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Intensive Driving Courses Chatteris

One Week Driving Courses With LPOD Academy

If you are planning to do an intensive driving course in Chatteris then look no further. We understand how important it is for you to be able to pass your driving test in as little as one week! Why wait for months and months to pass your driving test when you can do it in one week! LPOD Academy is the one-week driving course specialists!


Get on the road with one of our crash driving courses and see for yourself why LPOD is your number one choice when it comes to learning to drive quickly. Passing your test is easy – simply, book online here, or call 0800 112 3515 to speak to one of our representatives. We look forward to working with you.








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    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to booking your test!

    Driving On The Roads In Chatteris

    Chatteris is a small town in the county of Cambridgeshire. With a population of 10,000 residents, driving in Chatteris provides you with the opportunity to experience basic roads, junctions and town driving. Chatteris has easy access to dual-carriageways with the A141 and the A142 nearby. You will get to practise more challenging driving topics such as emerging, lane positioning and following distances.


    Other villages near Chatteris will be part of your course. To get a wider learning experience, your driving instructor in Chatteris will take you to local settlements such as Swingbrow, Doddington, Wimblington, Manea, Pymoor, Welches Dam, Mepal, Sutton, Witchford, Somersham, Colne and Earth. You will also visit larger places such as Ely, March and Huntingdon.


    At the remaining hours of your course, you will be taken to the town where your test resides. If you live in Chatteris, Peterborough or Cambridge are the 2 nearest practical test centres.

    Driving Courses In Chatteris With LPOD Academy

    Our courses cater to all learners in different situations. Whether you are new or semi-experienced, we have crash courses in Chatteris that are perfect for you. You can find out our course packages here: Our courses.


    Our one-week intensive driving courses in Chatteris are here to make it convenient to learn to drive. If you have been given a new job opportunity, we have got you covered. Arrange time off work and learn in a week or two and pass your driving test.

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    Taking A Driving Test In Chatteris

    You will become a safe and competent driver at the end of your course. Your driving instructor will ensure you have taken the necessary steps to become test standard in all areas of the driving syllabus. Before your test hour, you will have learnt the driving test procedure, practice mock exams, you will acknowledge the driving test procedure set out by the DVSA.


    Not only do we offer courses, we also provide additional training through the use of videos, articles and courses on various platforms. We have created test route videos, theory test tuition courses and driving test tutorial videos to help pass your driving test!

    Nearest Driving Test Centre:

    Driving Standards Agency
    Second Drove
    PE1 5XA

    Toilet Facilities: Yes

    Tests Provided: Car, Motorcycle Module 1, Motorcycle Module 2, Approved Driving Instructor Part 2 and Approved Driving Instructor Part 3

    Candidate Parking: Yes but limited

    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to booking your test!

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    When can i start my course?

    This depends on which course you choose, the demand in your area, and the time of year. Typically we will advise 5 weeks but often we can d this sooner. If you have your theory test we may be able to arrange your course in a shorter period of time.

    What course do I need?

    We have courses ranging from 10 to 50 hours. If you are a new driver we advise either a 40 or 45-hour course. If you have previously had a test, we would advise 10 or 15 depending on when you had your test and what you failed for.

    Do I need to pass my theory before I book a course?

    No, we can still book your course even if you don't have your theory test already. We will help you pass your theory test and enrol you onto our online training programme.

    How much do courses cost?

    Courses vary in cost. You can get a course quote easily online on our booking site and select the course you want, the location your course will be conducted and which transmission you need.

    I can't pass my theory can you help?

    Yes, we can help you. We have our own online theory training programme exclusive for all of our learner drivers.

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