Westbury Practical Test Centre

Westbury practical test centre is located at Wellhead Lane. It has a few driving test routes available near the town.

If you are near this centre, we highly recommend taking your practical test at the Westbury practical test centre.


Here is some information to help you and give you the confidence to pass your practical test/s to Westbury.

Practical Test Centre Address:

Leighton Recreation Centre,

Wellhead Lane,



BA13 3PT


Toilets: Male and female toilets available at this test centre.

Disabled Access: Special rrangements won’t be possible at this test centre.

Parking: There are parking spaces available at this test centre.

Additional Notes:

Tests Provided: Car

How To Get To Westbury Practical Test Centre

On your appointment day, it is important that when you are making your way to the Westbury practical test centre, you are with someone who has knowledge in directions and who could drive you securely to the test centre.


When getting to Westbury practical test centre, it will require you to travel to Wellhead Lane. Then you will need to go onto the Leighton Recreation Centre to arrive at the test centre. 

Not Your Local Test Centre?

If you can’t take your practical test at Westbury,  you may try the nearby practical test centres such as:



Blandford Forum


Useful Resources

We have plenty of useful resources to help you pass your driving test at Westbury. Pass your driving test today!


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