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Intensive Driving Courses In Fraserburgh

One to Two Week Driving Courses With LPOD Academy

Are you tired of relying on others for rides? Do you want the freedom to travel but can’t because you don’t have a driving licence? Look no further—LPOD Academy is here to help you obtain your licence with just a few weeks of training with one of our intensive driving courses in Fraserburgh!


Book your intensive driving course in Fraserburgh today and kickstart your driving journey. Contact us at 0800 112 3515, and our friendly team will be happy to help you gain the confidence to get on the road!








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    Choosing The Right Course For You in Fraserburgh...

    When booking a driving course, it’s crucial to choose one that matches your current driving skills. We understand that all learners are at different stages in their driving journey. That’s why LPOD Academy is here to help you select the right course for your needs.


    Beginner: If you are just starting your driving journey, consider our Gold or Platinum courses. These courses range from 35 to 45 hours and are ideal for learners with little to no driving experience.


    Intermediate: If you have had some driving practice but had to stop for some reason, our Silver courses are perfect for you. These courses will help you revisit all the essential driving techniques and prepare you thoroughly for your driving test.


    For personalised advice and to book your course, feel free to contact us. We’re here to ensure you get the best possible training tailored to your current skill level.

    Areas Around Fraserburgh

    Fraserburgh is based on the AB43 postcode and all of the other surrounding villages. Around Fraserburgh are other places/settlements such as Sandhaven, Cairnbulg-Inverallochy, Rosehearty, Saint Combs, Crimond, Strichen, New Pitsligo, Mintlaw, Maud & Edinburgh. If you’re based in these areas too, home pick up could be possible, enquire to know more about your area!


    Not From Fraserburgh?

    We do intensive driving courses in other areas too! We provide courses in Peterhead, Ballater and Aberdeen too.

    More Information About Fraserburgh...

    Fraserburgh is a picturesque town located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Positioned on the northeast corner of Aberdeenshire, north of Aberdeen, Fraserburgh is home to a population of approximately 3,180 residents. This charming town boasts a rich history and a vibrant community.


    Historically, Fraserburgh gained fame as the largest shellfish port in Scotland and one of the largest in Europe. The town’s bustling harbour was once teeming with activity, with fleets of fishing boats bringing in an abundant haul of shellfish daily. This thriving industry played a significant role in the local economy and provided employment for many of its residents.


    In addition to its shellfish industry, Fraserburgh is also a major port for whitefish and pelagic fish. The town’s strategic location and excellent fishing grounds have made it a crucial hub for the fishing industry in Scotland. The local fish market, with its diverse and plentiful catches, continues to be a cornerstone of Fraserburgh’s economy.


    Beyond its maritime heritage, Fraserburgh offers a range of attractions and amenities. The town features a blend of historical architecture and modern facilities, creating a unique and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors and residents can explore the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre, which provides insights into the town’s rich history, including its maritime past and the development of the local fishing industry.


    Fraserburgh is also known for its stunning coastal scenery. The town’s beautiful beaches and rugged coastline offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking, birdwatching, and enjoying the breathtaking views of the North Sea. The nearby Kinnaird Head Lighthouse and Museum of Scottish Lighthouses is another popular attraction, offering visitors a glimpse into the history of maritime navigation.


    In summary, Fraserburgh is a historic and vibrant town with a proud maritime heritage. It’s significant contributions to Scotland’s fishing industry, coupled with its picturesque landscapes and welcoming community, make it a unique and appealing destination in Aberdeenshire. Whether you’re interested in its rich history, natural beauty, or thriving fishing industry, Fraserburgh has something to offer everyone.

    Fraserburgh Factfile

    A quick overview of Fraserburgh:

    County: Aberdeenshire

    Recognised For: Was once famous for being the biggest shellfish port in Scotland and one of the largest in Europe. It is also a major port for white and pelagic fish.

    Local Council: Aberdeenshire

    Important Roads:

    1. A90 (Heading towards Rathen)
    2. A96 (Heading towards Bainshole)
    3. A95 (Heading north towards the A941)

    Transport website: Fraserburgh bus timetable

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    Practical Test Centres Near Fraserburgh

    Fraserburgh has its own test centre. So when taking your driving test, you will not require to travel to other towns. There are test centres located at Peterhead and Huntly where you can take your test. Although they are far from Fraserburgh, your instructor will take you to these places when it comes to your test.


    The goal with every intensive course is to make sure you’re test standard and are familiar with the area prior to taking your test!


    Theory Test Centres Near Fraserburgh

    Fraserburgh does not have its own theory test centre, so you will need to travel to the nearest test centre located in Peterhead.


    Booking a practical driving test is not possible until you have passed your theory test, which is why taking the theory test is a crucial first step.


    With all our intensive driving courses in Fraserburgh, we welcome learners who have not yet passed their theory test. We understand the importance of the theory test and are committed to supporting you through both the theory and practical aspects of your driving journey.

    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to book your test!