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Intensive Driving Courses In Potters Bar

One to Two Week Driving Courses With LPOD Academy

Welcome to the fast lane of learning with our intensive driving courses in Potters Bar! If you’re eager to accelerate your journey to becoming a skilled driver, then look no further. Our one week courses are tailored for individuals like you, whether you’re juggling work commitments or school schedules. We understand your desire to obtain your driver’s license swiftly, and we’re here to make that dream a reality.


With our intensive driving courses, you can go from learner to licensed driver in as little as one week. Imagine the freedom and convenience of cruising down the road with confidence, knowing that you’ve mastered the art of driving in record time.


Don’t let time constraints hold you back from achieving your goal. Start your driving journey today by booking with us. Simply give us a call at  0800 112 3515 and we will be happy to help you get your driver’s licence!








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    Choosing The Right Course For You in Potters Bar...

    Determining which course suits you best is crucial for increasing your chances of passing your driving test. If you’re unsure about the most suitable option for your needs, take a moment to peruse our brief guide, which outlines the three levels of courses we offer. One of these may align perfectly with your current driving background. Should you still require assistance in selecting the ideal course, feel free to explore our course recommender quiz or reach out to us directly at 0800 112 3515 for personalised guidance.


    Beginner – For those with minimal driving experience, our Platinum / Gold courses are the perfect starting point. Designed to comprehensively cover driving topics from start to finish, these courses will guide you through every aspect of driving, typically spanning over 2 to 3 weeks. Securing your booking in advance is advisable to ensure ample time for selecting preferred test dates.


    Intermediate – If you’re a young driver seeking more practice behind the wheel, our Intermediate course is tailored to meet your needs. Whether you’ve had some prior experience or are simply looking to bridge the gap to test standard, this course provides the necessary training to boost your confidence on the road.

    Areas Around Potters Bar

    Potters Bar, nestled within the EN6 postcode, is surrounded by a mosaic of neighboring villages and settlements, each offering its own unique charm. From the serene streets of Northaw to the quaint allure of Bell Bar, and from the scenic landscapes of Cuffley to the historic echoes of Monken Hadley, there’s a wealth of diversity and character to explore in this area.


    If you reside in any of these neighbouring areas, you’ll be delighted to know that home pick-up services may be available for your convenience. Reach out to us to discover more about the options tailored to your locality.


    At LPOD Academy, we’re committed to providing seamless learning experiences, ensuring that access to quality driving tuition is never out of reach. Whether you’re navigating the winding roads of South Mimms or embarking on a journey through the picturesque lanes of Welham Green, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today and embark on your path to driving success!


    Not From Potters Bar?

    We do intensive driving courses in other areas too! We provide intensive driving courses in Barnet. If you’re based slightly nearer, we also do  driving courses in Hatfield & slightly further out in Radlett too.

    More Information About Potters Bar...

    Potters Bar a quaint town nestled in Hertfordshire, is situated just north of London. Home to a population of 21,639 residents, this charming locale boasts a rich history and vibrant community. Notably, Potters Bar has left its mark on the cinematic world, serving as a filming location for the comic-horror film “Bloodbath at the House of Death”. Explore the unique blend of history and modernity that defines Potters Bar’s identity.


    The town is also home to the Hertfordshire Showband formally known as the Marching Blues. 

    Potters Bar Factfile

    A quick overview of Potters Bar:

    County: Hertfordshire

    Recognised For: Used for the on-location filming of the comic-horror film “Bloodbath at the House of Death”.

    Local Council: Hertsmere

    Important Roads:

    1. B156 (Heading towards Cuffley)
    2. B556 (Heading towards South Mimms)
    3. A1081 (Heading south towards the A411)

    Transport website: Potters Bar train website

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    2. Weather in Potters Bar
    3. Potters Bar history

    Practical Test Centres Near Potters Bar

    As Potters Bar does not have its own test centre, taking a driving test will require traveling to the Watford test centre. If you are a little further, you may travel to Stevenage. All the intensive driving courses we offer will include driving instructors taking you to your practical test at these centres.


    Theory Test Centres Near Potters Bar

    Mastering your theory test is crucial as it lays the foundation for your driving journey. Without it, progressing to the practical test is simply impossible. While Potters Bar lacks a dedicated theory test center, fret not! The nearest centre awaits in Watford.


    Many learners find that relying solely on theory guides or apps may not suffice, leading to delays in test success. That’s why, as part of our intensive courses in Potters Bar, we provide all learners with complimentary access to our comprehensive theory course. Featuring engaging videos, this course is designed to boost your confidence and ensure you’re well-prepared for the theory test.

    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to book your test!