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Our Intensive Driving Courses In Kidderminster

Our intensive driving courses in Kidderminster are performed at the highest level of tuition. We cater all of our training around the pupil in mind as we believe adapting to your strengths and focusing on the weaknesses to make you become a well-rounded driver. Our online materials help pupils off the road to enhance their knowledge on driving topics, thus resulting training days in the car being more productive. Our online resources consist of written articles that can be downloaded onto a smartphone, Youtube videos covering every aspect of driving and a free learner manual which you can download by opting into our email service.

For more information on learning to drive check: The GOV website.

Our intensive driving school is different to other driving schools in Kidderminster. We have carefully chosen how our courses are planned and we have a different variety of courses which are called semi-intensive courses, one-week courses and intensive driving courses. We are more convenient than most other schools as we can fit you into an instructors diary more quickly as we have built relations with ADI’s all across the UK. No more waiting weeks upon weeks to get your driving test, you can pass within 1 – 2 weeks. Test dates all across the UK have an average waiting list of 3 months. With LPOD Academy Kidderminster, you can count on us to get you a quicker test date!








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    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to booking your test!

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    Why Our One Week Driving Courses In Kidderminster?

    Our intensive driving courses in Kidderminster are delivered to a high level throughout the duration of your course. You will be getting to know the Kidderminster area. You will also be taken out of town to experience other places near Kidderminster such as Stourport-On-Severn, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Stourbridge and Bewdley

    Not from Kidderminster? We also provide intensive courses in nearby places such as Bewdley, Stourport On Severn and Bromsgrove.

    Our Fast Pass Driving Courses In Kidderminster

    Our one-week driving courses in Kidderminster are designed to push our learners to new limits. We are passionate about making the safe drivers of tomorrow and with this expectation, comes great teaching. With the addition of our online resources, you can make the most of your training by learning off the road. This enables you to focus on “driving” when in the and not sit on the side of the road, learning theory.

    Our business and services don’t stop there, we also focus on other things such as a learner blog which is updated frequently everything driving. So you will never be misinformed on any new law changes, driving tips and driving-related content. We are thankful that you are here and we look forward to co-operating with you!

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    Take The Next Step & Discuss Your Requirements With A Team Member...

    We can help guide you through the booking process. We will discuss everything from your driving background to booking your test!

    Frequently Asked Questions...

    When can I start my course?

    We typically advise a minimum of 4 weeks. This will ensure that we can plan the perfect course for you. We NEED to consider theory and practical tests, instructor availability and the stage that you are with regards to your theory. We want to ensure a seamless process. On some occasions on shorter courses, and with the theory in place - we may be able to start your course in as little as two weeks. Please call 0800 112 3515 and speak to one of our friendly team to see how we can help you today.

    What course is best for me?

    This depends on what stage you are on your driving journey. Typically most learners will need 50 hours of tuition, however, this is NOT the case for everyone. We do advise that if you have had 20 hours of tuition within the previous 12 months, and feel quite confident with the control of the car, we would recommend a 25-hour course. You can get more information on which course would suit you best on our course pages.

    Can I choose my instructor

    Yes. We can arrange for you to be matched with an instructor if you have been recommended. Of course, this does depend on whether the driving instructor in question works in your area. Alternatively, we can arrange for a meeting location if you wanted this.

    How much do courses cost?

    Course cost varies due to many factors. Location, which course, which transmission and also which tests you need as part of your course training. You can get an instant quote on our booking page on our website. Just input your details and then you will be able to get an instant quote and book online.

    I need help with my theory. Do you offer this service?

    Yes we do. We have our own online theory training course which will help you get your theory test passed. This comes FREE with all course bookings, or alternatively, you can buy this separately please email for more details.

    Do you offer automatic tuition?

    Yes we do. We work with automatic driving instructors. You can call us on 0800 112 3515 or email us at and see if we have one in your area.

    I'm really nervous. Can you help?

    Yes we can help you. We only work with experienced driving instructors and time-served instructors. Meaning they have lots of experience with 100+ pupils and have skills to help manage driving test nerves.

    I want a female instructor, can you sort this?

    Yes. We work with both females and males. Of course, this does depend on the area that you live in. Please call 0800 112 3515 or email us at to see if we have a female in your area.

    I need an advanced driving test, can you help me?

    Yes, we can help you! Please email us with your query at and we will do our best to advise which course would suit you best.

    My work wants to pay for my course. Can this be arranged?

    Of course. This is absolutely fine. Please email and we can arrange for your payment via an email link, on the phone or on our website.

    I've been let down before. How do I know you won't let me down on my driving course?

    We aim to cover 98% of all courses. We don't wait for days just before your course starts we aim to get your course booked within 14 days of booking and arranged with both learner and instructor. If we can't, we will give you a full refund.

    Do I get a FREE retest?

    Yes. We honour all FREE re-tests in the eventuality you don't pass on the first go. Sometimes nerves do get in the way so we help our pupils as much as we can.

    Do you offer discounts for students?

    Our prices reflect our standards and the wages of the instructor. We don't do discounts, but we do seasonal offers throughout the month. Keep an eye on our Facebook and youtube channel to see when we have any offers.

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