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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Table Of Contents:



1. General


2. Course Cancellation


3. Course Balance Payment


4. Course Contract


5. Contractual Agreement


6. Medical


7. Driving Retest Policy


8. Driving Test Cancellations


9. Course Booking Confirmation


10. Theory Test Appointments & Course Information


11. Driving Test Bookings & Confirmation


12. Driving Instructors





When booking a course with LPOD Academy, you are under the provision that you understand you are forming a contract between yourself and the instructor with regards to the delivery of the course and its hours.


All driving instructors are self-employed in the UK and are regulated by the DVSA. LPOD Academy works with driving instructors that provide a niche service of intensive driving courses throughout the UK. When referring to the word intensive, we are on the understanding that the course is conducted over a short period of time. Typically less than 3 weeks. Unless instructed otherwise via email or on the phone.



LPOD Academy is a booking agency whereby we match pupils with driving instructors for intensive driving course purposes.  We act in the interest of the driving instructor and the pupil (the learner driver). The booking deposit is payable on booking a course, whether by phone or via the website. Please await a booking confirmation email to confirm your course booking.



Once a booking deposit has been made and matched to both parties (pupil and driving instructor), the booking is complete and the deposit is non-refundable to the pupil or the payee of the course booking deposit. Matched refers to both parties agreeing to the booking of the course and the course terms and conditions as laid out by LPOD Academy.



LPOD Academy will assign all courses to the nominated driving instructor within 14 days of course booking. In the eventuality that a course cannot be fulfilled, we shall refund all course deposits via the same method of deposit paid.  The provisional course start date is only your preferred choice of the start date, and we reserve the right to provide the nearest course available up to four weeks after your selected course start date.



If courses cannot be assigned then a full refund will be given, via the payment method used to initially pay the deposit to the original course deposit payee. Please note: Please do not book any time off work before confirmation of your course start date within your driving instructor’s diary. We cannot accept any responsibility for any booked holiday time, due to starting your course later than your preferred start choice.


Course Cancellation



Any bookings can be cancelled with a minimum of 6 weeks notice and a full deposit refund will be issued to the course booker/payee. We do request for any course booking cancellations to be given by email to info@lpodacademy.co.uk. Please adhere to this rule. No cancellation of course booking can be cancelled unless this is in writing via email. All courses after



Courses booked with less than 6 weeks notice are subject to our no-refund policy unless we are not able to fulfil your course 14 days from booking with a deposit.



Once your course has been assigned and agreed with your driving instructor you will receive a course confirmation email stating the details of your course. This confirmation email is not subject to official course booking. You are bound to the full course cost if 4 weeks notice is not given and you are unable to fulfil the course for whatever reason.


All courses cancelled with less than 4 weeks notice are liable for payment for full course cost. An invoice will be sent with a term of 7 days to complete payment. If, payment is not received within 7 days of course cancellation and a further invoice will be sent with an additional £100 administration fee. If a subsequent 7 days lapses, we will support the affected ADI (Driving Instructor) to pursue loss via the small claims court. Additional fees may be applied.



Please note: change in circumstances, holidays, illness or work-related affairs do not make LPOD Academy or the assigned driving instructor liable to recompense you for cancellation/re-arrangement of course. The full course cost is still payable and chargeable at the discretion of the driving instructor.



These terms and conditions are to protect the interests of our driving instructors, but, when confirming course details on the phone with your driving instructor, they reserve the right to inform you of their own stipulated conditions as per the course. LPOD Academy instils default terms and conditions in the interests of our driving instructors who abide by our terms and conditions also.


If your assigned instructor states their preferred time of payment of course balance they will discuss this with you when they make contact prior to your course start date. Some instructors do insist on payment up front 14 days prior to course start date. Please ensure you are fully aware of when payment is due with your designated instructor. Otherwise, our default terms and conditions will reside and be enforceable.



All of our driving instructors are self-employed, and we book the courses ahead to keep their diaries full. If a course is cancelled with less than 4 weeks notice, payment must still be paid and is payable to your appointed driving instructor. This is payable to the driving instructor you have been assigned. Acceptable payments include: Cash, cheques, preferred method is a bank transfer.

Your driving instructor will discuss with you their preferred payment method when they make contact to arrange your course dates and hours. Some driving instructors do not accept cheques, please be advised to check with your appointed driving instructor when they call to arrange your course.



