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Cambridge (Brookmount Court) Practical Test Centre

Cambridge (Brookmount Court) Practical Test Centre

Located alongside rural roads, the Cambridge (Brookmount Court) Practical Test Centre offers a comprehensive examination venue for learners aspiring to pass their practical driving test. Candidates must familiarize themselves with the routes leading to the test centre, encompassing all possible angles and areas from which learners may approach.


Expectations include encountering roundabouts along the designated routes, thus necessitating a thorough understanding of the guidance provided on this page to help them ace their driving test.

Practical Test Centre Address:

Driving Test Centre Cambridge Brookmount Court,

Units A & B Brookmount Court, Kirkwood Road,




Toilets: There are no toilets are available at the building.

Disabled Access: Arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability.

Parking: There are parking spaces available at this centre.

Additional Notes: Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your appointment time. Observe any on-site signage. Please park in the bays dedicated to car test candidates ONLY and report to the waiting room keeping to any pedestrian walkways provided.

Tests Provided: Car, ADI Part 2 + 3 

How To Get To Cambridge (Brookmount Court) Practical Test Centre

When scheduling a driving test appointment and intending to utilise your vehicle, it is imperative to be accompanied by a family member who owns a valid driving license with at least three years of experience and proficiency in driving skills.


To reach the Cambridge (Brookmount Court) Practical Test Centre, the journey entails travelling to Kings Hedges Road, followed by a left turn onto Kirkwood Road. Subsequently, attention should be directed towards locating Brookmount Court, where the test centre is situated.

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