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If you’re in Wigston and longing for freedom from relying on buses or lifts, our intensive driving courses are the solution you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re tired of waiting for rides or eager to gain independence after university, we’ve got you covered.


Our intensive driving courses in Wigston are designed to fast-track your journey to getting behind the wheel, offering a swift and efficient path to obtaining your driver’s license. With our focused approach, you can expect to hit the road in no time, leaving behind the hassles of public transportation and dependency on others.


Ready to take the wheel? Booking your intensive driving course is simple and convenient. You can either secure your spot online or reach out to our friendly team at 0800 112 3515 for personalised assistance. We’re here to discuss your needs and ensure you find the perfect course that suits your schedule and goals.


Don’t let transportation limitations hold you back any longer. Join us today and embrace the freedom of the open road with our intensive driving courses in Wigston.








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    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to booking your test!

    Taking A Driving Test In Wigston

    In Wigston, convenience meets preparation with our local test centre situated near Tigers Road, just off of Saffron Road. This proximity ensures that you can familiarise yourself with the test centre’s surroundings, helping alleviate any test-day jitters and ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.


    Our comprehensive approach to test preparation goes beyond just knowing the location. We’ll guide you through every aspect of the driving test, meticulously dissecting the test sheet to ensure you understand all the requirements and marking criteria. From mastering parallel parking to navigating roundabouts with confidence, our expert driving instructors will leave no stone unturned in preparing you for success on test day.


    Beyond mastering the technical aspects of driving, we’ll also focus on building your confidence and composure behind the wheel. With tailored instruction and practical guidance, you’ll feel empowered to tackle the driving test head-on, knowing that you’ve received the thorough preparation needed to pass with flying colours.


    At our driving school, your success is our priority. Trust us to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to ace your driving test and embark on a lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving.

    Nearest Driving Test Centre:

    Driving Standards Agency
    Tigers Road, off Saffron Road
    South Wigston
    LE18 4WS

    Toilet Facilities: Yes

    Tests Provided: Car, Motorcycle Module 1, Motorcycle Module 2, Approved Driving Instructor Part 2 and Approved Driving Instructor Part 3

    Candidate Parking: Yes

    Driving On The Roads In Wigston

    Navigating the roads of Wigston poses a challenge to any learner driver. Situated in the county of Leicestershire, this bustling town sits adjacent to the city of Leicester to the south. With a population of approximately 32,000 residents, Wigston experiences bustling traffic, particularly during peak hours of the day.


    As you venture further towards Leicester, you’ll encounter a diverse array of road types, providing ample opportunities to hone your driving skills. From highways to winding country lanes, you’ll have the chance to tackle various road conditions and scenarios, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.


    Throughout your intensive course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore neighbouring areas such as Broughton Astley, Leicester, and Market Harborough. These excursions will expose you to a wide range of road environments, including village streets, country roads, and narrow thoroughfares. Villages like Glen Parva, Whetstone, Blaby, and Countesthorpe will become familiar territory as you navigate their streets and learn to adapt to different driving challenges.


    When it comes time to prepare for your driving test, rest assured that our focus will be on ensuring you’re fully equipped to succeed. With Wigston’s local test center nearby, you’ll have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the testing environment and fine-tune your skills accordingly. Additionally, Leicester boasts multiple test centers scattered throughout the city, providing convenient options for scheduling your test.


    At our driving school, we’re committed to providing you with a comprehensive learning experience that prepares you for success on the road and in the driving test. Trust us to guide you through every step of your driving journey, from navigating busy streets to mastering the art of safe and confident driving.

    Driving Courses In Wigston With LPOD Academy

    All of our intensive driving courses in Wigston are carried out by Approved driving instructors. They are seasoned and have lots of experience when it comes to helping learners learn and prepare for their tests.


    All one-week driving courses in Wigston are carried out by approved driving instructors who are regularly monitored by the DVSA. They are often CRB checked and drive modern cars. All instructor cars will present their car in a clean & tidy manner. They also have safety features installed in their tuition cars such as dual-controls.

    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to booking your test!

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