Platinum 50 | 50 Hour Penultimate Driving Course (Delivered Typically Within 14-21 days)

Are you tired of getting a bus? Fed-up of waiting for lifts in the rain? Are you looking for a new job and can’t as you need your driving licence? Have you been putting off driving all of your life – and feel now is the right time? Whatever your reasons, we know how frustrating it is for you. We can certainly help you pass your driving test.

Our Platinum 5o course is ideal for students who may be nervous and suffer from anxiety. The ‘extra’ time will help any nervous driver learn to drive in their own time, whilst giving them the time and space to learn at their own pace. This course is ideal for learners who are apprehensive about driving, or for students who have wanted to drive for a long time, but fear has stopped them from doing so.

This course will introduce the learner driver to the driving syllabus. It will be focused on the pace of the learner driver – and not the syllabus itself. Your course instructor will create a tailored plan of training specifically for your needs and pace.

Towards the end of your intensive driving course, your driving instructor will prepare you for a driving test. You will do some mock driving exams and will practice some complex junctions within the local area. By the time you finish your course, not only will you be confident, but very experienced and ready to pass your driving test.



If you’re looking for a driving course that can “take care of everything” our Platinum 50 course is best for you. This course will inevitably make you more confident in all areas of driving and present you to your driving test in the best possible position!


Perfect for learners with; anxiety, past trauma and nervousness. If you want an all in one package, then look no further! Scroll further down this page and we’ll delve deeper into the details.


Note: All courses taken by learners, yield different results. All learning progress is subject to different rates. We typically deliver our Platinum 50 course within 14 – 21 days. This can change if circumstances alter or external factors prevent certain things from happening.








    Who Would Need This Course?

    This course is suitable for learners who have never driven before, driven a long time ago (10+) or want to make sure you’re having the best possible of passing your test first time.


    Not only this, but this course will also cater for learners who suffer from anxiety, nervousness and other conditions that shorter courses may not be able to accommodate for.


    A quick list for learners who would suit this course best:


    1. Students who have no driving knowledge or experience. Complete novice.
    2. Students who suffer from anxiety, nervousness or any other condition that affects driving.
    3. Students who have past trauma with driving and need more time to learn
    4. Students who want to maximise their chances of passing their driving test the first time!

    Still unsure? Read the reviews of learners who chose us!

    How The Course Is Planned...

    The first thing we look at is if you need to pass your theory, if yes, continue reading. If you already passed your theory test, then skip this section and move onto the next section below.


    Theory test: As part of the learning to drive journey, passing your theory test is the first important test you must pass before you’re legally allowed to book and attend a practical test.


    We will aim to book your theory test before your intensive starts. The earlier you pass your theory, the better chances we have of booking your test date for a desirable date & time. Depending on how your course is planned, our goal is to get you through your theory ASAP.


    We provide an online theory course that is different than most theory resources to help you study. We also include a free theory retest if you don’t happen to pass on your first go!


    Training: In your booking, you can specify how you would like to organise your course. You can request to start your course on a specific start date (dependant on current availability & COVID) or you can request to start your course around the date of your booked practical test date.


    Once specified, your instructor will contact you to organise the training dates & times that work best for both of you.


    Practical test: The practical test is the final examination of any course. We book and manage this for all candidates (unless you request to manage it yourself). Our aim is to book tests around desirable dates & times. Although we cannot guarantee certain dates, we try our best to match yours and your instructor’s desired date.


    If you have further questions, please feel free to use our contact form above!

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