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Tongue Theory Test Centre

Tongue Theory Test Centre

Tongue theory test centre is located near Tongue Filling Station close to Tounge Fire Station. It has easy access to transportation. You can travel by bus or by train. If you’re planning to travel by car, there are plenty of car parks nearby you can use to park your vehicle. You can travel by bus when going to the theory test centre. Also, taking the train is a nice option as it will avoid you from being stuck in traffic and you can have faster travel.

Theory Test Centre Address

The Kyle Centre, St Andrews Glebe Industrial Estate,
IV27 4XB


Phone: 0300 200 1122

Intensive Driving Courses

If you’re looking to book onto an intensive driving course, we cover areas around Tongue theory test centre. Select from the following areas to get started!

Intensive Driving Courses In Your Area

Useful Resources

Check out some of our resources that can help you pass your theory test and help you with your driving at Tongue. Click the links below!


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Intensive driving course in Tongue

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Transport Links

Tongue is a coastal village in northwest Highland, Scotland, in the western part of the former county of Sutherland. It is an easy place to go as it has plenty of transport links you can use to travel to the city.




If you’re travelling by car with someone, you can park your vehicle at the nearby car park to the theory test centre. It is a convenient car park for the centre of Tongue.


Car park address:

FHV3+8C, Achuvoldrach,


IV27 4XH





If you’re planning to ride on a bus to get to the theory test centre in Tongue, the local bus station is located near the Youth Hostel.


Tounge bus station address:


IV27 4XH





If you’re living outside Tongue and travelling from far away, you will need to take the train to get to the Tongue theory test centre quickly.


Tounge train station address:


KW11 6UB

Not Local?

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