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How to pick the best training course?

The DVSA state the average learner needs approximately 45 hours of tuition and 20 hours of private practice. So, we always encourage to aim for 45 hours of tuition with LPOD Academy. If you have had 20 hours previously (within 12 months) we would recommend the 25 or 30-hour course. If you have had 20 hours 10 years ago, we would recommend a 30 hour or 35-hour course. If you are a new driver, we would advise either the 40 hours or 45-hour course.

Does my course come with a practical test?

All of our courses include the practical test. We will book the test on your behalf to coincide with your course dates. When you book your course, you can state your preferred test centre. You will also be able to give another two options. Please NOTE: If you wish to just enter a training course for other reasons for passing a driving test, please email us beforehand. We can discuss your course cost, as the system will charge you for a fee. All courses booked with theory and practical test will receive a FREE re-test. Terms and conditions do apply, please refer to our terms and conditions policy.

Do I need to pass my theory test before I book an intensive course?

No. You do not need to have already passed your theory prior to booking your course. However- it is much better if you have already passed this, as this makes arranging your practical test date much easier as we will have more time to plan it to coincide with your course week. Otherwise, we can book your theory to be taken within the week of your course or before your course takes place.

Please NOTE: If you pass your theory the week before the course, or during the course week – there will be a delay between course week and practical test. Driving instructors will accommodate your training to allow for some training on the lead up to your practical test date. We advice 80-85% of all course hours to be conducted in the initial course week. With the remaining hours spread over the weeks leading up to your practical test.

Can I book my theory with my course?

Yes. You can book your theory test when you book your course. We will take care of the booking for you. On the booking form, you will be able to choose which theory test centre you prefer and the preferred date. You just tick the add theory test button on your booking. All theory test bookings come with a FREE re-test. In the eventuality that you do NOT pass your theory test on the first go, we will book and pay for another one. PLEASE NOTE: there may be a delay due to the re-attempt. Sometimes, this can cause problems with your driving course. Please understand that when we book intensive driving courses with driving instructors they are committing to that many hours in a specified time frame. Sometimes, there are delays that hinder the smooth running of the course.

Is the practical test booked for the last day of training?

Yes, but this is dependent on the following. It isn’t always possible to get a test on the Friday of your course. There are many factors to consider when we book your practical test. These include: have you got your theory already, or will you be taking it on the week of your course?

Local test centre waiting times, and the notice we have to book your course and practical test dates. The more time we have to plan your course and test bookings, the better for you. In most cases, your test will be within 7 days of the last day of your training, if not on the last day itself. It is important to have your theory passed, otherwise, we are not able to book your practical test in an ideal time frame of your intensive driving course.


During the summer months – waiting times can soar, again, with the winter months due to snow. So, please bear this mind – a healthy course booking and plan would mean the candidate has the theory passed and gives us 5-6 weeks notice (or longer) before the intensive driving course commences. This will allow us to plan and arrange the perfect course.

Can I do my intensive driving course in an automatic car?

Yes. However- this is dependent on availability in your area. We will endeavour to find you the perfect instructor for your course, however- automatic tuition vehicles are not as common as manual cars. If we can’t find an instructor in your local area, we will try a little further afield. If we fail to fulfil your course, a full refund will be given on the deposit.

What am I paying for when I book my course?

When you book your chosen course online, you are paying a deposit and practical/theory test fees. This guarantees your course booking. Once payment has been received, we will allocate you your trainer. On acceptance of the course, the remaining balance is payable to the instructor 14 days prior to the start of the course. Cash, cheque, and bank transfer are acceptable forms of payment. If in the unlikely event we can’t allocate you an instructor, you will receive a full refund within 24 hours via bank transfer on confirmation we can’t fulfil your course booking. Your deposit also allows you access to our online training school and the extras within the course description.

What is the "trainingzone"?

Our training zone is an additional training resource that is encompassing many types of media types such as videos and articles. You will learn a vast array of topics in the driving syllabus that will help you become a more competent driver. Your driving lessons are a priority when training, at no stage of your driving journey, should you replace for this training zone. Always take lessons with a professional driving instructor.

