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Corby Theory Test Centre

Corby Theory Test Centre

The Corby Theory Test Centre is a vital facility for those looking to obtain their driving licence in the Corby area. This center is managed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which is responsible for conducting theory tests as part of the UK’s driving licensing process.

Tests Offered at Corby Theory Test Centre:
The Corby Theory Test Centre offers a range of tests crucial for various types of driving qualifications, including:

1. Car Theory Test – This test assesses knowledge of driving theory, traffic signs, and essential road safety rules for car drivers.
2. Motorcycle Theory Test – Similar to the car theory test but tailored specifically to motorcycle riders, covering specifics of motorcycle handling and safety.
3. Bus and Lorry Theory Test – This includes multiple-choice questions and hazard perception tests relevant to heavy vehicle drivers.
4. Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) Part 1a (Theory) and 1b (Hazard Perception) – Required for professional bus, coach, and lorry drivers.


The centre is equipped to assist candidates in preparing for these tests with all the required resources, providing a comprehensive environment to ensure they are well-prepared for their respective driving careers.


Accessibility and facilities at the Corby Theory Test Centre are designed to accommodate candidates with special requirements, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to take their tests under conditions that best suit their needs. This includes adjustable desks for wheelchair users and headphones for hearing-impaired candidates to listen to the questions.


For those planning to visit or use the facilities at the Corby Theory Test Centre, it is recommended to book in advance and confirm the specific services and accommodations available. This ensures that all candidates have a smooth and efficient testing experience.


The Corby theory test centre is conveniently situated near Connells Estate Agents, close to a Tesco Express. It’s easily accessible thanks to numerous transport connections. For those driving to the test centre, parking is available at the Town Centre Gateway Car Park, providing straightforward access to the town centre.

Theory Test Centre Address

Unit 2, Oakley Vale District Centre, Butland Road,
NN18 8QT


Phone: 0300 200 1122

Useful Resources

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Transport Links

Corby, a town and borough in Northamptonshire, England, offers various transportation options for those heading to the theory test center in the area. Here’s how you can easily reach the Corby theory test center, whether by car, train, or bus.

For those driving to the test centre, you can find convenient parking at the nearby Town Centre Gateway Car Park. This is an ideal option if you’re traveling with someone by car.


– Car Park Address:
– Anne St,
– Corby,
– NN17 1PG


If you’re coming from a distance, the train might be your best option. Corby train station is well-connected and offers a quick route to the theory test center.

– Corby Train Station Address:
– Station Road,
– Corby,
– NN17 1TT


For a cost-effective and convenient alternative, taking the bus is a viable option. The Corby theory test center is a short walk from the Corby bus station, making it easily accessible for those who prefer public transport.

– Corby Bus Station Address:
– George Street,
– Corby,
– NN17 1QB


Each of these options provides reliable and efficient means to reach the theory test centre in Corby, catering to different needs and preferences of the test takers.

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