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Ballymena Theory Test Centre

Ballymena Theory Test Centre

Ballymena theory test centre is located near Tower Centre Shopping Mall close to Pure Fitness – Ballymena. Travelling to the theory test centre is easy as it has plenty of transport links to choose from. You can travel via car and park your vehicle at the nearest car park at Broughshane Street Car Park. You can also travel by bus or by train.

Theory Test Centre Address

Unit 2, 77 Wellington Street, (next door to the Progressive Building Society),
BT43 6AD


Phone: 0300 200 1122

Intensive Driving Courses

If you’re looking to book onto an intensive driving course, we cover areas around Ballymena theory test centre. Select from the following areas to get started!

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Useful Resources

Check out our useful resources below to help you get to know how to pass your driving exam. Click the links below! Also, you may check out our youtube videos and podcast show.


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Intensive driving course in Ballymena

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Transport Links

Ballymena is a town in County Antrim and is part of the Borough of Mid and East Antrim. It is a large town that has plenty of transport options which are very convenient to use when travelling to the city.




Travelling to the theory test centre by car is a great option. You can park your vehicle at the nearest car park at Broughshane Street Car Park. It has plenty of space and is very handy in the town centre.


Car park address:

18 Garfield Pl,


BT43 6EH





Travelling via train is the fastest way when going to the Ballymena theory test centre especially if you’re living outside Ballymena.


Ballymena train station address:

Galgorm Rd,


BT42 1AD





If you take the bus to go to the theory test centre, you will be dropped off near the Fire Station. It is a few steps from the theory test centre.


Ballymena bus station address:


BT43 5FA

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