What if you can't get me a test date?

We will always be able to get you a test date. We use a third-party company that hunts down late cancellation tests. A cancellation checker service will be set-up and your trainer will be notified upon cancellations via mobile phone. However- sometimes, things don’t always go to plan. We will try our hardest to get you a test booking in the location of your choice. But, sometimes this maybe your second or third choice. You will still have training in your test location to get familiar with the test routes and road layouts.

Again, it all comes down to the theory test pass and the notice we have to arrange the best outcome for your intensive course. The more time we have to get you the best test date, the smoother your course will run!

What happens if my driving test is cancelled on the same day it's taken?

If the test is cancelled by the test centre then it is up to you to re-arrange with your instructor. The DVSA will re-book your test, you will not lose your test fee. However- it is not the responsibility of the LPOD Academy. You will need to liaise with your instructor if there are any hours owing or to be refunded. If you have lost time you are able to get reimbursed for up to 2 hours by the test centre. Ask them for the correct forms if this does occur.

What happens if my allocated driving instructor does not arrive for my course?

If for some reason the trainer doesn’t turn up or is unable to do the course then your deposit will be refunded if we are unable to get you another trainer. Sometimes things can go wrong, and vehicles, accidents and illness can disrupt courses and bookings. If this does happen to you- we firstly apologies in advance, but, secondly we will do whatever we can to accommodate your course and your test bookings.

Will I get a receipt after paying the remaining balance to my instructor?

Yes. When you pay the remaining balance to the trainer on the first lesson, you shall receive a receipt at the time of payment. Please do not make payment without getting a receipt. We advise you to pay by bank transfer and to get a receipt.

What happens if my driving instructor does not finish all my training

In this unlikely event, your instructor will reimburse you for the hours you have not completed. LPOD Academy can’t be held responsible for this and it is strictly to do with yourself and the instructor in question. When we recruit trainers, we ensure stringent checks are taken and only use trainers who consistently provide good customer service to our clients.

Of course there may be multiple reasons as to your course not being completed. This could be due to sudden sickness, accident or bereavement. Your driving instructor will reimburse you any paid hours not taken, and a proportion of the deposit will also be refunded. Please NOTE: Sometimes things can happen, we will do whatever we can you allocate you a new trainer in your local area.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit is only refundable if we are not able to allocate you an instructor for your course, or if your instructor doesn’t turn up. However- we are very sure of our success and system and firmly believe that your course will be subject to no problems. In the eventuality, that you don’t complete the course due to you cancelling it-we will honour the equivalent refund of the deposit dependent on the hours you have taken. However- we are only likely to refund on medical grounds. Work, bereavement or other commitments would not warrant a refund due to your unforeseen circumstances. A sick note will be needed to be refunded the deposit. The monies to the instructor are strictly between instructor and pupil. However- in the interest of the instructor, no refund is to be given, unless 14 days notice has been given. As your instructor is dedicating a week to your training- notice is needed so that the instructor in question can arrange other work to continue earning his/her wage. All instructors are self-employed.

What happens if I want to cancel my course?

We strongly urge you to make sure you are committed to the course. Once the course is booked and agreed, you have to cancel the booking with 28 days notice of the start of the course/or within 14 days of the course booking whichever comes sooner. If less time is given, then you will be subject to 50% of the final course cost. If 7 days or less notice is given, you will need to pay the full remaining balance to the trainer and your deposit (excluding test fees) will be forfeited. For example Course 1: booked for three weeks time. You need to cancel the booking within 7 days of your booking date. This would be 14 days prior to the start of the course. You will receive a full refund of your deposit and test fees. Course 2: Booked for three months time (12 weeks). You need to cancel your booking 10 weeks prior to the course starting. (14 days after the initial course booking) Otherwise, you will be subject to a 50 % final course fee charge. A full refund of the deposit and course fees will be given if the correct notice has been given. Course 3: Booked for 2 days time. You will not be able to cancel this course once the course has been confirmed by ourselves. You will be charged the full course fee in the event you cancelled the course. Please note: courses booked with less than 14 days notice are not refundable. Once confirmed, you are subject to full course payment on the day of the course to the trainer. If you need to cancel you will be charged 50% full course fee, if more than 7 days notice has been given, or 100% course fee will be charged by the trainer if 7 days or less has been given

What happens if I'm not happy with my instructor?

