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Take our short quiz to find out which course package suits you! All courses are based upon the DVSA's recommendation of the average learner of having 47 hours with a driving instructor & half this again in private practice.

All recommendations are only a rough guide if you want a detailed recommendation, you can call a member of staff on 0800 112 3515!
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Have you driven before?
If you have driven with a driving instructor or done some private practice with a family or friend, these will all count.
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The DVSA recommends that a learner driver should take 47 hours of driving lessons and half that again in private practice to be prepared for a driving test. We base all our course recommendations around this too. This quiz is only here to guide you on what course would suit you best.

At no point does this course recommendation guarantee you will pass your driving test first time. Many factors can contribute towards a learners progress & ability to pass a test.
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