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Castle Douglas Practical Test Centre

Castle Douglas Practical Test Centre

Situated on Buchan Street, the Castle Douglas Practical Test Centre offers a selection of driving test routes close to the town. If you find yourself in the vicinity of this centre, we strongly advise considering it as your preferred location for undertaking your practical test.


Below, you will find essential information designed to assist you in navigating the requirements associated with passing your practical test(s) at the Castle Douglas Centre.

Practical Test Centre Address:

Carlingwark Cottage,

Carlingwark Arc, Buchan Street,

Castle Douglas,




Toilets: Male and disabled toilets are available in the building.

Disabled Access: Arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability.

Parking: There are no car parking spaces available at the building.

Additional Notes:

Tests Provided: Car

How To Get To Castle Douglas Practical Test Centre

Ensuring a smooth journey to the Castle Douglas practical test centre entails travelling with someone proficient in directions and capable of securely driving you to the designated location.


As you make your way to the centre, you’ll need to navigate towards the B736 Road before reaching Buchan Street. Upon arrival, you’ll notice the Carlingwark Cottage in close proximity, serving as a nearby landmark to guide you to the test centre. Familiarising yourself with these key waypoints can facilitate a stress-free arrival and enhance your preparedness for the practical test.

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Useful Resources

We have plenty of useful resources to help you pass your driving test at Castle Douglas. Pass your driving test today!


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