If you are not happy with your trainer it is important you give us a call straight away. Most problems can be sorted out with communication. If in the event the trainer hasn’t adhered to the DVSAs code of conduct then we shall support you in getting refunded by your trainer. However- this can be hard to prove. It is important to keep all records of communication in the eventuality of disputes. If in doubt please seek legal advice.

What happens if I don't pass my theory during my course week?

If you don’t manage to pass your theory test. Your course will still continue as arranged. However- your practical test date will have to be postponed until you have passed your theory test. You will need to arrange with your instructor any additional hours that may be needed, or any hours of your course to be reserved. Any communication between the pupil and instructor is purely confidential and LPOD Academy can’t be held responsible.

Can I book more hours If I feel I'm not ready?

Yes. You can arrange any more training with your allocated instructor after the initial course has been fulfilled. The hourly rate is set by the instructor and may be subject to change at any time. LPOD Academy can’t be held responsible for any arrangements made between the instructor and pupil.

For all courses of 30+ hours, we will always leave a period of 7 days to ensure that you are ready for your driving test. Sometimes, learners use this time to have some private practice and then a few extra hours with their driving instructor. Some pupils prefer to just book a few more hours with the driving instructor. In most instances, the driving instructor will be able to give some additional training, however, if more than 5 hours is needed and they aren’t able to commit to 10+ hours then we may need to move your driving test date backwards a little bit.

What happens If I don't need all the hours I booked?

It is between pupil and trainer to decide whether you need all of your course hours. However- with all training courses, especially driving. Having more training is always more beneficial to you. You could discuss this with your trainer and perhaps arrange a Pass Plus course to accommodate any extra hours you feel you don’t need. This is at the discretion of the trainer.

No driving instructor has to reduce their hours of training. They work to their diaries and expense commitments. Losing 10 hours of work in one week can be a lot to some trainers. Again, sometimes this could hinder your pass result for the sake of a few hours. We advise sticking to the original plan. However, the final say-so is at the driving instructor’s discretion.

What happens If my instructor car breaks down?

If the car breaks down, then it is between trainer and learner to negotiate plans moving forward. LPOD Academy can’t be held responsible for this eventuality. However- your course will go ahead, or your hours refunded by the trainer.

Will I have breaks in between my course?

Your instructor will arrange short breaks during the day. Typically 15 minutes every 2.5 hours.

What happens if I fail my practical test?

If you fail your test then LPOD Academy will book you another test. This is the FREE re-test on offer. However, please note, any additional hours are payable to the trainer at an hourly rate of £30 per hour. We like to leave this arrangement between instructor and pupil. The FREE re-test is the fee payable to the DVSA and not the fee payable to the driving instructor for any additional hours to take you to test.

What qualifications does an instructor have?

All of our instructors are fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADI). They are monitored and regulated by the DVSA. As part of their registration to the ADI register, they have to pass an enhanced CRB check and on first application to the register have to have references by professional persons. Some of our instructors, but not all, have lots of years experience, and all of them already work independently as ADIs on a self-employed basis. They chose to work extra hours dependent on their own personal circumstances. All of our instructors have passed our own in-house checks so that we know we are providing you with properly qualified and responsible instructors. All of our instructors abide by our code of conduct and that of the DVSA.A copy can be found here. All training vehicles will be properly insured, shall be presented neat and tidy, contain the proper mirrors, and legal notifications that are stipulated by the DVSA. All of our instructor’s vehicles will have dual controls fitted and all of our ADIs have at least 6 months as qualified ADI status. All vehicles are fit for road tuition and are road worthy. If you have any concerns you should contact us as soon as possible.

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