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Pitlochry Practical Test Centre

Pitlochry Practical Test Centre

The Pitlochry practical test centre, situated on West Moulin Road, offers convenient access to several driving test routes in the vicinity of the town. For those within proximity of this centre, we strongly advise scheduling your practical test at the Pitlochry location.


Below, you’ll find valuable information to bolster your confidence and enhance your chances of success on your practical test at Pitlochry.

Practical Test Centre Address:

The Hall,

West Moulin Road,


PH16 5EA


Toilets: There are male, female, and disabled toilets available at the building.

Disabled Access: You can get into the test centre in a wheelchair.

Parking: There are parking spaces available at this test centre.

Additional Notes:

Tests Provided: Car 

How To Get To Pitlochry Practical Test Centre

When heading to the Pitlochry practical test centre for your practica; appointment, ensure you’re accompanied by a family member or a friend skilled in navigation and driving safely.


To reach the centre, navigate to West Moulin Road, accessible via the A924 Road. Upon arrival, proceed to The Hall within the estate, where you’ll find the test centre situated.

Not Your Local Test Centre?

If you can’t take the practical test at Pitlochry, there are nearby practical test centres you can also look into such as: 


Perth (Arran Road)



Useful Resources

We have plenty of useful resources to help you pass your driving test at Pitlochry. Pass your driving test today!


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