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Are you feeling anxious about passing your driving test? Are you seeking an intensive driving course in Stafford? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Learning to drive can indeed be stressful, but rest assured, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Gain the confidence you need to navigate the roads with ease. Reach out to one of our friendly team members today, and they’ll be more than happy to assist you with all your driving needs.


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    Choosing The Right Course For You in Stafford...

    Understanding which course suits you best is crucial for ensuring your success in passing your driving test. If you’re unsure about which course to choose, allow us to provide you with a helpful guide. Below, you’ll find descriptions of three levels, each tailored to different driving backgrounds. Should you need further assistance in selecting a course, feel free to use our course recommender quiz or give us a call at 0800 112 3515!

    Beginner – If you’re new to driving or have minimal experience behind the wheel, our Platinum / Gold courses are perfect for you. These comprehensive courses cover all driving topics from start to finish, allowing you to become proficient in no time. Typically lasting over 2 weeks, it’s advisable to book in advance to secure your preferred dates.

    Intermediate – If you’ve had some driving practice or lessons in the past, you’re almost ready to take your test. However, a medium-sized course can help bridge the gap between your current skill level and test readiness. try our silver courses.

    Experienced – Our Bronze courses cater to experienced drivers who may have failed a driving test or need a quick refresher. Whether you’ve had extensive training but lack test experience or need to overcome bad habits, these courses are designed to boost your confidence behind the wheel.

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    Areas Around Stafford

    Nestled within the ST16, ST17, ST18, ST19, ST20, ST21 postcodes, Stafford serves as a vibrant hub surrounded by picturesque villages and settlements. From the tranquil ambiance of Great Haywood to the quaint charm of Bradley, and the scenic allure of Coton Clanford, Aston, Marston, and beyond, the area boasts a rich tapestry of communities.


    At our driving school, we understand the importance of convenience and flexibility. That’s why we offer home pick-up services for learners residing in Stafford and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re located in Hopton, Salt, Weston, Billington, Great Bridgeford, or any neighbouring village, our team is here to cater to your needs.


    In addition to our personalised driving lessons, we provide access to our comprehensive online theory program. Designed to complement your practical training, our theory program equips you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the theory test successfully. From road signs and regulations to hazard perception, our online platform covers it all, ensuring you’re fully prepared for every aspect of the test.


    For those feeling nervous or anxious about driving, we offer a specialised online nervous driver program. With a focus on building confidence and overcoming anxiety, this program provides valuable techniques and strategies to help you feel at ease behind the wheel. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring a positive and empowering learning experience.

    Ready to embark on your driving journey? Enquire today to discover how our tailored programs and supportive approach can help you achieve your goals with ease and confidence.

    Not From Stafford?

    We do intensive driving courses in other areas too! We provide intensive driving courses in Milford, situated north of the town. If you’re based slightly nearer, we also do driving courses in Penkridge & slightly further out in Rugeley too.

    More Information About Stafford...


    Nestled in the heart of Staffordshire, Stafford stands as a charming market town steeped in history and heritage. Situated to the south of the county, its rich tapestry of stories dates back to its founding by the Mercian prince, Bertelin. Legend has it that Bertelin established a hermitage on a secluded marshy island, laying the foundation for what would become the vibrant town of Stafford.


    With a population of 68,472 residents, Stafford boasts a dynamic community and a bustling atmosphere. Amidst its picturesque streets and quaint alleys, echoes of centuries past resonate through the town’s architectural marvels. From the ancient wooden preaching cross at St. Bertelin’s Church to the elegant facades of historic buildings, each corner of Stafford offers a glimpse into its storied past.


    As you wander through the town, you’ll discover a treasure trove of landmarks and monuments, each bearing witness to Stafford’s enduring legacy. From the imposing Stafford Castle overlooking the River Sow to the quaint cobblestone streets of the town center, every corner exudes a timeless charm that captivates visitors and locals alike.


    Beyond its architectural splendor, Stafford is a vibrant hub of activity, with bustling markets, cultural events, and community gatherings filling its streets throughout the year. Whether you’re exploring its historic landmarks, sampling local delicacies at the market, or simply soaking in the ambiance of its charming cafes and shops, Stafford offers an unforgettable experience for all who visit.


    With its rich history, vibrant culture, and welcoming community, Stafford invites you to embark on a journey through time and discover the magic of this enchanting market town.

    Stafford Factfile

    A quick overview of Stafford:

    County: Staffordshire

    Recognised For: The wooden preaching cross in St Bertelin’s Church.

    Local Council: Staffordshire

    Important Roads:

    1. A518 (Heading towards Billington)
    2. A513 (Heading towards Milford)
    3. A34 (Heading east towards the A513)

    Transport website: Stafford bus timetable

    Extra Links:

    1. Find Stafford on a map
    2. Weather in Stafford
    3. Stafford history

    Practical Test Centres Near Stafford

    Stafford is home to its very own test centre, offering unparalleled convenience for those looking to take their driving test without the hassle of traveling to distant locations. With the test centre right here in town, you can save time and effort, ensuring a smooth and stress-free testing experience.


    However, if you prefer to explore other options, fear not! Nearby test centres in Wolverhampton and Stoke-on-Trent are also available for your convenience. While these centres may be a bit farther from Stafford, rest assured that your dedicated instructor will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring you’re well-prepared and confident when it’s time to take your test.

    Whether you choose to test in Stafford or opt for one of the nearby centres, our priority is to provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed. With our comprehensive training and expert instruction, you’ll be ready to tackle your driving test with confidence, no matter where it takes place.


    You can browse through our practical test centres index page if you need more information on different test centres.

    Theory Test Centres Near Stafford

    At the heart of every successful driving journey lies a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge. Without passing the theory test, the practical test remains out of reach. That’s why, here at our driving academy, we understand the importance of equipping our learners with both practical skills and theoretical understanding.


    As part of our commitment to comprehensive learning, all our intensive courses in Stafford include access to our exclusive theory course at no extra cost. This video-based program is designed to empower learners like yourself, helping you gain the confidence and knowledge needed to ace the theory test with ease.


    While Stafford may not have its own theory test centre, don’t let that deter you from pursuing your goals. Our courses are designed to accommodate learners from all areas, offering flexibility and support every step of the way. If you’re located in Stafford or nearby areas, you’ll find convenience in traveling to the theory test centre in Wolverhampton. Alternatively, learners from farther regions can opt for the Stoke-on-Trent test centre.


    No matter where you’re based, our priority remains the same: to provide you with the resources, guidance, and support needed to excel in both theory and practical aspects of driving. With our tailored approach and commitment to your success, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle your driving tests and embark on a journey of safe and confident driving.

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