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One Week Driving Courses With LPOD Academy

Are you embarking on a journey to freedom? Needing to pass your driving test fast? Fed-up of public transport or needing lifts from loved ones? LPOD Academy can steer you in the correct direction when it comes to your dreams of driving solo! By taking one of our intensive driving courses in Nantwich, you can rest assure. that everything is taken care of! With our quick turn-a-round and problem solving solutions you can have peace of mind when it comes to embarking on your learning to drive journey!


Enjoy the process and allow us to take control and plan the perfect course for you! All you NEED to do is say ‘yes’ and pick the perfect course for you. With ample of courses to choose from, you can know we have something for you! Having issues with the theory test? No worries. Our online theory course can take you from un-confident to theory test pro – in as little as one day! Watch out video-based learning tutorials; no need for books – and sample our audio-based questionaire to wizz through to confident test taker!


By booking an intensive course with LPOD Academy – you can relax, knowing that everything is being taken care of! Call 0800 112 3515 today, to see how we can serve your dream of freedom!








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    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to booking your test!

    Driving On The Roads In Nantwich

    Nantwich, a market town and civil parish in Cheshire, England, has a population of approximately 17,424. The town is well-connected by major roads, including the A51, A500, and A534, offering multiple opportunities for learning to drive. Your driving instructor in Nantwich will cover all aspects of driving to ensure comprehensive training.


    Nantwich is conveniently linked to nearby towns such as Acton, Crewe, and Chorley, which are larger and provide additional driving opportunities. Your instructor will take you for out-of-town driving experiences, enhancing your skills in various settings.


    For those interested in rural driving, you can explore nearby villages such as Tattershall, Woodhall, Ancaster, Bardney, Barrowby, Anderby, Belton, Alvingham, and Foston. This will help you gain valuable experience in different driving conditions.


    The final hours of your course will be dedicated to intensive practice, ensuring you are fully prepared for your driving test.

    Driving Courses In Nantwich With LPOD Academy

    One of the best parts about intensive driving courses in Nantwich is that they are designed specifically by keeping everyone in mind! Regardless whether you are homemaker, a worker or a college student, also no worries if you are a new-learner or failed a test – LPOD Academy takes pride in taking everyone in! We believe in collective success that makes everyone a safe driver.


    Intensive driving courses in Nantwich are taken by the professional instructors of the area, they are trained completely, approved and monitored by the DSVA. They usually start with the basic manuals and then move towards the challenging areas of driving.

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    Taking A Driving Test In Nantwich

    The driving test will be the final task before your course ends. Once you pass, you’ll be able to obtain your driving licence within a week. Our courses are designed to make you a skilled and professional driver in just one week. Your driving instructor in Nantwich will handle all the arrangements, so you can focus entirely on your driving test preparation, which will be held at the Crewe driving test centre.


    Intensive driving courses in Nantwich are among the best options available. We understand the frustration of waiting for months to get your licence, so we’ve streamlined the process to help you get your licence in just one week. Call now to book your course and get on the road faster!

    Nearest Driving Test Centre:

    Driving Standards Agency

    6 Nile Street

    CW2 7LL


    Toilet Facilities: Yes

    Tests Provided: Car, Large Vehicles, Approved Driving Instructor Part 2 & Approved Driving Instructor Part 3

    Candidate Parking: Limited

    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to booking your test!

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