best to explain how it all works from beginning to end. If you want to be crystal clear on the intensive course process, please read this article in full!


Especially, when you are parting with a lot of money, some candidates are hesitant to proceed if they are unsure of the process, they may not feel comfortable going forward, and we understand why!


So we thought we create this simple article on how the intensive learning journey starts and finishes… whilst going over everything that happens in the middle!


There is no better feeling than being fully informed of something before committing to something as big as getting your driving licence!


Our process contains 5-easy steps. Let’s begin!


Step #1 – Selecting Your Course Package

In order to achieve a successful outcome in driving, you need to be absolutely clear of where you’re currently at and where you need to go. Most of the time, most candidates have a good idea of where they are with their driving ability. They often choose a package off our courses page and off they go. If you know the course package already, please skip this section and head to Step #2.


However, if you’re not, then not to worry.


First thing to do, is ask yourself, what is your current driving ability… how many hours with an instructor have you had and when? How many hours with friends / family have you had? When did you last take a driving test? Do I need to include my theory? etc.


Once this is established, you can then easily choose a package right for you.


A Few Examples:

  • You’ve done 10 hours 3 months ago… you would need around 30 hours. We call it our Silver 30.
  • You are a complete beginner with no experience. You would need 40 hours (if learning manual, or 35 if learning automatic) of training. We call it our Gold 40.
  • You failed a test 2 months ago, and are looking to get back into driving. You would need around 10 – 15 hours. We call these our Bronze 10 & Bronze 15.



As part of your course package, you can include all tests such as the theory & practical. Some candidates may have already passed their theory, so have not. No matter what situation you’re in, you can include any test. We book it, manage it and search for earlier dates.


Additional Notes:

If you are nervous or a bit anxious, you may find that increasing the package would be beneficial. Often, candidates who choose the Silver 30, may opt for the Gold 35. As they would deem the extra 5 hours beneficial.


Next Step:

Go and visit our course page to see which package is suitable for you:

Step #2 – Your Instructor & The Next Steps (After Booking)

Once you have booked and placed your deposit down for your intensive course, the next steps are the onboarding stage.


This allows us time to process the booking to make sure we have all the correct information, complied with checks and setting up your booking appropriately.


Allocation Of Instructor + Confirmation Of Training Dates:

Being the most important part, you will get information of who your instructor is and when your training will be booked in for. This usually occurs within the first 2 weeks of booking or sooner.


You will talk to your instructor who will contact you. From this, you will have a friendly conversation about your course and book in some training. (We will touch upon how training gets planned momentarily!)


Booking The Theory Test

If your booking includes a theory test, we get these booked in as soon as possible. Usually, we will give you a few weeks notice and if the date we provide isn’t suitable we can change it to something better. All candidates have access to our in-house theory course in addition to their on road course.


The Practical Test

Once the theory has been passed, then only can a practical test be booked. This step varies from learner to learner. Read from the examples below to see which one applies to you:


Passed theory before booking:

If you have passed your theory prior to booking an intensive course, we will able to start looking for a practical test date straightaway. Often, we won’t be able to find the “ideal” date from day-1. Invariably, we have to look for cancellations in your local test centre which takes some time (more on how we search for test dates later).


Need to complete theory:

If you included or are managing your own theory, no practical test search goes underway. You will still be paired with an instructor, but candidates who fall in this category, would be studying for their theory test and planning some of their training.


Now onto Step #3…

Step #3 – Training + Payment

You’ve now spoken to your instructor and you are now in the middle of getting your dates booked in!


Your instructor will advise on dates that they are available for and in turn will ask you for your availability. You will then go back and forth until a suitable schedule has been achieved.


Note: not all your training hours will be booked in. Most courses are flexible and there is no “set way” they ought to be done in.


If you need to book time off work, you would need to confirm it off with your employer. So your instructor typically would provide you with a provisional set of dates, you then approach your employer to get that time off and then you inform the instructor those provisional dates can work. This is your dates and times secured.


If your circumstances are anything outside of employment, such as education etc. Often candidates, will provide the times they are free and not free on their form submission. This will be passed over to the instructor who will acknowledge these dates.


Note: When we advertise dates on our website, they are to be treated as guidance and not set in stone. This is because many factors can change the availability of dates on a daily basis. So when you are finding out rough time scales on our website, please don’t make arrangements around it. Once the instructor has provided set dates, then only arrange the relevant time off.



Payment is due once the first lesson has been agreed. Your instructor will request the remaining payment cost (which you will be informed of in prior emails) and this is due 28 days before the first lesson has been scheduled for. If you need to spread payments, we have provisions in place to help any candidate with this.

Step #4 – Practical Test

You’ve now got your dates in place, you may or may not have a theory test in place, but your course is underway at this stage. Now the practical test is the “final stop” in your learning journey.


However, you have organised your training schedule, the goal of the test date is to obtain a date for some time after the training is done. Some candidates may have a portion of their course booked, and then await for a suitable date to be secured. Some may agree to await for a test and then plan the training accordingly.


In practice, we would place your test on a provisional placeholder until a suitable date arises. We would aim for a date in your local test centre(s).


How Long Will It Take?

This appears to be most frequent question we get asked, and we’ll address as best as we can. In short, it’s hard to gauge exactly when a test date can come through. They could come in within a few days or within a few weeks / months. It depends entirely on the local test centre. Our goal is to maximise all the opportunities that come in “cancellations” for our candidates.

Step #5 – Final Stages + Extra

At this stage, your are midway in your training and your test is set. You have your test date all confirmed and your now waiting eagerly for the big day!


Here are some scenarios of what can happen after your test date:


You Pass!

Congratulations! You are now a driver! The examiner will provide you with a driving test certificate and your full driving licence will be sent your residential address shortly after passing.


You Fail:

Not to worry. If you didn’t quite manage to pass your driving test, then we have provisions in place to ensure a speedy turn around time. Check your booking has a free retest included. If it doesn’t we offer the ability to rebook your test for a fee. You can still resume with the same instructor or you are welcome to go elsewhere for training.

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