Wellingborough Practical Test Centre

Wellingborough Practical Test Centre

Wellingborough practical test centre is located at the Goldsmith Road. It is situated in the Glamis Hall.

If you are near this place, you can take your practical test in this area. It has plenty of roads you can take to travel to the centre.


Please keep your eyes on this page as it provides information about the Wellingborough practical test centre.

Practical Test Centre Address:

Glamis Hall,

Goldsmith Road,





Toilets: No toilets available at this centre.

Disabled Access: Special arrangements won’t be possible at the test centre.


• Please park in the designated DVSA bays
• Do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your appointment time
• Access to the site for practice is not permitted
• There are WC facilities
• Smoking is not permitted on the site.

Additional Notes:

Tests Provided: Car 

How To Get To Wellingborough Practical Test Centre

When going to your driving test appointment, you will need to take your own way to the Wellingborough practical test centre. If you’re bringing your own vehicle, make sure you are with your friend to accompany or drive you safely to the centre.


When getting to the Wellingborough test centre, you will be required to travel to Goldsmith Road. When you arrive at the industrial estate, you will need to go onto the Glamis Hall. Then you will arrive at the test centre. 

Not Your Local Test Centre?

If you won’t take the driving test at Wellingborough, you may find it useful to look at other test centres. There are nearby practical centres such as: 





Useful Resources

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