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Stranraer Practical Test Centre

Stranraer Practical Test Centre

The Stranraer practical test centre is strategically located at the rural roads of Wigtownshire, making it an ideal choice for learners residing nearby to undertake their driving tests. If you’re aiming to succeed in your practical test, consider scheduling your appointment at the Stranraer test centre without delay.


For comprehensive information to assist you in preparing for your practical test at Stranraer, we encourage you to read through the entirety of this page.

Practical Test Centre Address:

Northwest Castle Hote,





Toilets: There are male toilets available in the building.

Disabled Access: Special arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability.

Parking: There is no on-site parking in the building.

Additional Notes:

Tests Provided: Car, Mc2

How To Get To Stranraer Practical Test Centre

When heading to your driving test appointment at the Stranraer practical test centre, you will be required to arrange your own transportation. If you plan to bring your vehicle to test, you may need to have someone or a friend who can accompany you safely to the test centre.


To reach the Wigtownshire test centre, you’ll need to navigate towards the Northwest Castle Hotel. Utilizing the A866 Road will guide you to your destination. Best of luck on your journey!

Not Your Local Test Centre?

If you won’t take the driving test at Stranraer, you may find it useful to look at other test centres. There are nearby practical centres, such as: 


Newton Stewart



Useful Resources

We have plenty of useful resources to help you pass your driving test at Stranraer. Pass your driving test today!


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