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Chelmsford (Hanbury Road) Practical Test Centre

Chelmsford (Hanbury Road) Practical Test Centre

Located within the scenic rural roads of the town, the Chelmsford (Hanbury Road) Practical Test Centre lies within the Widford Industrial Estate. For learners aspiring to pass their driving test within the town, this centre offers a promising opportunity, even on your initial attempt.


To ensure comprehensive preparation for your practical test, it’s recommended to read the entirety of this page, as it encompasses all the necessary information essential for your success in your dricinf examination.

Practical Test Centre Address:

Hanbury Road,

Widford Industrial Estate,




Toilets: The building has toilets available for both Male and females learners.

Disabled Access: Access to wheelchairs won’t be possible at the centre.

Parking: There is no car park available at the test centre.

Additional Notes:

Tests Provided: Car, Voc, B+E, ADI Part  3

How To Get To Chelmsford (Hanbury Road) Practical Test Centre

While bringing your vehicle for the test is permissible, it’s crucial to ensure you’re accompanied by an individual who holds valid insurance and has a driving license for a minimum of three years.


Heading to the Chelmsford (Hanbury Road) Practical Test Centre entails travelling along Hanbury Road until you reach the Widford Industrial Estate. The test centre is conveniently situated within this area, providing a straightforward route for your examination.

Not Your Local Test Centre?

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