Please note: Course change of start date is deemed a cancelled course. If you wish to change the course start date: it is at the discretion of our driving instructor as to whether they can and will allow this change. If not, our terms and conditions will be honoured and the course will be deemed cancelled and the full course cost is payable if you are not able to attend your course hours. A new course booking will need to be made to make a new course booking with a deposit payable to LPOD Academy.


Course Balance Payment



We request that the remaining course balance is to be settled no less than 14 days prior to your course start date. However, please check with your driving instructor as some do state 21 days prior to course start date. Otherwise, our terms and conditions will reside.  If payment is not received, you will be liable for the full course cost to your driving instructor and the course itself may be cancelled at the driving instructor’s discretion. We are very strict on payment and prefer to get ‘business matters’ out of the way.



In the event of any payment disputes: no course will commence until all funds have been received. If funds are not clear, no lessons will commence, and any training booked in the driving instructor’s diary will be deemed has had. No replacement lessons will be given to recompense loss of training hours. Late payment notice: £100 administration fee.



In the event of payment disputes, and any cheques not clearing in time,  or our terms and conditions not met, we will support the self-employed instructor to claim loss of earnings through third-party debt collection agencies and or the small claims court.  We are very strict on the remaining payment of course bookings – due to the nature of our industry. Intensive driving course instructors rely on their courses to be fulfilled. Payment must be made 14 DAYS prior to the start of the course to your nominated driving instructor. 




Short notice courses with less than 4 weeks notice must be paid in full at the time of booking to LPOD Academy to whom payment will be directed to the appointed driving instructor. Please note: This is subject to a 4% payment charge due to banking fees.



Often, things won’t go to plan due to external factors. Other course dates will be offered as a replacement in the event of car breakdowns, instructor sickness. The driving instructor will liaise with you directly with any future course bookings as per their diary.



In the event, that a driving instructor is unable to fulfil the course that has been booked in. And you the ‘learner’ cannot fulfil a future course date, a full refund of both the course and the course booking deposit will be payable.



LPOD Academy will not be held responsible for agreements made between instructor and pupil. All students who are 17 will need to pay the full course balance amount 2 weeks (14 days) prior to their course start date. Otherwise, the course shall be cancelled. This term and condition have been put into place to protect driving instructors as minors can’t be liable for contractual agreements in the course of law.



If payment is not received within the stipulated time periods, a £100 administration charge will be added to the final course balance. Upon being notified by the driving instructor, LPOD Academy will issue a course balance invoice, this should be settled within 7 days of receiving to the booking email of the course booking form. If payment has not been received within 7 days of the invoice being sent, £100 will be added to the total course booking and remaining balance fee. We also reserve the right to add 4% banking charge to all invoices issued for outstanding course balances.



Please note: LPOD Academy understands that sometimes these things can be overlooked. We will make contact with you on behalf of the driving instructor to whom the balance is due. If 24 hours lapses and no contact has been received than the £100 administration fee is payable to LPOD Academy, alongside the remaining course balance to the driving instructor.


If payment is not received within 72 hours from the due date, the driving instructor reserves the right to cancel the course and seek payment via third-party debt collection agencies or via the small claims court. Please note: this would increase the overall cost of your course, and the course will be cancelled with immediate effect.


Course Contract 



The contract that we are creating is between course receiver and a driving instructor. Once all courses have been confirmed with course receiver and driving instructor, the course receiver is bound to these terms and conditions.



The course booker and payer is liable to provide all course booking details of course receiver and all methods of contact of course receiver. This includes email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and full address(s). LPOD Academy cannot be held responsible for any course bookings if details have not been given or are incorrect.



All pupils must adhere to these terms and conditions. In the eventuality of booking a course for a family member or friend, if they are unaware of the course due to being a birthday present or alike, then the course responsibility resides with course booker and deposit payer. LPOD Academy should be notified upon booking if this is the case. We can’t be held responsible for course receiver not being made aware of their course booking.



If the course receiver is uncontactable the contract remains with course booker/deposit payer. Any outstanding monies and course balances will be at the responsibility of the course booker/deposit payer. Please refer to previous payment terms.



