Elgin Theory Test Centre

Elgin theory test centre is located near Elgin Cemetery close to Marsh Commercial. It has plenty of accessible transportation to use when traveling to the theory test centre. You can travel by car and park your vehicle at St Giles Car Park. The bus station is situated in the Cemetery, and the train station is located near Reidhaven Street. 

Theory Test Centre Address

2 Southfield Drive,
IV30 6GR


Phone: 0300 200 1122

Useful Resources

Check out our extra resources that can help you pass your theory test and help you with your driving. Click the links below!


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Intensive driving course in Elgin

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Transport Links

Elgin is a town and formerly a Royal Burgh in Moray, Scotland. It has plenty of accessible transportations that are easy to get to.




If your traveling by car with a friend, there is a car park called St Giles Car Park where you can park your vehicle. It is very handy and close to the town centre.


Car park address:

St Giles Rd,


IV30 1PY





Taking the bus is best used when you’re living in Elgin. It will drop you the cemetery which is only a few meters to the theory test centre.


Elgin bus station address:



IV30 6HE





If you’re traveling from far away, taking the train is best to use to get to the Elgin theory test centre quickly.


Elgin train station address:


IV30 1QJ

Not Local?

Here are some other local theory test centres near to Elgin!

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