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Pontefract Practical Test Centre

Pontefract Practical Test Centre

The Pontefract practical test centre lies alongside the rural roads of Pontefract. It is situated on Station Lane. Learners near this area who want to pass their practical test should take the test from the Pontefract test centre as it offers a convenient location conducive to their learning.


Learners should expect roundabouts on the routes from the centre, therefore, you will need to pay attention to the information we will give you on this page.

Practical Test Centre Address:

7 Flemming Court,

Whistler Drive,


WF10 5HW


Toilets: There are male, female, and disabled toilets available at the centre.

Disabled Access: You can get into the test centre in a wheelchair.

Parking: A car park is available at this centre.

Additional Notes:

Tests Provided: Car, ADI Part 2 + 3

How To Get To Pontefract Practical Test Centre

When travelling to the Pontefract practical test centre, it is essential to be accompanied by a licensed driver who has held their licence for at least three years and can ensure a safe journey.


To reach the Pontefract practical test centre, take Station Lane until you arrive at the industrial estate. You will then encounter Baghill Station, where the test centre is located.


Continue reading the entire page to learn more helpful guidance, whether you are coming from within Pontefract or from the surrounding areas, to ensure a smooth and straightforward route to your driving test appointment.

Not Your Local Test Centre?

If it is not possible for you to take the driving test at Pontefract, you may find it useful to look at other test centres. There are nearby practical centres, such as: 





Useful Resources

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