Once the course receiver or booker (in the event of a present) has agreed to the course start dates and times with the appointed driving instructor they will become liable for the remaining course balance. If the course receiver is 17 years old, the course booking contract is between course booker/ deposit payer and the remaining course balance is payable 14 days prior to the start date of the course by the original course booker and deposit payer. Please refer to our previous terms and conditions.



If the pupil is under 18 years of age: the remaining payment must be settled 2 weeks prior to the start of the course. This is due to being under eighteen years of age. If payment is not received 2 weeks before the course start date, the course will be cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded.

If payment is not received or clear at the start of the course, the driving course will not Commence and the full course will be chargeable. Due to instructor wages, car insurance and public liability insurance, car maintenance and fuel.





If any issues arise once you start your course you must notify us upon the first encounter of any problems. Communication is very often the barrier between pupil and instructor and early intervention can resolve any upset or complaints. If the course has been completed and no complaint, upset or notification of problem has been given, LPOD Academy cannot take any responsibility to any complaints with regards to course delivery or driving instructor disputes. All complaints must be received via email to info@lpodacademy.co.uk during the course week.



If you have any complaints about your driving instructor you must discuss this with them directly. Very often, disputes can be resolved, and are commonly due to misunderstandings of the situation. If no resolution has been found, then please send us an email to info@lpodacademy.co.uk.



Due to Data Protection Laws (GDPR) and company policy, all complaints must be in writing. However, we may discuss with the course receiver any concerns they have with regards to the course, prior to and during the course. If you have a direct complaint about your driving instructor’s conduct, please send us an email to info@lpodacademy.co.uk as soon as the situation concerned happens.


Please Note: we can’ discuss content with third parties, and about the driving instructor, due to GDPR Laws. Any professional misconduct disputes must be made into writing to the DVSA or the Trading Standards.


Although we do appreciate some occasions situations can arise, we must enforce this company policy. We have a duty of care to the pupil on receiving the course, and moral duty of care to the driving instructors that we work with. So, due to the nature of complaints, we are NOT able to discuss issues with any third party directly about the pupil or the driving instructor.





You the course receiver are bound to the DVSA’s health and eyesight responsibilities. If your health or eyesight changes since your application of the provisional driving licence, you should notify the DVLA immediately.



You must be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away. The course is still chargeable if you are unable to read the required distance at the start of your course.



You are responsible for the use of any medication whilst driving. You must Disclose any meds to your driving instructor and upon request, any Dr’s note to state you are fit to drive. If the driving instructor is in doubt of your ability under the influence of drugs/alcohol/prescription drugs your course will be cancelled and all training and fees will still be applicable.



In the eventuality of hospitalisation, you must disclose this Asap. If during your course, you are hospitalized it is at the discretion of the driving instructor if you will be offered alternative training days. Although we appreciate circumstances may arise, this will be dealt with on a per-basis situation. Ultimately, it is at the discretion of the driving instructor whether you will be still charged for your course.



You must disclose at the time of booking any health conditions that may affect your ability to drive safely and responsibly. These include asthma, heart problems, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, depression, bi-polar, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, anxiety, absence seizures, eating disorders, head injury, heart attacks, high and low blood pressure, surgery, sleep disorders, loss of eyesight, partially or in one or both eyes, pregnancy.


If these are not disclosed at the time of booking, LPOD Academy can’t take responsibility for any eventualities that may arise due to these health conditions. Nor your driving instructor. We reserve the right to cancel the course with immediate effect if your driving instructor comes to believe you are not medically fit to drive, whether short-term (day of the lesson) or long term. All driving instructors must exercise a duty of care when it comes to the safe provision of driving lessons.



Sleep disorders. It is your responsibility to disclose any sleep disorders to your driving instructor. If you are unaware of your sleep disorder – and your driving instructor believes you are not fit to drive. That day’s training will be cancelled, and it shall be at the discretion of your driving instructor whether you will be able to reschedule or lose your training that day.



Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks/Mental Health. If you suffer from anxiety related illnesses you must inform us at the point of booking. LPOD Academy does not believe intensive driving courses are suited to anxious pupils. You are accepting responsibility for your course booking under the understanding that we advise against an intensive driving course (1 week or up to 3 weeks).


In the event of anxious panic attacks erratic driving behaviour, your driving instructor reserves the right to cancel the course with full course cost. If this is not disclosed at the time of booking, any course fees will still be chargeable in the event of course cancellation, pre or during your course. It is important to share with our driving instructors the history of our pupils we are matching them with. To give you the best service, it is important to disclose this information at the point of booking.


