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Weston-super-Mare Practical Test Centre

Weston-super-Mare Practical Test Centre

The Weston-super-Mare is located amidst tranquil rural roads. Aspiring drivers from this area aiming to excel in their driving tests should take their practical test in this test centre. Expect to navigate roundabouts along the routes, underscoring the importance of heeding the guidance provided on this page.


This comprehensive information is designed to empower you, increasing your chances of acing your driving test, potentially on your very first attempt.

Practical Test Centre Address:

Plot 11, Sunnyside Road,

North Industrial Estate,

Weston Super Mare,

BS23 3PZ


Toilets: There are male and female toilets available at the centre.

Disabled Access: Arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability.

Parking: There are parking spaces available at the test centre.

Additional Notes:

Tests Provided: Car, ADI Part 2 + 3

How To Get To Weston-super-Mare Practical Test Centre

When scheduling your driving test and intending to use your own vehicle, ensure a licensed family member accompanies you, possessing at least three years of driving experience.


To reach the Weston-super-Mare practical test centre, head to Plot 11, Sunnyside Road North, nestled within the North Industrial Estate.

Not Your Local Test Centre?

There’s no need to worry if you are not taking the test at the Weston-super-Mare practical test centre. You can take your practical test/s at the nearby test centres such as: 



Cardiff (Llanishen)

Newport (Gwent)

Useful Resources

Here are some useful resources to help you pass your driving test. Pass your driving test today at Weston-super-Mare practical test centre! See you there!


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