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Newry Theory Test Centre

Newry Theory Test Centre

Newry theory test centre is located near Buttercrane Shopping Centre close to Bagenal’s Castle. It offers plenty of transport options for easy access to the centre. If you are travelling by car, North St. Car Park provides a spacious public parking area nearby. Additionally, the centre is accessible by buses and trains, ensuring convenient travel options for reaching the theory test centre.

Theory Test Centre Address

Unit 2, Ground Floor, (An Storas) The Store House, (Behind Ballybot House) 28 Corn Market,


BT35 8BG


Phone: 0300 200 1122

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If you’re looking to book onto an intensive driving course, we cover areas around Newry theory test centre. Select from the following areas to get started!

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Useful Resources

We have some useful resources to help you pass your driving exam at Newry. Click the links below to know more! We cover training courses in Newry.


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Transport Links

Newry is a city in Northern Ireland. Below are some transport links you can consider when traveling to the city.




If you are traveling by car, you have the North St. Car Park. It is a huge public parking space where you can park your vehicle easily. It is also accessible to busses and trains.


Car park address:

and Mourne, 27 North St,


BT34 1DB





When you take the bus going to the theory test centre in Newry, you will need to go to the main station at the Newry Buscentre near Marcus Street.


Newry bus station address:


BT34 1AE





You will need to use the train station if you’re far away. It is a quicker way to get to the theory test centre in Newry. Luckily, the theory test centre is a short walk from there.


Newry train station address:


BT35 6JS

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