If during your course, you decide to cancel the remaining course hours, due to anxious behaviour (erratic driving) or fear, the full course cost will be chargeable and any remaining course balance or training sessions will be forfeited.



Harassment of our driving instructors. If our driving instructors are abused, bullied, or threatened verbally, or physically, we reserve the right to cancel your course and take the appropriate action to support the driving instructor in the event of proceeding legal or civil action. All courses are logged, and any disputes with driving instructors will only be dealt with via email at info@lpodacademy.co.uk.



Broken limbs. If you break an arm or a leg, your course is still chargeable. If you are unfit to drive the driving instructor reserves the right not to continue with your course and it will be deemed complete/cancelled.



Alcohol/drugs misuse. If you are an alcohol-dependent person or have an addiction it is your responsibility to notify us at the point of booking. LPOD Academy reserves the right to cancel the course at any time. If your driving instructor believes that you are under the influence of banned drugs or prescription substances, they reserve the right to cancel the course with immediate effect.



Inaccurate information. If upon booking the course any information is not given correctly then LPOD Academy reserves the right to cancel the course and charge for the remaining course cost if the course has been matched already. Our 4 weeks notice term and conditions is waivered in this eventuality.



Licence view permission. You must arrange to allow your driving instructor to view your driving licence online via an online permission link. This must be done prior to the start course date. If this has not been done, the course will be cancelled with immediate effect and will still be chargeable to the driving instructor.


Driving Retest Policy



If your course includes a free retest, you will have proof of a retest on your confirmation booking email received by us. Typically, we will state “(retest eligible)” respective test type. In only some situations will we not issue a free retest if certain conditions have been broken. Please refer down to view these conditions.

If 7 days have been lapped from the date of your original test appointment and no prior contact has been made to us either through email or phone call, the driving retest offer will be invalidated.



Free retests are also subject to promotional and seasonal offerings. We reserve the right to not offer free retests at any time. To confirm we have this offer present, please get in touch with us either through email (info@lpodacademy.co.uk) or call a member of staff 0800 112 3515.



LPOD Academy will rebook a theory test appointment if the respective client fails their theory on the first attempt after providing photographic evidence of their theory test certificate fail.



Only in a few circumstances will LPOD Academy not issue a retest if certain conditions are broken:

  • The client does not arrive at either the first theory test appointment or practical test appointment for any reason
  • The client arrives late at their first theory appointment or practical test appointment and a member of staff refuses entry or cancels the test
  • The client notifies LPOD Academy that the current theory or practical test appointment is not suitable and needs changing but it’s within the DVSA’s no refund cancellation policy
  • Your allocated instructor deems you are not ready/not to test standard



LPOD Academy is not responsible for organising or arranging any other training outside of your original course booking. We are also not liable for instructor availability. Due to instructors diaries being unpredictable, we advise you to arrange training with your allocated instructor or another instructor prior to your retest training.



LPOD Academy will be the agent that books the candidate’s retest on their behalf in a suitable time frame. You are responsible for ensuring that the date is suitable and make necessary changes if the date cannot be attended. If you need the test date changing, please inform a member of staff.


Driving Test Cancellations



LPOD Academy does not take any responsibility for the DVSA cancelling driving tests, nor the driving instructor’s car condition. If the test was refused due to the car’s condition, the driving instructor will be liable to cover the cost of the new driving test fee.



On some occasions driving tests will be cancelled due to the following circumstances:

  1. Bad weather conditions
  2. Examiner sickness
  3. Examiner strikes
  4. Mechanical breakdown
  5. Instructor sickness – LPOD Academy will NOT accept liability for instructor sickness nor any other reason for test cancellation.



When a test is booked the student is hiring the car for the driving test exam. In the event of an accident and the driving instructor’s car is not able to be used for the driving test, this liability lies with the learner driver. However, if 48 hours or less has been given, liability is with the driving instructor to cover new driving test costs.



If the DVSA cancels the driving test, any hours owing to the driving instructor will be chargeable. In this event, it is the learner’s responsibility to claim expenses back from the DVSA.


