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17 December 2017

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The New Driving Test 2017

All year we have been inundated with news that the practical driving test is changing as of 4th December 2017. The new changes have arisen after a 2 year consultation period where the new test changes were trialled at some test centres in the UK. The reason for the changes is to reflect ‘modern life’ on the road. The new driving test has had the biggest shake-up in 20 years! Here is a break down of the new changes:

Independent Driving

The old test comprised of 10 minutes of independent driving. This was delivered in one of three potential ways:

  1. The candidate would be given verbal directions in sets of 3
  2. The candidate would follow road signs to certain destinations
  3. The candidate would be given a mixture of the 2.

The new independent driving element of the practical test now consists of 20 minutes following the directions from a sat nav. The candidate is expected to follow the sat nav directions whilst maintaining a good standard of driving. 4 out of 5 practical tests conducted in the UK will have to follow directions from a sat nav. In areas of the UK, where the signal is low, like the countryside of Daventry and Kettering, the examiner will refer back to the old method for 20 minutes.

Show Me Tell Me Questions

The show me and tell me questions element of the practical test, was introduced approximately 10 years ago and was to ensure the pupil in question had some idea of basic maintenance requirements of the car. The pupil would need to show an understanding of some of the following requirements: how to check the levels of the engine oil, coolant levels, brake fluid levels and windscreen wash levels – how to put on the various lights in the vehicle, how to check the tyres for roadworthiness, how to test the brakes before starting a journey.

The old test required the candidate to answer a ‘show me ‘ and a ‘tell me’ question at the start of the driving exam. The new driving test requires the candidate to answer one of these questions on the move as well as one of the questions at the start of the exam. Some of the questions that could be asked on the move are:

  1. When it is safe to do so, can you show me how you clean your back window?
  2. When it is safe to do so, can you show me how you clean your front window?
  3. When it is safe to do so, can you show me how to de-mist your front window?
  4. When it is safe to do do, can you show me how to de-mist the back window?

For a full list of the current ‘show me tell me’ questions, please visit here!

Reversing Manoeuvres

The old test required the candidate to perform one of the following manoeuvres:

  1. Reverse around the corner to the left
  2. Turn in the Road
  3. Parallel park
  4. Reverse bay park

The new style test no longer includes the reverse around the corner to the left and the turn-in-the-road elements. The revised manoeuvres of the new driving test include:

  1. Forward bay park and reverse out
  2. Reverse bay park and pull out forward
  3. Parallel park
  4. Park up on the right and reverse back 2 car lengths and re-join the traffic.

The candidate will be required to perform one of the above exercises on the driving test. The candidate is NOT able to choose which reversing exercise they would like to do. The examiner will pick one during the drive.

Other Driving Test Elements

There are other elements that the practical exam will need the candidate to perform, these include:

  1. Parking on the left near a parked car and to move off safely
  2. Parking on a hill and move off safely
  3. Choose a safe place on the left
  4. Emergency stop – not every test will get this element of the driving test. Approximately 1/3 will need to do this.
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