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Brechin Theory Test Centre

Brechin Theory Test Centre

Brechin Theory Test Centre, conveniently situated near the Scot Medical and The Crickety, offers excellent accessibility for all learners. Whether travelling by car or public transport, there are numerous options available. For those driving, ample parking is available at Car Park on City Road. Alternatively, bus services provide a reliable option, with the test centre within walking distance from the nearest stops.


This accessibility ensures that learners from various locations can easily reach the test centre, facilitating within smooth and stress-free journey.

Theory Test Centre Address

Ground Floor, The Crickety, Caldhalme Place,


Phone: 0300 200 1122

Intensive Driving Courses

If you’re looking to book onto an intensive driving course, we cover areas around Brechin theory test centre. Select from the following areas to get started!

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Useful Resources

We have extra resources that will help you pass your theory test at Brechin. Click on the links below! You may also want to check out other resources below!


Intensive driving course in Brechin

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Transport Links

Brechin is a town and former Royal burgh in Angus, Scotland. Here are some options to help you get to know the transport links to the theory test centre in Brechin.




If you’re traveling by car with a family member, the best car park to park your vehicle is Car Park, City Road. Then, the theory test centre is up to Town House Museum.


Car park address:

City Rd,







The train is best to use if you’re traveling from far away. It is the fastest way to get to the theory test centre.


Brechin train station address:

Basin View,


DD10 8LW





When you’re taking the bus, you will be dropped off at Clerk Street. Luckily, it is a walking distance to the theory test centre.


Brechin bus station address:



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