Course Booking Confirmation



A successful course booking is when LPOD Academy matches a pupil with a driving instructor and a course booking confirmation has been sent. Your provisional start date when booking online is only a guesstimate (ideal start date.) Please await for the course booking confirmation email for the details of your course.  Both parties agree on a start date for the course. Start dates listed on our website are only provisional and are only confirmed when we have allocated your course to a driving instructor. We also stress that start dates may also change unexpectedly due to a multitude of reasons. If there is a need to change the course start date we will confirm with you and your driving instructor if both parties are happy to change the course starting date. If booking a course on the website, please be advised the original quote is the price of the course. Deposit amounts and pending amounts vary please await the confirmation email that LPOD Academy will send to you after your course booking details have been confirmed. Sometimes when booking courses online, details can be made in error. NB: this is not a confirmation booking email, this is ONLY a receipt of what has been registered.



Dates and times of the course are to be arranged with the driving instructor as per their diary. Sometimes, course training days may start at different times due to other pupil’s driving tests from previous weeks. Your driving instructor will liaise with you at all times and dates when discussing your course on the phone.



If any driving training days are cancelled by the driving instructor due to mechanical breakdown or other unavoidable situations, a replacement training day shall be offered or a refund of hours owing. LPOD Academy does NOT accept responsibility for refunds of hours owing or due to the driving instructor cancelling a day’s training.


Theory Test Appointments & Course Information



If you book your driving course on the same week as your theory test your driving course hours will be used up. Unless agreed mutually with your driving instructor. On some occasions, pupils may fail their theory test and another appointment will be needed.



Appointment times can vary from any theory test centre. We can not book a driving test until the learner driver has passed their theory test. You will need to discuss this situation with your driving instructor and agree on an outcome. Sometimes, the driving instructor will hold back some hours for when you have completed your driving course. In this eventuality, you may be required to have additional training hours due to the time lapse.



LPOD Academy cannot guarantee a driving test date the same week you pass your theory test. This is dependent on your driving instructor’s availability and current driving test commitments. However, a driving test will be booked at the nearest driving test centre for a suitable date.



Not all courses are straightforward, due to many situations and factors. Your course is intensive, and when we say “intensive” – you learn to drive within 1 week – 4 weeks, whereby a ‘normal’ pupil will learn to drive over a years duration or more.


Driving Test Bookings & Confirmation



We at no stage guarantee a driving test appointment for the end of your training week. No company can guarantee this. We advise our instructors to reserve the last few remaining hours your course around or on the day of your practical test appointment.



As part of your course booking, members of staff look for practical test appointments bi-hourly during our hours of operation. Although, we try our best in looking for a suitable test, we may miss opportunities during our bi-hourly checks. We advise you to also check for earlier test appointments as well.

Test waiting times can increase during some parts of the year, such as the summer holidays, Easter breaks and other national days and events. Other factors that may increase test waiting times are examiner shortages and types of nearby test centres.


Driving Instructors



We work only with local and reputable driving instructors. We do not want to work with unreliable, rude ADI’s. As this is not a healthy approach to our business ethics. If you find your allocated instructor is rude or unprofessional, please refer to our complaints section above.



All driving instructors we work with supply a clean, well-maintained car, and all tuition cars are insured for learner drivers. Pupils can request confirmation of car insurance from their appointed driving instructor at any time. All instructors abide by the DVSA’s code of conduct and are regulated by the DVSA. We work with green badge instructors (fully qualified driving instructors).



We require all of our learners/students to be respectful to their allocated driving instructors and to maintain a healthy relationship whilst on the course. Communication is vital to the success of all courses, and sometimes factors can affect the progress of the course.


LPOD Academy is a booking agency on behalf of learner drivers and driving instructors. We work with established driving schools and their car livery may contain their local advertising banners. We outsource work to local instructors to sub their weekly hours. However – we unite as a profession and work to give the best service to learner drivers.



We can not always guarantee your preferred choice of instructor, and no refunds will be given in the event of you not want to continue, or not get on with your driving instructor. Any course refunds must be given or mutually agreed with the driving instructor.



We will not tolerate any abuse to instructors during or outside of the course. Discrimination against driving instructors is strictly prohibited. We do not condone the use of racial, gender, physical, disability, ethnic background or religious abuse to any of our driving instructors. And same for the instructor, if you find your instructor is discriminating you, please refer to our complaint section and contact us immediately.